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Popular Home Design Trends in 2017

If you are going to build or purchase a new home then here are some of the popular home design trends in 2017 which will convert your house into a dream home. Check it out.

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Popular Home Design Trends in 2017

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  1. Popular Home Design Trends in 2017 This post is intended to explain the emerging home design trends of this year. Interior design trends in 2017 will surely catch your eyes. If you are going to purchase a new home these trends will convert your simple looking home into a stunning and dreams home. Let’s have a look what is trending now: WHAT’S IN Terracotta Tiles: Warm materials such as terracotta tiles are the most popular home design trends in 2017. These tiles trends can add quality and warmth to interiors. Use these tiles as feature walls in bathrooms or for cladding fireplaces and improve the beauty of your home. Butterflies:- Butterflies wallpapers are increasingly used as popular design trends. Not it’s highly designed but also a highly demanded by the home owners. This graceful and happy home design could steal your heart. Stylish, soft furniture: Hard or sharp edges has been removed from furniture that not only good from safety point of view but also add sophisticated look. Rounded furniture is not only high demand in this year but it’s an accurate prediction that it will be a top home design trends in next year’s too according to the home designers.

  2. Navy Blue Trends:- Earlier black resembles as a decorating element but now navy blue has replaced this black darling element. Pairing blue with white, red, yellow offers awesomeness in home designs. Navy with gold is the most popular décor trends can be seen in this year. This best and refreshing colorful trend is also very cost effective and at the time of selling a home it can brings dollars more than the expectation according to the top real estate agents. Apart from navy blue, green is also a hottest trend. Wallpapers printed with climbing plants or green as a paint color for rooms such as a bedroom are also most modern décor trends. Green can also be used in highlighting the armchair or cushions and decor items. Designers say that clients will surely head over heels in love with these vibrant wallpaper assortments. Make the farmhouse style:- Farmhouse style which includes cozy quilts, weathered antiques, and painted collections are hot trends. This style statement with a mix of few vintage nautical pieces can give you the real feeling of seashore sides. Balcony Gardens Trends:- These gardens designs are always in a trend. Plenty of balcony designing ideas can be seen online.

  3. Matte finish:- Appliances and fixtures available in a matte finish is a great style in a big way. It removes the era of well shiny and glossy surfaces. What’s Out:- 1.Quote artworks are no more in demand or in current trends. Time has been changed for marble too. 2.A client has declined their interest in marble home wares. They want something raw, earthy textures like timber, clay and wicker. 3.Copper has missed the place in the latest trend of 2017. Its shows beautiful style statement but now in 2017 it can be mix with some other vivacious designing ideas. 4.Fiddle leaf figs has been moved by the olive tree, new statement indoor plan in 2017. 5.With versatile look and cheap prices subway tiles used everywhere in the previous years but after years of popularity these design trends has been swapped away by the finger” or “kit-kat” tile. 6.As consumers seek more private home layouts, open plan living areas are now out in the trends. Source: http://larajohan.blogspot.in/2017/09/popular-home-design-trends-in-2017.html

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