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System Test Tools

SYST. TOOL. System Test Tools. Test atorTool Categories Tools for SystemTest Management Tools for System Test Operations Test Plan Editing Tool (TESTPLAN) Test Case Specification Tool (TESTSPEC) Test Documentation Tool (TESTDOC) Test Data Generator (TESTDATA)

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System Test Tools

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  1. SYST TOOL System Test Tools Test atorTool Categories Tools for SystemTest Management Tools for System Test Operations Test Plan Editing Tool (TESTPLAN) Test Case Specification Tool (TESTSPEC) Test Documentation Tool (TESTDOC) Test Data Generator (TESTDATA) Test Procedure Generator (TESTPROC) Capture/Replay Systems File Comparators Program Instrumentors Architecture of an Integration Test System Execution of an Integration Test System Sample of an embedded Test System Sample of a Web-Service Test System Mercury Test Director Mercury WinRunner Capture/Replay System Imbus TestBench Architecture Imbus TestBench User Interface Empirix E-Test Suite Empirix E-Tester GUI DataTest User Interface DataTest Test Result Validation TestDoc Test Measurement TestDoc Test Case Documentation 1 13 2 14 3 15 4 16 5 17 6 18 7 19 8 20 9 21 10 22 11 23 12 24 25

  2. SYST TOOL-1 System Test Tool Categories System Test Tools Management Test Tools Operational Test Tools Planning Specification Documen- tation Construction Execution Evaluation

  3. SYST TOOL-2 Tools for SystemTest Management SystemTest Management Test Planer Test Case Specifier Test Reporter Test Documentor Test Plan Test Case Specification Test Reports Test Documents

  4. SYST TOOL-3 Tools for System Test Operations TerminalInputs/ Outputs System Test Operations Test Data Generator Test Data Editor Test Frame Gene- rator Test Monitor Test Coverage analyzer Test Result Validator Test Data Validator Capture/Replay Test Execution Paths Test Coverage Reports Test Result Reports Comparison Reports Test Original Test Data Edited Test Data Frame

  5. SYST TOOL-4 Test Plan Edit Tools (TESTPLAN) Sample Testplan Contents Test Planer Testplan Template TESTPLAN Tool System Test Plan Document Frame according to ANSI-Standard 829 Knowledge Base(Test Plan fragments from previous projects)

  6. SYST TOOL-5 Test Case Specification Tool (TESTSPEC) Conditions Rules = Test Cases A = B Y Y Y Y N N N N X = Y Y N Y N Y N Y N C = 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 Bedingung Regeln = Testfälle A = B J J J J N N N N X = Y J N J N J N J N C = 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 TESTSPEC Test Case Specifier Decision Table Testfalltabelle TC PreCondition PostCondition 1 A = B & X < Y & Z = 4 C = 1 2 A = B & X < Y & Z = 0 C = 1 3 A = B & X = Y & Z = 2 C = 2 Test Procedure Test Data Generator PreConditions PostConditions Input Data Test Object Output Data

  7. SYST TOOL-6 Test Documentation Tool (TESTDOC) Database Validator Dynamic Analyzer Output Validator Database States Execution Paths Soll/Ist Deviations Import Interface TESTDOC Tool Test Reports Multiple Views of Test Results

  8. SYST TOOL-7 Test Data Generators Test Database DBD Feld- werte DatabaseSchema DL/1DDLSQL DatabaseAttribute Values(Pre Conditions) Test Data Generator CSV File Comma separated Value File DBLoad Utility hierarchical,networked orrelational Database

  9. SYST TOOL-8 Test Procedure Generator (TESTPROC) Test Cases Pre Conditions TESTPROC Tool Data type descriptions Data value domains Test- script Test Procedure for Test Driver

  10. SYST TOOL-9 Capture/Replay Systems Tester GUI Stored Procedures Database Input Data Output Data Replay Buffer Capture System under Test

