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CCAF Business Meeting

CCAF Business Meeting

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CCAF Business Meeting

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  1. CCAF Business Meeting New Members Membership/Website Spring Cleaning AACI/CCAF Fall Meeting Feedback from last meeting Genomics Partnerships/Consortiums: Integration of Successful Models Telemedicine Shared Resource Prioritization Language Training for Program Leaders IT Directors Meeting Spring 2012 Meeting Location New Executive Committee Member

  2. Shared Resources: Prioritization Language Shared resources (also known as cores) may be funded through a specific NIH institute, yet provide services to a broader institutional community.  For example, a shared resource funded by NCI, NIDDK, etc. may be supported specifically for research within the particular disease (cancer, diabetes, respectively), yet be used for researchers in other disease areas.  The shared resource may be evaluated in peer review by the degree it is used by researchers working within the particular disease that is the focus of the NIH institute providing the funding.  In these situations, priority of use (either order in the queue or provision of subsidized cost) may be provided to researchers working within the area of interest to meet the requirements or expectations in peer review of the NIH institute funding the shared resource.  However, the priority and charge-back model must abide by A-21. 

  3. Shared Resources: Sample Language Researchers who are conducting research in X or are members of Y are granted first priority (served first) on use of shared resource Z.  Other users can access the resource at the same rate as capacity allows.

  4. Shared Resources: Strategies Possibilities to fund a shared resource by more than one NIH institute Use of subsidized rates or vouchers for shared resource use   Create institutional shared resources, with priority through investigator/project funding, institutional priorities, or other methods (first in-first out, etc.)