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My personal experience

My personal experience.

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My personal experience

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  1. My personal experience Today, I’m very glad to say a few words about my personal experience with NSE. This is the second year of teaching the same textbook. But one difference is to teach NSE only in my classroom. Before using NSE, I had to add two or three supplementary teaching materials. NSE not only helps lower students, it also improves higher students’ abilities.

  2. For lower students: • Teach them step by step with the textbook, workbook, reading, assessment, Level A & B Test Paper. • They can own a CD-Rom and practice their English with it. All of the materials are good and applicable to the present situation with New Curriculum.

  3. For higher students: Pre-task is really a good way for these students, which can improve their abilities in learning English. For example: We can use these ways to learn English.

  4. Words • Brainstorm • Famous persons • Healthy and unhealthy food and drinks • Vegetables • Writing

  5. factory • A: What do your parents do? • B: They are workers. • A: Do they work in the factory? • B: Yes, they do.

  6. hospital • A: I’m feeling ill, mom. • B: Then I must call the doctor. • A: But we haven’t got the doctor’s telephone number. • B: Then, I’ll have to send you to the hospital.

  7. hotel • A: Where will you go on this business trip? • B: I’ll go to Beijing. • A: Where will you stay? Will you stay in a hotel? • B: Yes, I’ll stay in Friendship Hotel. • A: That’s great! That’s a five-star hotel.

  8. Office • A: Hello. Could you tell me where Mr. Liu is? • B: I think that he is in the restaurant. • A: But he isn’t there. • B: Well, maybe he is in his office now. • A: Thank you very much. • B: You’re welcome.

  9. school • A: Where are you studying now? • B: I’m studying in Chen Jinglun Junior High School. • A: Which grade are you in? • B: I’m in Grade7 . • A: Do you like your school? • B: Yes, I like it very much.

  10. university • A: In whichuniversity do you want to study in the future? • B: I have no idea. How about you? • A: I want to study in Beijing University after I graduate from high school. • B: I really hope your dream will come true.

  11. Chinese cabbage hot pepper bean VEGETABLE cabbage cucumber garlic eggplant turnip green pepper carrot

  12. pineapple grape pear fruit peach watermelon orange strawberry apple banana

  13. 鸭肉 羊肉 duck mutton 鱼 fish pork meat lobster 猪肉 龙虾 shrimp beef chicken 虾 牛肉 鸡肉

  14. ice-cream roast meat fried chicken UNHEALTHY FOOD hamburger French fries pizza sandwich

  15. Do you know these animals?

  16. fish monkey camel meat snake jungle polar bear desert America the Arctic Africa THE WORLD OF ANIMALS Europe Asia tiger forest panda wolf

  17. Britney Spears is a popular-songs singer. She was born in 1982, and now she is 23 years old. She is American. A lot of fans are crazy about her.

  18. David Beckham is a big ball game star. He is from England, and he is English. He was born in 1976, and now he is 29 years old. A lot of ball game fans adore him very much, because of his excellent ball game skill.

  19. Jackie Chan is a famous movie star in China. His Chinese name is ChenGangsheng, and his stage name is ChengLong. Jackie Chanis from Shandong, but he was born in Hang Kong on Apr. 7th,1954, and now he is 51 years old. His height is 174cm, and his weight is 63kg. He put on a lot of plays and made a name for himself.

  20. YangLiwei is from Liaoning. He was born in 1965, and now he is 40 years old. But on Oct.15th , 2003, he and the ShenZhou-5 fly to the sky together. It not only let China become the third big space- flight country, but also let all of the world remember his name, Yang Liwei. Yang Liwei is called the hero of China. And now a lot of people adore him.

  21. In our daily life, we know a lot of food and drink relative to different customs.

  22. Eating for Good Luck On New Year’s Day, many people eat special foods for good luck in the new year.

  23. Some Chinese people eat tangerines. Tangerines are round. Round foods end and begin again, like years.

  24. It is a Jewish custom to eat appleswith honey for a sweet new year.

  25. Greeks eat vasilopitta, bread with a coin inside. Everyone tries to find the coin for luck and money in the new year.

  26. In Spain and some Latin American countries, people eat twelve grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve- one grape for good luck in each month of the new year.

  27. On New Year’s Day in Japan, people eat mochi-rice cakes for strength in the new year.

  28. Some Americans from southern states eat black-eyed peas and rice with collard greens. The black-eyed peas are like coins, and the greens are like dollars.

  29. On McDonald’s Foods Module 5 Healthy Food Wang Xinran Vera Wang Class 4 , Grade 7

  30. McDonald's Foods Do you always eat McDonald’s foods? Are they good for your health? Now let’s see.

  31. McDonald’s Foods in Adults’ Eyes • Most adults think that McDonald’s foods are unhealthy. First of all, they think they’re too oily, they’ll make people fat. Secondly, McDonald’s foods are poor in nutrition. Kids need different nutrients every day to help them grow strong, play long, and learn better in school, but McDonald’s foods haven’t got enough vitamins and minerals for kids.

