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LAPHAM PARK VENTURE. Lapham Park Venture 1901 North 6 th Street Milwaukee, WI 53212. - 200 Units -. Partners : U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee (HACM) Milwaukee County Department of Aging S.E.T. Ministry, Inc.

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  1. LAPHAM PARK VENTURE Lapham Park Venture 1901 North 6th Street Milwaukee, WI 53212 - 200 Units - Partners: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee (HACM) Milwaukee County Department of Aging S.E.T. Ministry, Inc. Community Care Organization St. Mary’s Family Practice Clinic Lapham Park Resident Organization

  2. BACKGROUND • Built in 1964 • 1993 – HACM Designated as Elderly Only • 96% African-American and 56% Female • 74% of Residents are Very-low income • Median annual income is $7,553 • Result of residents wanting improved services • Primary Goal – Maintain and improve the quality of life and improve housing for elderly • Secondary Goal – Determine if a continuing care retirement community can work within Public Housing and facilitate aging in place LAPHAM PARK VENTURE MILWAUKEE, WI

  3. DESIGN / STAFFING • Model for Prevention, Assisted Living and Health Care Services: • Congregate Meal site, Transportation, • Case management and Long Term Care • On-Site Primary Medical Care • Physical Therapy and Prescription Management • Design includes: • Therapeutic Whirlpool – Health Need • Crafts Room • Movie Theatre • Barber and Beauty Shop • Billy Braggs Golden Gloves Gym • Billiards Room • [Note: Design based on Resident Survey] LAPHAM PARK VENTURE MILWAUKEE, WI

  4. DESIGN / STAFFING (Continued) MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY (On-site student community service, assessment of elders’ functional status, review of facility policies and standards of operation.) SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION (SDC) (Manages meal program.) CHILDREN’S OUTING ASSOCIATION (COA) (Intergenerational activities.) MATC (Dental hygiene students conduct assessments.) MILWAUKEE COUNTY DEPARTMENT ON AGING (Funding for case management, transportation, community-based long term care, operation of meal site.) COMMUNITY CARE ORGANIZATION (CCO) (On-site medical care.) HOUSING AUTHORITY (HACM) (Building space, remodeling & renovation, liaison with the Resident Organization.) ST. MARY’S FAMILY PRACTICE RESIDENCY PROGRAM (On-site physician services.) LAPHAM PARK RESIDENT ORGANIZATION (Advocates on behalf of residents, liaison between project partners and residents.) S.E.T. MINISTRY (Outreach, on-site case management staff.) ALZHEIMER’S ASSN. OF SOUTHEASTERN WI (Promotes and coordinates “Circle of Friends” focusing on socialization and management skills.) ST. MARY’S FAMILY PRACTICE & COMMUNITY EDUCATION CENTER STUDENT PROGRAM (AHEC) (Nursing, medical and social work students provide home visits, health promotion programs and activities.) YWCA (On-site exercise programs, tutorial services.) LAPHAM PARK VENTURE Mission: To create a supportive continuing care community where low income older adults can comfortably age in place. LAPHAM PARK VENTURE MILWAUKEE, WI

  5. PROCESS • CORE LAPHAM PARK VENTURE MEMBERS • HACM: • Existing HACM property - rehabilitation through liaison work with residents • Milwaukee County Department on Aging: • Congregate meal site, transportation, case-management and funding for community-based long term care • S.E.T. (Services, Empowerment, Transformation) Ministry: • On-site medical care including primary care, physical therapy and prescription management through Medicaid • St. Mary’s Family Practice Clinic: • On-site physician services to residents LAPHAM PARK VENTURE MILWAUKEE, WI

  6. PROCESS (Continued) • Lapham Park Resident Organization: • Provide assistance with Outreach to the Community and Organizes Social and Community-Based Activities • Medicaid reimburses $94/day • Residents pay $0 for Services • WI State Supplement to SSI recipients is $83 • 200 units subsidized by HACM – Difference of resident payment (30% of income) and operational cost of unit • HUD Funding: • Rehabilitation Costs - $1.3 million - HUD Capital Fund LAPHAM PARK VENTURE MILWAUKEE, WI

  7. PROCESS (Continued) • WI Medicaid Waiver Comparison: • Nursing Home Residents vs. Lapham Park Residents Savings to State of WI – Over $1M • On-site Clinic to Provide Routine Medical Assistance: • Prescription refills, hospice care, dental care, Home Health Care, Physical Therapy and Podiatry • Residents Interested in help are visited by S.E.T. Ministry, Inc. Residents are connected to 20 appropriate service providers and 200 specialists LAPHAM PARK VENTURE MILWAUKEE, WI

  8. PROCESS (Continued) $21,000 per unit LAPHAM PARK VENTURE MILWAUKEE, WI

  9. MANAGEMENT / MARKETING • Management Company: (Contract cost is $468K/Year) • Friends of Housing is under contract with HACM • Friends of Housing Provides Traditional Services: • Maintenance • Rent Collection • Leasing • Wait list is not site specific • 2% turnover • Marketing: • Venture Partnership with social workers, hospitals, friends, and family allows word of mouth lease up LAPHAM PARK VENTURE MILWAUKEE, WI

  10. CHALLENGES/FAILURES/LESSONS LEARNED • Think outside of the box and doing things a different way • Sharing mutual information and risk taking • Breaking down traditional agency barriers/territories • Reallocation of each agency’s resources with minimum start-up costs • Resident-centered approach • Collaboration between the public and private sector LAPHAM PARK VENTURE MILWAUKEE, WI

  11. ACCOMPLISHMENTS/SUCCESSES/HIGHLIGHTS Award: Ford Foundation and Harvard University Innovations in American Government • Town homes at Carver Park: (Complement to the site) • Public housing development • Friends of Housing is the Management Company and an LLC Partner in the tax credit application • 18 months of rehabilitation - Town homes at Carver Park • Opened in September 2002 • 122 unit mixed-income accessible development • 51 public housing units • 51 tax credit rental units • 20 market rate units • Also provides market rate housing LAPHAM PARK VENTURE MILWAUKEE, WI

  12. ACCOMPLISHMENTS/SUCCESSES/HIGHLIGHTS • Economically integrated Carver Park neighborhood • High level of accessibility for residents and visitors with disabilities • Town homes serve families that need two to five bedrooms • Town homes funded with a $9.1 million HUD Hope VI Grant combined with affordable housing tax credits • Development includes 20 homes in the surrounding neighborhood for low and moderate income families under the HACM homeownership program • HACM - Comprehensive public safety program in the neighborhood, which adjoins the rehabilitated Lapham Park assisted living development with Town homes at Carver Park LAPHAM PARK VENTURE MILWAUKEE, WI


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