ps 57 fll and jr fll robotics teams n.
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PS 57 FLL and &Jr. FLL Robotics Teams PowerPoint Presentation
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PS 57 FLL and &Jr. FLL Robotics Teams

PS 57 FLL and &Jr. FLL Robotics Teams

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PS 57 FLL and &Jr. FLL Robotics Teams

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  1. PS 57 FLL and &Jr. FLL Robotics Teams Solar PoweredVehicles

  2. Solar Powered Vehicles • The past few years have seen a dramatic rise in the popularity of alternate energy sources, particularly solar power. The technology which directly converts the sun's rays into electricity is proving to be one of the more commonly used 'green' energies in the transportation markets. As research into solar power continues to accelerate and designers are busy trying to challenge peoples ideas of how vehicles that use it can look. This is an eclectic selection of vehicles that use 'reliable' solar technologies.

  3. “Eclectic” by Venturi, 2008 • The roof of this three person car is lined with solar panels, which can produce enough energy to travel 7 KM at almost 50 KM/H. The wind turbine on the roof of the vehicle can fuel the car for a journey twice as long.

  4. “Car on a Stick” by Ross Lovegrove, 2008 • Ross Lovegrove’s ‘car on a stick’ concept sees solar powered vehicles lifted up into the air when they are not being driven to function as street lights.

  5. “i MIEV Sport” by Mitsubishi, 2007 • This battery powered car is partially charged via the solar panels on its roof and can reach speeds of180 KM/H with a range of 200 KM.

  6. ‘124 Concept’ by Honda, 2007 Honda’s view of the future sees individual solar powered vehicles merging into one use for carpool lanes

  7. “The Solar Bug” by Freedrive 2007 • Yet another model which features solar panels on its roof top is 'the solar bug' by Steve Titus / Freedrive.The car has a top range of 55 KM/H and a range of almost 100 KM.

  8. “Astrolab” by Venturi, 2006 • This two-person car is topped off with ‘high -efficiency solar cells’. The ‘top of the range e-car’ can reach an impressive about 120 KM/H and has a range of 110 KM.

  9. World Solar Challenge • These two solar vehicles, produced by Honda were made to compete in the world solar challengean event which sees solar racers compete in Australia every year.

  10. Solar Fern

  11. Designs from the 2007 world solar challenge - this image shows the 'FH Bochum Team's Car'

  12. The ‘Kudo Cart’ from Cruise Car, 2006

  13. ‘Solar Camper Van' by Verdier, 2006This camper van soaks-up rays from the sun to power all your camping needs.

  14. “Solar Powered” MX5, 2006 • For this conversion Japanese engineers removed the cars fuel tank and completely replaced it with aelectric motor and battery. The vehicle to run at a top speed of 100 KM/H with a maximum range of 30 KM.

  15. Solar Power Conversion • In recent years 'green drivers' have added solar charging their electric cars.

  16. Solar Truck • A truck that runs on solar power stored by hydrogen fuel cells

  17. “Solar-Truck” from Porta Watts

  18. “Solarcab / Rickshaw” by Solarlab, 2008 • This taxi might still require some pedaling but it also makes up 75% of the energy it needs from its solar generator.It can reach speeds of around 30 KM/H and is due for release later this year.

  19. “Electric Bicycle Design” by Larry Chen, 2008 • This design boasts an 'adjustable streamlined' solar panel on the front stem that can be maneuveredto best capture rays from the sun. Larry Chen won the 12th annual International bicycle design competitionwith this innovative two-wheeler

  20. A Chinese designed solar powered scooter, 2008 • The pinion seat has been replaced by fold-out solar panels that soak-up the sun to power the electric motor.

  21. ‘Solar-Powered Scooter' by SunRED, 2007 • Armadillo-style solar panels cover the scooter to provide security while they charging the scooter.

  22. “Pi’ by Electrobike”, 2007 • The bike combines both human and solar energy via pedal power and a solar panel cladded stand.Has a top speed of 32 kph and travel about 40 km per every 2.5 hours worth of charging

  23. “Solartrike” by Larry Delfoose, 2006 • Some of these custom trikes can travel at 40 KM/H for up to 16 KM per charge.

  24. “Solar Scooter” by Donald Dunklee, 2005 • Tired of the costly fuel prices this American inventor converted his electric scooter into a solar powered one

  25. Solar Cycle Creation • The creation of solar powered cycles for racing is quite popular in US colleges.

  26. Solar Vehicles • These two solar vehicles, produced by Honda were made to compete in the world solar challengean event which sees solar racers compete in Australia every year.

  27. Solar Bike from Phitar's Flickr Set

  28. Solar Bike An example of a solar powered electric-assisted bike. Many conversion kits are now on the market that allow you to transform a regular push-bike into an ‘e-bike’.

  29. Solar-Shell by 21 Wheels • solar charging stations for electric assisted bikes home

  30. Hamburg ‘Solar Shuttle’ by Christopher Behling • This vessel can carry up to 120 passengers at a time and is self sufficient, eliminating 5 tons of carbon dioxideand 10.5 kilos of nitrogen oxide that would be emitted if the boat was powered by diesel. Solar lab the companywhich Behling founded has since gone on to produce more of the boats for other cities.

  31. ‘Pedal / Solar Powered Boat Concept' by Jonathan Mahieddine

  32. ‘Solar Powered Lawn Mower' by Husqvarna 2008 • This electronic lawn mower will go for up to forty minutes after a full charge, and last up to 50% longerwith additional charging from its solar panels.

  33. “HB-SIA’ by Solar Impulse” 2007 • This ‘solar airplane’ has a a 61-metre wingspan covered in solar panels that aid its flight.“It could make a 36-hour flight - the equivalent of a complete day-night-day cycle in 2009 without any fuel”

  34. “Zephyr” by Qinetiq, 2006 • A combination of solar panels on the upper wing surface and rechargeable batteries allows the plane to be flown for many weeks and even months

  35. ‘Helios’ by NASA, 1999 • Described by NASA as a 'solar electric - powered flying wing' designed to operate at high altitudesfor long duration flight.

  36. 5th grade FLL Robotics Team • Jadon Tyquisha • Kyshief Jahlisa • Saidu Zopouled • Chenor Lucy • Tommy Tyvaun • Nelson • Tyeonna

  37. Jr Robotics Team