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UN Web Search

Very detailed index on human rights issues and the United Nations ... Law - on the UN home page are major areas of concern to the Organisation ...

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UN Web Search

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  1. To view the full screen version of the presentation, click on the right-hand mouse button and select “FULL SCREEN”. UN Web SearchPart 1: Indexes Dag Hammarskjöld Library Department of Public Information United Nations Headquarters, New York E-mail: http://www.un.org/Depts/dhl/sendmail/dhlusss.asp

  2. UN Home Page:http://www.un.org/english * A useful, easy-to-use site index with access to full-text documents is available by clicking on Index

  3. UN Site Index:http://www.un.org/site_index/ * Subject index * Access to web sites of UN departments and bodies Examples:- Charter of the United Nations- Millennium Declaration- Security Council presidential statements- Short Biographies of the UN Secretaries-General

  4. Official Web Site Locator for the UN System:http://www.unsystem.org/ * Accessible from the UN Home Page by selecting UN System Sites then Official Web Locator for the UN System * Quick access to United Nations and Specialized Agency web sites as well as smaller bodies within the UN system * Access to full-text documents Examples: - UNESCO- Chief Executives Board for Coordination- International Computing Centre- International Centre for Theoretical Physics

  5. UN Departments:http://www.un.org/depts * Accessible from the UN Home Page through About the United Nations * For departments, offices, etc., within the UN Secretariat Examples: - Publications Service- Procurement Division- German Translation Service

  6. Issues on the UN Agenda:http://www.un.org/partners/civil_society/agenda.htm * Accessible from the UN Home Page through Issues on the UN Agenda * Broad subjects from which full-text documents may be accessed Examples: - Key UN and non-UN web sites within each subject- Information on NGOs- Key documents from upcoming and recent conferences- Speeches of the Secretary-General, the Deputy S-G, and other high-level officials

  7. Economic and Social Development:http://www.un.org/esa/ * Accessible from the UN Home Page through Economic & Social Development * Broad subject fields with which the Economic and Social Affairs Department is concerned; behind these broad subject areas are links to other more specific web sites * Links to UN System Index (see next page) Examples: - Social Development- Sustainable Development- Non-governmental organizations

  8. Economic and Social Development Index:http://esa.un.org/subindex/ * Very detailed index with links to web pages on issues relating to economic and social affairs Resources:- Documents on Africa: http://esa.un.org/subindex/pgViewSites.asp?termCode=YA- Economic and Social Council Documents (2004): http://www.un.org/esa/coordination/ecosoc/

  9. Human Rights Index:http://www.unhchr.ch/index.htm * Accessible from the UN Home Page through Human Rights, then Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and then Issues * Very detailed index on human rights issues and the United Nations * Full-text site for human rights documents, State Party reports, declarations, treaties, basic principles, codes of conduct, minimum rules, etc Examples:- Migration- Poverty- Racism

  10. Peace and Security:http://www.un.org/peace/index.html * Accessible from the UN Home page through Peace and Security * The items shown in yellow - Peace & Security, Economic & Social Development, Human Rights, Humanitarian Affairs and International Law - on the UN home page are major areas of concern to the Organisation * Passing the cursor over the headings on this page reveals the information to be found within that heading, for example, Peacekeeping contains Current & completed missions, maps, documents. Resources:-UN Documentation Research Guide Special Topics: Peacekeeping: http://www.un.org/Depts/dhl/resguide/specpk.htm

  11. Disarmament:http://disarmament.un.org/ * Conventions on disarmament are accessible from this web page. On the left-hand side under the section Disarmament Resources see Status and Text of Treaties to obtain the full text and status of disarmament treaties.

  12. End of Part 1

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