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Las Vegas Landscaping Specialists Weigh in on the Perks of Artificial Grass

Consider using artificial grass for your Las Vegas landscaping project, and discover the benefits and savings of this hassle-free installation.

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Las Vegas Landscaping Specialists Weigh in on the Perks of Artificial Grass

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  1. May 31, 2017 Las Vegas Landscaping Specialists Weigh in on the Perks of Artificial Grass Undeniably, the Southern Nevada climate can be ruthless at times. Record temperatures can exceed 100 degrees in the hottest summers, and chilly weather drops below 30 degrees in the winter. Not only that, but this region also has very low average annual rainfall, and soils commonly have little organic matter and high salinity. Given these conditions, it can be a challenge to grow a garden, let alone maintain a healthy lawn. Every home deserves to have beautiful green elements that are welcoming and pleasing to look at. But is that even possible in the unforgiving desert environment? If you want to give your Page | 1

  2. home a fresh start with an enticing and lush lawn, then consider artificial grass for your Las Vegas landscaping requirements. Less Work, More Fun Every year, it takes more than 40,000 gallons of water to keep an average-sized front lawn growing. Imagine how much that can cost you in the long run? Artificial grass stays lush and green all year round, so your precious water budget can be allocated for other important household needs. Another pet peeve of homeowners is the need to mow the lawn every now and then. Add to that the maintenance task of weeding, adding fertilizer, and administering pesticides -- growing your grass can be a commitment. By choosing artificial grass for your landscaping, you not only enjoy an evergreen lawn, but you also eliminate the need for all that additional elbow grease. You can then spend extra time enjoying your lawn with the family, playing games, having picnics, and more. Better for Health Artificial grass has found its place beyond front lawns and backyards, but also in playgrounds as well. These grasses have a porous backing that allows water to drain off after heavy rains, making the area safe to walk or play on. Even the most rambunctious activities won’t damage the grass, and the surface can cushion the little ones against any trips or falls. These areas mimic the look and feel of natural grass, and there is no residue that can cause allergies or irritation. Plus, you get to keep those garden pests at bay. A Pet-Friendly Place to Play Your furry pals can also get to enjoy the perks of your artificial lawn. Even when the grass gets soiled by your pets, it can be cleaned easily, leaving no stains or bald patches. Since there is no dirt to grow the grass on, you can be sure your pets won’t track in mud or grass clippings into the house. Indeed, there are more advantages you can discover when you choose artificial grass for your yard makeover. Give the specialists a call, and get started on making your home a greener and safer haven for the whole family. Page | 2

  3. About Las Vegas Artificial Grass Pros: Throughout our years of service, we are proud to have more than 10,000 artificial grass installations under our belt. Many homeowners have come to realize the true perks of artificial grass -- and we can show you, too. If you’re thinking about creating that green space for your home, we are more than willing to provide assistance. Sources: Environmental and Health Impacts of Artificial Turf: A Review, Pubs.ACS.org Becoming a Desert Gardener, UNCE.UNR.edu Page | 3

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