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Natural Grass vs. Artificial Grass

There is always confusion between natural and artificial turf. So, it is very difficult for people to choose one type of grass for their gardens.

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Natural Grass vs. Artificial Grass

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  1. Natural Grass vs. Artificial Grass By : Simply Turf

  2. Outline:- • Introduction • Maintenance • Cost • Safety • Environment Friendly • Weather Effect • Contact Us

  3. Introduction Natural turf is used by people from last many years but artificial grass is the current trends nowadays. Artificial turf has many advantages over the natural one and this is the reason why in a short time it becomes so much popular.

  4. Maintenance Natural grass require water, pesticides, fertilizers and some chemicals to keep it green for all seasons while synthetic grass doesn’t require such things which in turn decrease its maintenance cost.

  5. Cost Initial Installation cost of artificial grass is may be high compare to the initial cost of natural grass but at long time it is more beneficial compare to natural turf.

  6. Safety Artificial Grassis always on a perfect flat field so there are no so much chances of injuries for sport players. While in natural grass there are many possibilities of injuries of players.

  7. Environment Friendly Synthetic turf is environment friendly because it does not require any pesticides, fertilizers or any harmful chemicals which make it Environment Friendly.

  8. Weather Effect Natural turf is affected by different weather conditions but artificial grassis not affected by different weather conditions.

  9. Contact Us Address:- Simply Turf, Unit E, Albion Dockside, Hanover Place, Bristol, BS1 6UT. Tel. No. :-0845 601 5011 E-mail:- info@simplyturf.co.uk Website:- www.simplyturf.co.uk

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