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  1. Putting the FUN into _ _ _CTIONAL SKILLS Geoff Barton NATE Conference: April 2009 You can download this presentation at



  4. LITERACY FOR LEARNING Welcome to The Literacy Club


  6. LITERACY FOR LEARNING Please don't smoke and live a more healthy life PSHE Poster

  7. Sign at Suffolk hospital: Criminals operate in this area LITERACY FOR LEARNING


  9. Churchdown parish magazine: • ‘would the congregation please note that the bowl at the back of the church labelled ‘for the sick” is for monetary donations only’ LITERACY FOR LEARNING


  11. LITERACY FOR LEARNING Between 1945 and 1997 levels of literacy in England remained static Sir Michael Barber

  12. LITERACY FOR LEARNING A 1997 survey showed that of 12 European countries, only Poland and Ireland had lower levels of adult literacy

  13. Between a third and two thirds of prisoners at the 19 adult prisons visited for the survey on longer-serving prisoners had low literacy and / or numeracy skills. And in 17 of the prisons, skills levels remained low for prisoners after many years in custody. LITERACY FOR LEARNING Ofsted February 09

  14. More pupils not receiving FSMs reported talking about reading with their mother and father, while their FSM-receiving counterparts stated that they talk about reading with their teacher and teaching assistant. LITERACY FOR LEARNING NLT 2006

  15. 15-year-old students whose parents have the lowest occupational status, but who read regularly and feel positive about it, are better readers than students with home advantages and weaker reading engagement OECD 2002

  16. LITERACY FOR LEARNING 1-in-16 adults cannot identify a concert venue on a poster that contains name of band, price, date, time and venue

  17. LITERACY FOR LEARNING 7 million UK adults cannot locate the page reference for plumbers in the Yellow Pages

  18. BBC NEWS ONLINE: More than half of British motorists cannot interpret road signs properly, according to a survey by the Royal Automobile Club. The survey of 500 motorists highlighted just how many people are still grappling with it.

  19. According to the survey, three in five motorists thought a "be aware of cattle" warning sign indicated … an area infected with foot-and-mouth disease.

  20. Common mistakes • No motor vehicles - Beware of fast motorbikes • Wild fowl - Puddles in the road • Riding school close by - "Marlborough country"  advert

  21. 3 reasons we should stop being defensive about functional skills

  22. 1 We’re setting up a false dichotomy

  23. 2 We should own the standards agenda

  24. 3 We owe it to our pupils

  25. LITERACY FOR LEARNING • Stand-alone tests of English, Maths, ICT • Related to real-life situations • Reassure employers and others that the basics have been mastered • Level 2 success a pre-requisite for GCSE success … Until April 3 2009 …

  26. But the Liberal Democrats' schools spokesman, David Laws, said the government's plans had been rejected. "Many people will be surprised that it's possible to pass English and maths GCSEs without a good grasp of the basics. "All teenagers should be tested in these basic skills before they leave school."

  27. Pass/fail tests cause problems and waste time Age-related problems: naivety v ability Diploma students penalised by Maths Stand-alone nature could actually advantage students of, say, BS Expensive Over-assessing students Envy of the Welsh High stakes/high risk Unhelpful symbolism Why …?

  28. So where now …? • Optional – so who will opt? • Will depend on points weighting • May resurface at KS3 • Over to us …

  29. Putting the FUN Into FUNCTIONAL SKILLS

  30. Reading: • How to read different types of texts, inc timetables • Scanning, skimming, research not FOFO

  31. Writing: • Composition • Planning and structure • Impact and clarity • Seeing all writing as creative

  32. Speaking & listening: • Formal presentations to how to chair meetings • Model the language, esp connectives

  33. Resilience and stickability • Memory • Spelling tricks



  36. Proud mum in a million Natalie Brown hugged her beautiful baby daughter Casey yesterday and said: “She’s my double miracle.”

  37. The climate of the Earth is always changing. In the past it has altered as a result of natural causes. Nowadays, however, the term climate change is generally used when referring to changes in our climate which have been identified since the early part of the 1900's . The changes we've seen over recent years and those which are predicted over the next 80 years are thought to be mainly as a result of human behaviour rather than due to natural changes in the atmosphere. 

  38. The best treatment for mouth ulcers. Gargle with salt water. You should find that it works a treat. Salt is cheap and easy to get hold of and we all have it at home, so no need to splash out and spend lots of money on expensive mouth ulcer creams.

  39. Urquhart castle is probably one of the most picturesquely situated castles in the Scottish Highlands. Located 16 miles south-west of Inverness, the castle, one of the largest in Scotland, overlooks much of Loch Ness. Visitors come to stroll through the ruins of the 13th-century castle because Urquhart has earned the reputation of being one of the best spots for sighting Loch Ness’s most famous inhabitant.


  41. Where did the first cell phones begin? Name 2 other features that started to be included in phones Why are cell phones especially useful in some countries?

  42. Cellular telephones The first cellular telephone system began operation in Tokyo in 1979, and the first U.S. system began operation in 1983 in Chicago. A camera phone is a cellular phone that also has picture taking capabilities. Some camera phones have the capability to send these photos to another cellular phone or computer. Advances in digital technology and microelectronics has led to the inclusion of unrelated applications in cellular telephones, such as alarm clocks, calculators, Internet browsers, and voice memos for recording short verbal reminders, while at the same time making such telephones vulnerable to certain software viruses. In many countries with inadequate wire-based telephone networks, cellular telephone systems have provided a means of more quickly establishing a national telecommunications network.

  43. - what was Mr B’s sister called?- where did she live?- where did Young Mr B live? Scanning II:

  44. Bad Memories When he was a child, Mr Barton was very good looking and very popular with everyone. His second worst memory was when he was about six and he was lying down watching Thunderbirds. Suddenly his uncle’s big black labrador came and stood over him, pinning him to the floor. This left Mr B traumatised and explains his dislike of dogs, especially big ones with slobbery tongues. But this was probably a bit better than his worst memory which took place when he was eight. Mr B’s sister Jean had taken him to stay with her near London. She took him to London Zoo and other famous sites as a February half-term treat. It was the first time Young Mr B had stayed away from home and he was very home-sick. Finally, after 3 days, Mr B’s sister decided to give up and take him home to his parents in Stafford. She took him by train and sat him down in a packed carriage. Then she let young Mr B eat lots of chocolate. Just as the train was starting to approach the home town of Stafford, Mr B turned very pale. He was feeling very sick indeed. He knew he couldn’t make it in time to the toilet. There were too many people in the carriage. He whispered to his sister that he was going to be sick but, before he had finished his sentence, he had vomited everywhere, covering the table in lumpy chocolate-covered vomit. His sister didn’t know what to do and, feeling ashamed, pulled Young Mr B off the train leaving behind a smelly and gently steaming table of fresh vomit.

  45. Get me from Whitworth (above Rochdale) to Manchester Airport (bottom centre) Write down a village that is due west of Bolton Write down a village that is due south of Sale Name 4 villages on the A58 Write down 4 villages (not towns) that are within the M60 motorway Find and then describe where these villages are (use words like just to the west of …): a) Pemberton b) Lumb c) Dobcross