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Information Sharing Portal PowerPoint Presentation
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Information Sharing Portal

Information Sharing Portal

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Information Sharing Portal

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  1. Edouard Legoupil Data Management Officer Information Sharing Portal • Introduction • Information presented • Roles & responsibility • Development processes • Demo

  2. Question: UNHCR Website QUIZZ • • • • • • • • • Http:// • • • •

  3. Objectives 1. Introduction Defining authoritative data Move from the need to protect data to the need to share : Open Data Current work on manageability and interoperability: Six instances in production during last year (mostly for emergencies): - Horn - Ethiopia - South Sudan - Mali - Liberia - Syria

  4. Introduction 1. Introduction Http:// Simplified Operational Dashboard: • Regional Level (e.g Horn of Africa) • Country Level (e.g. Kenya) • Sub-Office Level (e.g. Dadaab) • Settlement/Camp Level (e.g. Ifo)

  5. Structure & Module Information presented Regional Level (e.g Horn of Africa) • Total refugee population per country • Appeal and financial information • Pipeline for Core Relief Item for refugee operations Country Level (e.g. Kenya) • Overall aggregate population profile / arrival trends • Highlights / News • Documents (Statistics excel, Maps, Updates, Reports, Meeting Notes) • Calendar and events Sub-Office Level (e.g. Dadaab) • Population profile / arrival trends • Highlights / News • Documents (Statistics, Maps, Updates, Reports) • Calendar and events Settlement/Camp Level (e.g. Ifo) • Population profile • Basic Indicators • Who What Where • Core Relief Item distribution report

  6. Data Flow Information presented Kenya Ethiopia Weekly Every Monday Individual registration Weekly Every Monday Web Portal Arrival / Influx figures Weekly Every Monday Distribution report Weekly Every Monday Warehouse stock & Pipeline A portal is not a primary data collection tool! A portal is not a Content Management System Ad-hoc When changes Who What Where Monthly (30th) Indicators Ad-hoc When changes Doc, Events, News

  7. Portal deployment Roles & responsibility Refugee emergency Decide of a name for the instance Approval of the Representative Availability of an IMO For IDP, OCHA has the lead: ... It should be a cluster based portal

  8. Admin Panel Roles & responsibility

  9. Blanket clearance Roles & responsibility For regularly produced particular type of report or document Bypass the Executive approval process and be directly posted in the portal by the Information Manager upon request from the Sectoral Lead. The Executive may revoke “blanket” clearance at any time by notifying the Information Manager and the Sectoral Lead.

  10. Sector specific clearance Roles & responsibility Defined by sectoral groups, based on consensus Approval of the Executive is required. Executive may consult the Senior Public Information Officer Possibly post only a portion of the information Responsibility of the Chair of the sectoral group to communicate the decisions of the Executive to the group

  11. Highlight clearance Roles & responsibility Highlight should not be confused with "news" Limited to 160 characters. Can be suggested directly by Sectoral Working Groups. The Chair of the Sectoral Working Group can email the text for the “Highlight” to the Executive for approval, copying the Information Manager.

  12. News clearance Roles & responsibility Responsibility of the Senior Public Information Officer News items on the UNHCR public website already cleared Other to be cleared by the PI with the Rep

  13. Conflicting figures Roles & responsibility One of the following options must be defined: 1. Total remain based on estimates and a subtotal based on registration/survey/census is mentioned 2. Total remain based on registration/survey/census and a parallel number based on estimates is mentioned as a comment 3. Total remain based on registration/survey/census OR on estimates. The other number is not mentioned

  14. Defining region Roles & responsibility Region can be known administrative unit or not Region are operational area, you can define them of you want Site details in a specific can be made visible or not, but figures remain taken in account

  15. IM: Bringing skills together Roles & responsibility Data Management Reporting Public Information Ensuring good control on information dissemination and quality of presentation Collect, record, analyze and visualize quantitative and qualitative data Information Management Political Awareness Data skills Programme and Protection Knowledge of procedures Filling information gaps for evidence-based decision-making and coordination

  16. Development cycle Roles & responsibility

  17. Issue Register Development processes

  18. Release cycle Development processes

  19. Collaborative development Development processes

  20. “It does not work”: Bug Report Development processes • "Show me.“ • "Show me how to show myself." • "Works for me. So what goes wrong?“ • "So then I tried . . .” • "I think the tachyon modulation must be wrongly polarized” • "That's funny, it did it a moment ago.” • "So I loaded the disk on to my Windows . . ." • Be specific. • Be verbose. • Be careful of pronouns. • Read what you wrote.

  21. “Something is missing”: Feature Request Development processes • One at a time please • Be concise • Give us the big picture. • Style counts • So does attitude • Be timely • Include a picture, but only...if it helps

  22. 'User Acceptance test' Instance Demo Password protected Instance log: 'colleagues' pass: 'unhcr' Back office here: log: 'admin_super' pass: 'unhcr@123'