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Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

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Artificial Grass

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  1. Where the “Grass” is Always Greener

  2. Artificial Grass • A very popular artificial grass style. High density with 4 different shades of green, creating a realistic and natural look. Suitable for landscaping, gardens, terraces and many other uses. • Pile Height: 1.75 inch • Gauge: 3/8 inch • Face Weight: 60 oz/sq yd • Roll Length: 100 Feet • Roll Width: 7.5/15 feet

  3.  Artificial Turf • Artificial turf is an important element of interior and exterior design • The original intention of coming up with the artificial turf technology was use in outdoor areas like football fields and basketball courts. However, it has proven so useful in itself that it is now used in both residential and recreational purposes, but the potential still doesn’t stop here.

  4. Synthetic Turf • Synthetic turf landscaping is always a safe alternative. • Mowing natural lawns is not only tiresome but every year we come across news of accidents about people getting injured and sometimes even getting killed. • No one is willing to take this risk and more so when you have an alternative that can give as fresh a topography as a lush natural spread and with negligible maintenance costs. • If you are risk loving and don’t mind a bit of injuries you might certainty appreciate the fact that safety here comes with lot less a price!

  5. Synthetic Grass • Synthetic Grassis the hottest thing in landscaping.  Synthetic grass comes in a variety of styles, offering huge savings and ecological benefits by cutting back on water usage, making it a much more affordable landscaping option.  And it’s green all year round, rain or shine. No wonder that synthetic grass has become so popular. • GardenMark continues to be one of the pioneers in the field, leading many of the latest developments and innovations in the industry. It is considered one of the most experienced and professional firms in the business.

  6. Artificial Lawn • If you are into sports, you must have noticed artificial turfs being used in the majority of grounds and the growing popularity for the product.  • Artificial lawns are seen as a replacement for natural grounds for a number of playing surfaces and for household and commercial use too. Residential and commercial plot developers have realized that the more they use, the more reasons that they find to use synthetic surfaces as an alternative for natural lawns.

  7. Fake Grass • Incorporating a fake grass to replace your natural grass may look quite expensive an idea upfront. • However, when one considers duration of 10 years, it will drastically reduce the cost of maintenance. With natural lawns, owners have to take regular care about weeding, applying pesticides, germicides and all kinds of chemicals to keep the surface free of microbes and a risk of infection. • Grass does take time to grow and there is a particular season when it will look the brightest. However, at other times of the year, one will have to ponder over yellow patches, dead surfaces and the need to plough and regrow fresh seeds. With fake lawns, one even doesn’t need to water that often.

  8. Garden Mark Grass • Four-color "Montana", three-color "Kentucky" and "Augusta" putting green share the same world class, high quality fibers that stand up naturally and are soft and pleasant at the same time. • GardenMark is a one-stop supplier of synthetic grass and all the products you’ll need for quality installation, including nails, glue and connecting strips. Browse our website to select the products that meet your need in terms of look, feel and usability. • Located in Hoboken, NJ, GardenMark markets three high - quality styles of synthetic grass that have the “look and feel” of the real thing.

  9. Garden Mark Artificial Grass • Artificial grassis used in manmade arenas for sporting events meant to be played on grass but without the need to deal with the mud, trimming or irrigation. • Gradually, the idea is being used in residential lawns and other commercial plots as well. Another important advantage of artificial grass is that they can be installed in indoor or in shady stadiums. There is no need for exposure to sunlight.

  10. Contact US Company Name :GardenMark LLC Address :607 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken, NJ  07030, USA Phone201-699-2100Fax201-221-8989  Email