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Conversation Practice

Conversation Practice

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Conversation Practice

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  1. Conversation Practice Politics By Paul Chen

  2. Outline • Starting Questions • Sample Conversation • Vocabulary • Useful Expressions • Further Questions • Reference

  3. Starting Questions • What is politics? Or what does it mean to you? Any impression or comment? • Can people live without politics? • Please name some political activities you know and share with us your opinions on them.

  4. Some Dictionary Definitions • Longman: ideas and activities relating to gaining and using power in a country, city etc. • Collins: The actions or activities concerned with achieving and using power in a country or society. • p.s. Also from what we learn in high school, 「政」是眾人的事;「治」是管理 • More on

  5. Sample Conversation A: Did you go vote today? B: Well, no. A: How come? Don’t you know that it’s important for us to vote for the best person to be our mayor? B: I just have no idea who the best candidate is. A: Didn’t you watch their debates on TV? They shared a lot of political views with the public. B: Yes, I know and I’ve watched each of their debates, but I just cannot feel any sincerity from any of the candidates. A: Well, that is truly a careful observation. However, we all have to make the best choice out of limited options sometimes. B: I guess you’re right. All right then, I will go vote now. Hope it’s not too late.

  6. government 政府 administration 行政 policy 政策 strategy 策略 politician 政治人物 president 總統 first lady 第一夫人 leader 領導(人) chairperson主席 minister 部長 mayor 市長 legislator 立法委員 Legislative Yuan立法院 Executive Yuan 行政院 diplomacy 外交 foreign affairs 外交事務 KMT 國民黨 DPP 民進黨 PFP 親民黨 the ruling party 執政黨 opposition 在野黨 election 選舉 campaign 競 propaganda 宣傳(活動) Vocabulary

  7. Useful Expressions • have no idea 不知道、沒概念 e.g. I have no idea what to do this afternoon. • make a choice 選擇、抉擇 e.g. You got to make a choice about what to eat tonight. Everyone is waiting for you. • share with 分享 e.g. Tom likes to share his thoughts with others.

  8. Further Questions • Do you like politics? Why or why not? • What are the major political parties in Taiwan? • Who are their leaders now? • Which party is now in power in Taiwan? • What type of political system does Taiwan have? • Have you ever participated in any political activities? Do you find it fun and meaningful? Why or why not? • What are the differences between a statesman and a politician? Try to differentiate the two in your own words.

  9. Reference • Wikipedia.<>