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Uncle Truman’s New House !

Uncle Truman’s New House !. Carpet, Tile, or Wood Floors. An exploration of A=LW. Webquest by: J Patterson.

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Uncle Truman’s New House !

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  1. Uncle Truman’s New House ! Carpet, Tile, or Wood Floors An exploration of A=LW Webquest by: J Patterson

  2. Last week Uncle Truman called to say that he had purchased a new house . He was very excited about the house even though it is not yet finished. Your uncle called a contractor to find out the final cost of floor coverings (carpet, wood floors, and vinyl floors) for the house and although the price quoted for labor seemed reasonable, the material cost seemed outrageous.

  3. The contractor said that for the materials alone, not including the cost of installation, the floor coverings will cost at least $20,000. Poor Uncle T choked! He is convinced that this cost is just too expensive. Unfortunately, Uncle Truman has never had good math skills, so your mom mentioned that you were taking a class in math. Uncle Truman was very excited because he knew you would be able to help him!

  4. He sent along a copy of the blueprints for the house. He decided from where he would like to purchase the materials and has included this information. He is so sure that you can help him find the truth, he has decided to reward your effort by buying you a new Waverunner. (Of course, your mom told him that wasn’t necessary since he is family. But he insisted! He has always been your favorite uncle!)

  5. Official Blueprint

  6. Uncle Truman would like to buy all the floor coverings from Capri carpet . They sell all three products needed for the house. Your aunt would like some very rich looking hard wood floors in the living room, thick carpet with a deep cushion in the bedrooms and vinyl in the bathrooms and kitchen/dining room.

  7. Hints: • Your Aunt May doesn’t care what color the carpet in the two smaller bedrooms is but she insists that the master bedroom is carpeted in a dark hunter green. • The hardwood floors that your aunt likes best are named for other countries and continents. Uncle T is patriotic and would really prefer the good old American oak floors, but will trust your judgment. • Don’t forget to include the cost of adhesive for the vinyl and padding for the carpet. These must be purchased from this store to validate the warranties on the floor coverings. • The area of the floors of the 2 bathrooms combined is the same as that of the kitchen.

  8. Hints: • Use the area formula to find the number of yards of carpet required for each room. Record this number on your worksheet. • Multiply the area of each room by price of the floor covering chosen for this room. Record the type of floor covering and the total price for that room on the worksheet—don’t forget the carpet pad and adhesive. • Add the total cost for each room to find the cost of floor covering for the entire new house. • Finally, one other cost…

  9. Don’t Forget the Wave Runner!!!! Or will you have to settle for a subscription to the magazine named wave runner instead?

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