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Information Sharing Mechanisms PowerPoint Presentation
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Information Sharing Mechanisms

Information Sharing Mechanisms

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Information Sharing Mechanisms

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  1. Information Sharing Mechanisms

  2. Public Source Data dFACTS – An investigative lead tool to assist in further identifying persons, places and things based on limited investigative information

  3. Intelligence Information OSI Website – OSI provides intelligence and information exchange via the Criminal Justice Network a secured “intranet” for Florida’s criminal justice agencies. Currently undergoing redesign to include organization by focus area and allow users to more efficiently locate needed information

  4. Intelligence Systems InSite – Statewide Intelligence Database containing a counter-terrorismmodule for use by local, state and federal law enforcement partners

  5. Situational Awareness HSIN-FL – National information sharing system customized forFlorida’s use

  6. Communication Tools Daily News Summary - A daily summary of news items organized by focus area that provides a quick and easy capability to be informed of issues that may impact individual or collective members of a criminal justice agency or function

  7. Communication Tools Daily Domestic Security Brief - Law Enforcement Sensitive andOfficial Use Only versions are published/distributed daily

  8. Communication Tools ThreatCom – Web based communications tool to push relevant domestic security information to all discipline partners

  9. Florida Law Enforcement Exchange (FLEX) Links 7 regional data sharing projects to facilitate identifying and investigating domestic security related criminal activity across the State

  10. SmartCop TBD LInX State LE Node FINDER COPLINK TBD Metatomix TBD Assembling the Framework Seven Regional Projects nodes integrating the records management data of 395 local law enforcement agencies and a State Law Enforcement node

  11. FLEX - Assembling Scattered Data Pieces Incidents Jail Other Case Mgt Records Local Warrants Pawn Field Interviews Dispatch Accidents Offenses Without a way to share this data, a regional, statewide and national perspective cannot be achieved

  12. Offenses Local Warrants Accidents Incidents Pawn Dispatch Field Interviews Jail Other Case Mgt Records FLEX - Assembling Scattered Data Pieces Statewide Connectivity addresses these scattered pieces of data

  13. Florida Fusion Center – Where are we now? • Created a governing board to assist in the development of the fusion center • Developed CONOPS documents • Created formal agreements for fusion center participants in support of the fusion center • DHS analyst is on site • FBI analyst is on site

  14. Florida Fusion Center – Next steps • Determine level of participation for each agency and the responsibilities of each agency participant • Continue actively participating in organizations such as Southern Shield • Develop relationships with other state fusion centers • Development of projects for the fusion center is ongoing • Maximize current methods of dissemination to ensure all partners and those that need to know receive timely information