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Senior Honors Thesis Program

Senior Honors Thesis Program

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Senior Honors Thesis Program

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  1. Senior Honors Thesis Program Office of Undergraduate Research

  2. What is the Senior Honors Thesis Program? The Senior Honors Thesis program provides 6 hours of credit to complete a substantive research project in any field at the University of Houston. If considering a thesis, be sure to first consult with an academic advisor from your major to confirm how thesis hours will adhere to your degree plan.

  3. What is the Senior Honors Thesis Program? The thesis project can be in your major or outside of your major. If your thesis project is outside of your major, consult with an academic advisor as to how the thesis will adhere to your degree plan. These are not courses you can sign up for independently; you must first be approved to participate in the program. The thesis must be directed by a faculty member with the appropriate expertise for your topic. This individual will serve as the instructor of record for the two courses. Many students in the program are members of The Honors College, but you don’t have to be a member to participate in the program.

  4. Why a Senior Honors Thesis? The Senior Honors Thesis is a capstone program for your undergraduate career, and allows you to graduate with an honors designation. Many UH students say this is the most memorable aspect of their undergraduate experience. Prepares you for graduate and professional school. Hones your writing and interviewing abilities. Allows you to take ownership of your field and studies. Fosters a mentor relationship between you and your thesis director.

  5. Steps for Success START by thinking about potential topics. It is a good idea to read theses in your field to get an idea of what students in your discipline have done in the past. TALK to faculty in your department or faculty members that have expertise in your topic. The first person you speak with may not be able to be your thesis director, but they may direct you to someone else who will be.

  6. How to Get Started Review the website at guidelines, resources, and the required forms to enroll in thesis hours.

  7. What Should Be Included in My Prospectus? Outline of goals and objectives and the way in which they will be accomplished. Timeline in which you intend to have each section completed. Include a bibliography of sources you will use, and a listing of any other references or materials pertinent to your project.

  8. Use Your Prospectus! Once you develop a timeline for completion for your thesis, use these parameters to stay on schedule. If you make a change to the content of your thesis, make the change to your prospectus as well. The prospectus is your outline for what you intend to cover and should reflect the final product.

  9. Helpful Tips Meet weekly with your thesis director. Keep your committee updated on your progress and on any changes you may have made to the original prospectus. Your committee is there to assist you with your project. If you find yourself lost in the process, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Stay on schedule. The thesis project is a major time commitment. Schedule your time accordingly to ensure on time completion. It is a good idea to divide your thesis into chapters and subsections early on in the process. Schedule every component of your thesis project EARLY.

  10. The Defense The defense is the presentation of your work to all three members of you committee once you have completed a draft of your thesis. Typically at the defense students present their thesis, and then engage in a question and answer session with their committee members. Plan the defense at least 6-8 weeks before graduation. Give all three members of your committee a copy of your thesis at least 2 weeks before the scheduled meeting. Allow yourself plenty of time to make revisions after the defense to ensure you meet your college’s binding deadline.

  11. Questions? • For more information about the Senior Honors Thesis program, please contact: Jennifer Asmussen The Office of Undergraduate Research The Honors College 211 MD Anderson Library 713-743-6433