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Choose fashionable shoes for dogs PowerPoint Presentation
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Choose fashionable shoes for dogs

Choose fashionable shoes for dogs

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Choose fashionable shoes for dogs

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  1. Choose fashionable shoes for dogs

  2. When winter bears down, it becomes difficult to exercise our furry friends outdoors without damaging their paws. While dog coats and jackets keep their bodies warm, their feet also need protection. The ever changing weather can affect their paw pads, which are not suited to certain environmental conditions.

  3. When you look at the canine skeletal structure, you can see that dogs do not walk on the soles of their feet, but on their toes. The pads provide support to the smaller bones and joints in the foot. These pads also lend traction to the dog as it runs, plays, and digs. Thus, one needs to be concerned and take extra care of the pad and paw when the temperature dips to near freezing.

  4. Breathable BootsDogs sweat only through their feet, so opt for a breathable boot, which allows air to flow freely in and out of the boot, reducing moisture and facilitating their natural cooling mechanism.

  5. Disposable BootsDog booties can be disposable or reusable. If you are anticipating using them infrequently or just want to try them out, then disposable booties are the best option for you. These boots are just as comfortable and useful as normal dog booties, with the added advantage of being easy to use and carry.

  6. Snow BootsIf you are pulling out your clunky snowshoes then make sure you give your pet the same consideration. Choose dog booties made with the toughest element-resistant material to keep the boots from sliding on slippery ice ground.

  7. Another way to protect your dog’s paws is to use a balm on the pads and areas in between. The balm is all-natural and designed to strengthen and toughen the conical papillae. While the balm works to make the dog’s pad more resistant to the elements, it also helps prevent ice and snow from getting stuck between their toes. The balm can also be used to prevent snow from sticking to their fur.

  8. Both dog booties and balm can protect your pet from the burning sensation caused by ice melters. These chemicals are also dangerous because dogs often ingest these harsh chemicals when trying to lick their paws. Shoes and balm are the right paw protectors to ensure that your dog’s feet do not come in contact with these harmful chemicals while keeping them safe from the onslaught of the elements.

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