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Need to Know Web Design Consultants

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Need to Know Web Design Consultants

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  1. E-commerceandWebsiteSecurity

  2. It should go without saying that E-commerce sites need top-notch security. You’re handling people’s financial information and transactions, which if stolen can cause serious harm to your customers and stain your company’s reputation, alongside potentially ruinous legalcases. While every site needs good security, E-commerce sites need to be on top of any issues before they result in real damage. But what do you need to craft a secure E-commerce site? There’s the obvious stuff: SSL/TSL Certificates, running an up-to-date version of your CMS of choice with up-to-date plugins, running your site on secure servers and meeting the legal requirements of your home country, but there’s other stuff you need to thinkabout.

  3. HTTPS HTTPS, also known as HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, is an additional layer of security that helps with wireless communication over the Internet. Without it, all communication between sites is unencrypted, opening a potential backdoor for hackers to exploit. On top of that, Google has started to unrank sites that only use HTTP due to their securityrisks. PCICompliance All the big payment card companies have a set of standards that financial data holders need to follow if they want to avoid lawsuits and the like. By keeping financial data secure, you will meet these standards. Encryption and Tokenisation can be used to prevent the theft of information, even when your site iscompromised.

  4. DDoSProtection Distributed Denial of Service attacks are becoming more and more common due to the fact that they’re the easiest way to bring a site down. DDoS attacks involve huge amounts of people (or more commonly bots) sending requests to the same server, overloading it and bringing the site down until it can be reset. Buying more bandwidth can be an expensive, yet effectiveoption. Making the site firewall stronger can also nip a DDoS attack in the bud and it’s a cheaperoption. When it comes to E-commerce sites, you can’t skimp out on protection and security – your reputation’s on the line. Chetaru is an app design and development agency based in Darlington that is excited about building a better future with the latest technology and IT solutions available. Chetaru has the IT know-how that your firm needs to succeed and thrive, from beautiful responsive websites to economical SEO services and useful mobile appdesigns.

  5. ContactUs UK India BusinessCentral2Union Square Central Park, Darlington DL1 1GL info.uk@chetaru.com 184,SchemeNo114-1 A.B.Road,IndoreM.P., India 452010 info@chetaru.com Website: https://chetaru.com

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