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Rob Dubois CPAC Workshop, Seattle, WA, May 11, 2006

Is the breakthrough in smart sampling technology at hand? An update of progress & missing links on the road to NeSSI Gen II. Rob Dubois CPAC Workshop, Seattle, WA, May 11, 2006. “the best way to predict the future is to create it”. Presentation Outline. The Roadmap and Generations

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Rob Dubois CPAC Workshop, Seattle, WA, May 11, 2006

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Is the breakthrough in smart samplingtechnology at hand?An update of progress & missing links on the road to NeSSI Gen II Rob Dubois CPAC Workshop, Seattle, WA, May 11, 2006 “the best way to predict the future is to create it”

  2. Presentation Outline • The Roadmap and Generations • Progress and missing links • Example of an enabler • How do get the WOW factor • Summary and questions

  3. Gen III uAnalytical Gen II Electrical Networked & Smart Gen I Fluid Components NeSSI™ Roadmap 2008-2012 2004-08 END USER VALUE 2000-04

  4. JEB Stuart Were we circling Washington?

  5. Progress on 7 elements of Gen II • (1) Smart transducers • (2) Programmable heated substrate base • (3) Combi valve • (4) Multi-Drop IS serial bus • (5) temp. controlled microClimate enclosure • (6) Sensor Actuator Manager (SAM) • (7) PDA – graphical user interface

  6. (1) Progress: Transducers • Flow • Thermal – cons: current load, wiring complexity, robustness? • DP with orifice – cons: pressure drop, size, cost? • Rotameter switch/tx cons: cost and size • need new technologies • Pressure & Temperature • Analytical (early stages) • Objective: • single block, multi-drop • combine transmit and local indication into one package Courtesy of FCI

  7. Flow Devices - Today Courtesy of Dow Chemical

  8. What’s different about this analytical system? Courtesy of Dow Chemical

  9. Pressure and Flow by Differential Pressure/Orifice Courtesy of UOP

  10. (2) Progress - Smart Heaters • Approved for ATEX/CSA Zone 1 • First identified in 2003 now deployed in several locations • Missing link is the connectivity to smart devices or stand-alone Courtesy of Intertec

  11. Smart Heaters – the value • Increase Reliability • early detection of heater failure (prevent freezing and condensation/2-phase systems) • networking allows remote monitoring and setpoint change • Technology Enabler • precision temp. controls supports the use of microanalytical on a substrate – enables ramping and zoning • in combination with a precise flow meter allows use of permeation calibration devices eliminating gas cylinders • Enhanced Capabilities • higher temperature operation by controlling heater surface below the T-zone temp. - an alternative to air bath systems • Cost Savings • conduction heat is more efficient than air heating • allows smaller package by compact hotplate design

  12. Smart heaters in action(…also good size comparison) All pictures courtesy of Dow Chemical

  13. A Comm. D/A Inst Air Vent Solenoid Air Actuator Vent Valve (3) Combi-Valve Proposed • Modulating & On-Off Valves • challenges • size • power budget • cost • networking • technology to make modulating is tough • Proportional Valve is missing link

  14. Simple On-Off Valve Driver • Current solution • on/off solenoid manifolds • needs “safe” area for installation • various buses Courtesy of SMC

  15. (4) Progress: Multi-Drop Intrinsically Safe Bus • The inability to align to a standard has prevented us from moving ahead • component makers “in limbo” • Good Features: plug and play, IS, low cost, low power, small, small range, std. connector • Is this still the missing link?

  16. (5) Enclosure Progress: Clamshell Design – Flexible Connections Still a need for convection heating…. Courtesy of ExxonMobil

  17. (6/7) SAM and the PDA • Concentrates sensor/actuator signals • without this capability we will be doomed to dumb systems • running signals from each sensor & actuator to a facilities DCS system is not cost effective • handheld PDA useful for local monitoring & simple control

  18. dcs V P A F r-SAM (PC) I. smart Ethernet Smart Analyzer NeSSI™-bus (e.g. IS-CiA) Sensor/Actuator Manager (SAM) Heater Fluid Handling System by supplier

  19. dcs F V P A II. simple r-SAM (PC) Ethernet Simple & legacy Analyzer Sol Vlv discrete NeSSI™-bus (e.g. IS-CiA) 4-20 mA Sensor/Actuator Manager (SAM) Heater Fluid Handling System by supplier

  20. dcs V P A F III. micro r-SAM (PC) Ethernet Sol. Vlv NeSSI™-bus (e.g. IS-CiA) Sensor/Actuator Manager (SAM) Heater microAnalyzer Fluid Handling System by supplier

  21. Oh, the humanity…legacy wiring Modular system with intrinsically safe discrete wiring – Dow Chemical (hydrogen service) NeSSI-box wiring analogue and digital wiring – Dow Chemical

  22. Enabler: Small flows allow wider use of catalytic sample disposal systems • cost savings enabled by by-line analysis and low volume modular systems • eliminate vents • environmental protection • a temperature sensor can monitor catalyst depletion or heater failure and alarm that unit is failing • performance enhancement • atmospheric reference with no environmental impact – no analyzer backpressure issues TRACErase is Courtesy of MerTech

  23. How do I achieve the WOW factor? • Function Intensification • Reduce weight and space • Easily reconfigurable • Simplify the design and spec process • one stop shopping, integration and check-out • Plug and Play communication • Minimize certification issues • Sensor/Actuator signal concentration/control loops • SMART (automated) – but configurable and easy (fun?) to use for the analyzer technician (e.g. intuitive menu structure and graphics)

  24. Who will climb Mount Fuji? What do we need to do to fill the missing links?

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