  11. SYST TOOL-10 File Comparators Expected Values Test Cases Post Conditions Pre- Processor Test File Comparator Actual Values Deviation Report Error rate is computed Non-matching data is recorded for Tester to check out

  12. SYST TOOL-11 Program Instrumentors Source Code C,C++,C# COBOL, PL/IJAVA Protocol Params Instrumentor Instrumented Source Code Compile & Link Test Object Test Frame Trace Table Post- Processor Coverage Report

  13. SYST TOOL-12 Architecture of an IntegrationTest System SOFTINT DB Test DC Test File/DB Generator File/DB Documen- tator File/DB Validator Map Generator Terminal Simulator Map Validator Program under Test Instrumentor Test- Monitor System Auditor

  14. SYST TOOL-13 Execution of an Integration Test System Before the Test During the Test After the Test In/Out Asserts Map Generator Input Maps Batch- Terminal Simulator Output Maps Map Validator Map Validation Report Source Instrumentor Instr. Source Test Monitor Trace Tables Execution Path Auditor System- Coverage Report File or DB In/Out Asserts File/DB Generator File/DB Comparator File/DB Comparison Report LOG File/DB Documentor File/DB Content Protocol

  15. SYST TOOL-14 Sample of an Embedded Test System SPECIFICATIONINPUT AssertionsPRE Assertions VERIFICATIONOUTPUT AssertionsINPUT Assertions Test Station T E S T E V A L U A T I O N Test Script Output protocol Validation Report Test Compiler Test Result Validator T e s t m o n i t o r Test Database Test Result Database Input Signal Generator Input Cache Device under Test Output Cache Output Signal Aggregator

  16. SYST TOOL-15 Sample of a Web Service Test System Web Services Port Port Port Post Conditions Pre Conditions Assertion Script Assertion Script Request Response WDSL WDSL Data Generator Result Validator Test Driver WSDL Requests WSDL Responses Web-Service Test Driver Sendet test requests und Empfängt test reponses WSDL Schema Validation Report Exceptions Interface Structure

  17. SYST TOOL-16 Mercury Test Director Mercury Quality Center Dashboard Testdirektor Fehler- Management Anforderungs- Management Testplan Testlabor Funktionstest Business Process Testing Quicktest Professional Winrunner Foundation Zentrale Verwaltung Gemeinsam genutztes Datenrepository Workflows Offene API‘s Delivery-Optionen Unternehmensinterne Bereitstellung Mercury Managed Services Best Practices

  18. SYST TOOL-17 Mercury WinRunner Testautomat GUI Map Editor WinRunner Window/Objects: verify learn Flight Reservation „#32770“ Button „Class“ „Date of Flight“ FLIGHT modify win_activate („Flight Reservation“); set_window („Flight Reservation“, 10); edit_set(„Date of Flight“;“02/27/98“); list_seleted_item(„Fly from“, „San Francisco“); set_window („Flight Reservation“, 10); button_press(„OK“); add delete show find { Class: window, MSW_class“!Afx,“, Label: „Flight Reservation“ } Activate GUI file:

  19. SYST TOOL-18 IMBUS TestBench Architecture Test Plan Users Test Design Navigation Design Managers Test Cluster Navigation Scripts Protocols Testautomat QA/Auditors Developers Target System

  20. SYST TOOL-19 IMBUS TestBench User Interface Testthemensicht von Car Configurator (Beispiel) Testthemenbaum Spezifikation Externe Automatisierung Durchführung Verantwortlicher Theo Tester Status durchgeführt Aktuelle Ansicht 1 Datenbank konfigurieren 2 Preisberechnung 2.1 einfache Interaktionen Fälligkeitsdatum 27.02.06 Priorität Hoch Testthemenbaum Testfälle Geplante Durchf. Aktuelle Durchf. Fahrzeugnr. Aktuelle Ansicht Interaktionen Car_config_close Car_config_start Fahrzeug konfigurieren Preis prüfen Fehler Fehler ID Titel Entdecker Status

