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  1. Webinar • Effective school leadership vs management Helen Morgan • Download this presentation from

  2. Leadership vs management In this webinar, you will develop your understanding of: • when you need to lead, when you need to manage and the skills needed for both • strategies to equip you to lead with vision and purpose • the differences between leading and managing in a school • how leadership and management skills should work together to motivate people to follow you and achieve progress.

  3. Nelson Mandela ‘Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming. But vision with action can change the world.’

  4. Leadership vs management

  5. Leadership vs management • It can encourage the idea that some people do ‘leadership work’ and others do ‘management work.’ • It can lead to a ‘romantic’ approach leadership that often bears no resemblance to reality. • It can promote a separation between ‘vision’ and ‘implementation.’ Many initiatives fall down at the implementation stage. • It can drive a wedge between leadership and management resulting in essentials being neglected and a lack of communication and dialogue about important issues.

  6. Leadership ANDmanagement In reality, leadership and management need to work in tandem in order to secure sustainable improvement. • Effective leaders are ambitious in terms of vision, seize new opportunities BUT they are meticulous in terms of their planning and execution. • Effective leaders ensure that they manage their teams effectively; playing to individual strengths and making sure that everyone understands that they have an important part to play.

  7. Reflections As a leader and manager: • to what extent are you guided by your values and a sense of moral purpose? • how do you maintain a focus on the big picture and take responsibility for getting the whole job done, whilst, stepping outside where necessary? • is your leadership time strategic or are you drawn into operational issues? • when do you do it yourself and when do you delegate? • how effectively do you communicate your vision and expectations to key stakeholders? • how do you motivate and inspire others? • to what extent do you carefully monitorandevaluate the impact of actions taken?

  8. Kotter ‘Leading Change’

  9. Kotter ‘8 Steps’

  10. Find more resources at Follow us @LeadershipOE Questions & Answers