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How to construct a website URL PowerPoint Presentation
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How to construct a website URL

How to construct a website URL

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How to construct a website URL

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  1. How To Build A Website URL Presented By, Alan J. Mathis

  2. URL Structure As An SEO Technique • One of the fundamental elements of a website is proper URL. • Search engines and users are most looking for simple and correct URL Structure. • If a website has little value to the users, then it will gives the same value to the search engines. • Remember the following thing while you creating or optimizing a URL.

  3. Things To Construct URL Keep It Simple • It is old business adage. This simple approach is often the most effective. • URL structure must be point and concisely describe the content of the web pages. • Use the characters to build a site URL. Try to avoid numbers and symbols. • If users will understand and read the URL, then search engines will know.

  4. Shorter Is Better • If you want to buy traffic for your site, your URL should be a direct and small in structure. • Try to give the URL what users want on your page in as few words as possible. • Remember, URL must be shorter.

  5. Keep Keywords In URL • Rest of all, search engines will identify and classify a web page or website is from its URL. • So if you want to rank your website and keywords as well, then you should contain keyword in your URL. • Make sure the keyword used in the URL is relevant to the page.

  6. Use Lowercase • Actually, URL is the case sensitive one. • Browsers will accept only lowercase than uppercase.If URL has uppercase means then it converts to lower case. • If you maintain capital letters, then search engines will redirect to 301 page to avoid confusion and search engine crawl errors.

  7. Utilize hyphens • If you want build your website URL in separate words, then use the hyphens instead of spaces and underscores. • It make the URLs easy to read for both human users and search engines. • Guide From,