  21. SYST TOOL-20 Empirix E-Test Suite QA Test Plan & Defects Load Console OneScript E-Management Enterprise E-Tester E-Load Agent Application under Test Server Stats

  22. SYST Empirix E-Tester User Interface TOOL-21 Load from File (WSDL) open Method Name Web Service Name add Loaded Methods Method to Add to Script: ok findEmployee addEmployee test all reset Test Move up Move Do. cancel Properties for specified Web Service Method Method Arguments First Name Last Name EmployeeID Address City Apply Changes Restor Arguments

  23. SYST TOOL-22 DATATEST User Interface

  24. SYST B 2 20 0 C 3 30 0 E 5 50 0 F 6 60 0 G 7 70 0 A 1 10 0 D 4 40 0 A 1 10 0 B 2 21 0 C 3 30 0 E 5 50 0 D 4 40 0 G 7 70 0 H 8 80 0 TOOL-23 DATATEST Result Validation Old Data Data Validation New Data Compare if objects are present and equal Doesn‘t Match Missing inthe New Missing inthe Old Validate one set of data against anotherby checking existence and matching content

  25. SYST TESTDOC Test Measurement TOOL-24 Original Source Code Test Trace Report Code Instrumen- tierung Testfall Protokoll Tester stößt Test an Tester stößt Instrumentierung an Start & End Zeiten Testfall Zuordnung Instrumented Source Code Testfälle Compile & Build System Under Test Trace File Test Coverage Messung Test Coverage Report

  26. SYST TESTDOC Test Case Documentation TOOL-25 +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | T E S T A N A L T E S T C A S E A U D I T O R | | D A T A O B J E C T R E P O R T | | TESTPROC: FAHRZEUG DATE: 28.04.06 | | SYSTEM: BAWKFZ PAGE: 1 | +----------------------------------+-----------+-----------------------+ | Data Object Name | tested by | TestCase Name | +----------------------------------+-----------+-----------------------+ | Jahr | TcNr:0317 | FAHRZEUG0317 | | | TcNr:0321 | FAHRZEUG0321 | | | TcNr:0322 | FAHRZEUG0322 | | | TcNr:0355 | FAHRZEUG0355 | +----------------------------------+-----------+-----------------------+ | Jahresanfang | TcNr:0351 | FAHRZEUG0351 | +----------------------------------+-----------+-----------------------+ | Jahreswagen | TcNr:0000 | Testcase is missing! | +----------------------------------+-----------+-----------------------+ | Jahreszahl | TcNr:0484 | FAHRZEUG0484 | | | TcNr:0486 | FAHRZEUG0486 | +----------------------------------+-----------+-----------------------+ | Kapitel | TcNr:0520 | FAHRZEUG0520 | | | TcNr:0531 | FAHRZEUG0531 | +----------------------------------+-----------+-----------------------+ | Karteikarten | TcNr:0000 | Testcase is missing! | +----------------------------------+-----------+-----------------------+ | Kategorien | TcNr:0002 | FAHRZEUG0002 | +----------------------------------+-----------+-----------------------+ | Kennzeichen | TcNr:0152 | FAHRZEUG0152 | | | TcNr:0154 | FAHRZEUG0154 | | | TcNr:0154 | FAHRZEUG0154 | | | TcNr:0157 | FAHRZEUG0157 | +----------------------------------+-----------+-----------------------+ | Kennzeichenvorschlag | TcNr:0000 | Testcase is missing! | +----------------------------------+-----------+-----------------------+ | Kleinwasserfahrzeuge | TcNr:0004 | FAHRZEUG0004 | | | TcNr:0005 | FAHRZEUG0005 | +----------------------------------+-----------+-----------------------+ | Number of Data Objects to be tested = 382 | | Number of Data Objects with a Test Case = 314 | | Number of Data Objects without a Test Case = 52 | | Degree of Data Objects Coverage = 0.82 | +----------------------------------------------------------------------+

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