  32. McDonald’s Foods in Children’s Eyes Children love to visit McDonald’s. Firstly, the foods are really delicious to them. Secondly, McDonald’s is not only a restaurant, but also a game world ,there they can play happily. Thirdly, many stars ,who are loved by children, make advertisements for McDonald’s, for example: Yao Ming, the famous basketball player and Wang Lihong, a cool pop singer. Children can get a lovely gift if they buy “Happy Meals”. It’s a good place to stay with classical music. But eating McDonald’s food is really bad for children.

  33. McDonald’s Foods in My Eyes • I enjoy McDonald’s foods for their nice tastes. But I don’t have meals there very often, because I understand that a lot of the foods aren’t good for my health. And to be healthy, one must have a balanced diet and needs to eat all kinds of foods.

  34. KFC

  35. Hamburger • A lot of people likes hamburgers very much, because they think hamburger is very delicious. KFC has got many kinds of hamburgers. They are: chicken hamburger, beef hamburger, fish hamburger.

  36. Coke • In China , there are so many people like to drink Coke ,because it is very delicious. But I think we should drink Coke just a little, because Coke has got some caffeine. It’s bad for our health.

  37. Contents

  38. Cauliflower Cauliflower is a kind of vegetable. It has yellow fruitage with green leaves. It was evolvement from cabbage. Cauliflower was planted in Europe, in the middle of 19th century , cauliflower began to plant in China . Farmers often plant cauliflower in southward.

  39. Celery Celery is a kind of vegetable. It’s green . It has caudexes and green leaves, it looks very nice ! Celery is not only a kind of vegetable, but also a kind of Chinese traditional medicine(中药). In our country , Shan Xi is the best place to plant celery.

  40. Cucumber Cucumber is a kind of green vegetable. It’s long and green. Cucumber flower’s appearance is in summer. Flowers are yellow and they have five petals(花瓣). Cucumber is juicy and cool. Cucumber looks very nice , do you think so?

  41. Onion Onion is a kind of vegetable, too.But it is not green, it’s purple. It looks like garlic(蒜), but they are different. It has many kinds of nutrition. It likes wet and warm and it doesn’t like dry and cold. Because it has many kinds of nutrition and good for out health.Some people call onion is the queen of vegetables.

  42. Tomato Tomato is red,juicy and sour. It grows up on the rattan. It has flowers. Flowers are yellow and have 5~7petals. Flowers often appear in summer and autumn. Farmers pick them up in summer. It looks lovely, isn’t it?

  43. Lettuce Lettuce is a kind of vegetable.It has lots of leaves and it’s green. Lettuce likes cold and cool. In northward , farmers plant lettuce in summer. In southward , farmer plant lettuce in autumn.

  44. Introduction • My school • Make an invitation to one of his/her friends. • My school day • Celebrate your birthday and choose birthday presents. • My favorite animals

  45. Hello! my name is Miss Li. I’m an English teacher and I’m Chinese. I’m from Wuhan. I didn’t know anything about my students at first, so I asked them: What’s your name? and Where are you from? Then a girl stood up and said: “ My name is LingLing. I’m from Beijing. I’m twelve years old and I’m Chinese.” Then she introduced her friend, Daming to me. Daming stood up and said: Hello! I’m Daming, I’m twelve years old and from Beijing. LingLing is my friend. Suddenly, I saw a shy boy is sitting at the corner of the classroom at this moment, I pointed at him and said: Could you introduce yourself? The boy stood up and said: “My name is WangHui, I’m thirteen years old and I’m from Shanghai. I’m a student in Class one.” At last, I said to them :You’re all very clever, and your English speaking is quite good, I really enjoy your introduction!

  46. building synthesize playground labs and offices A3 A1 A4 A2

  47. E x e r c i s e s Talk about our school. 1.Are there any school offices? 2.Where are the classrooms? 3.Where’s the library? 4.Are there any science labs? Where are they? 5.Is there a canteen ?Where is it? 6.Where is the gym? Yes, there are some offices. They are across of the offices. The library is near the swimming pool. Yes. They are on the second floor of labs building. Yes. It is in the ground of synthesize building. It is on the second of synthesize building.

  48. computer offices computer rooms music room art room report hall reading room lecture theater auditorium gym swimming pool canteen library

  49. From: Vera To: Jane Day: Sunday Hi, Jane! This weekend, my parents and I will go to Chao Yang Park. I‘ve got four tickets but there are only three people in my family. I don’t want to waste the ticket, so I am inviting you to go with us. Please let me know if you can go or not. I hope that we can spend a happy weekend together. Best wishes, Vera

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