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Best LED Tubes for Better and safer Lighting PowerPoint Presentation
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Best LED Tubes for Better and safer Lighting

Best LED Tubes for Better and safer Lighting

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Best LED Tubes for Better and safer Lighting

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  1. LED Tubes

  2. Be a Responsible Citizen and Install Green LED Tubes You might be wondering how choosing to install LED tubes at the indoor commercial and residential can make you a responsible citizen. To make it understandable, let’s tell you that all the LED lighting products are eco-friendly products and don’t contain any kind of halogen or mercury inside them that otherwise can pollute the environment. So by using these LED tubes at the indoor premises you are becoming a responsible citizen and letting the world know that you care for the environment as well. There are many different types of LED Tubes available in the market and you can install any sized tube as per the lighting needs and to enjoy beneath advantages as well.

  3. Other benefits of using LED Tubes are as follows: • These LED tubes are easy to be replaced with the traditional lights. • They start instantly without producing any flickering or buzzing sound. • The lumen output of these LEDs is more than their traditional counterparts. • For instance, 48w 8FT LED tube produces 5760 lumens and it is perfect to be replaced with 120w of fluorescent or other form of lights as well. • Get 3 years of warranty from the manufacturer. • Also,these lights have wider beam angle of greater than 120 degree. • These LEDs don’t heat up immediately due to aluminum heat sink. • The premium quality LED chips are used inside these LED tubes to make them more efficient. • So,make the place more effective by installing these LED tubes that are eco-friendly and will be helpful in reducing the level of air pollution as well.