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OPIM 651 - WEMBA. Business Concepts June 1, 2007. Anton Bella Tandem Umbrella Stroller.

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  1. OPIM 651 - WEMBA Business Concepts June 1, 2007

  2. AntonBellaTandem Umbrella Stroller Cart your two children around with ease using the AntonBella Tandem Stroller. The reverse stadium seating provides both of your little passengers with clear views & Ultra compact design makes it easy to take anywhere! All of the conveniences of standard umbrella strollers: Folds into convenient size to pack into trunk, on planes, or trains. Using a special release, the stroller easily folds with one hand Unique design makes it easy to maneuver tight spaces in Malls, Grocery Stores, elevators, and down crowded sidewalks Sturdy Lightweight aluminum frame with generous Storage Basket Five Point Safety Harnesses DuPont Stain Master Nylon Fabric Reverse Seating Orientation prevents siblings from pestering each other “I am so happy to have decided to purchase this stroller, it really is the best combination between a tandem stroller and an umbrella stroller.” “It maneuvers well and fits everywhere unlike most side by sides and front-back strollers and you can't beat the price!” “Great stroller for SO many reasons!! This stroller folds up nice and compact so my trunk is no longer useless for anything other than the kids' stroller, and the kids love it!” “Kudos to AntonBella for finally making a great stroller that doesn't require a truck to take along and doesn't break your wallet in the buying process!!”

  3. Auction Web Service • Boutique and disallowed-on-EBay auctions are thriving • These companies don’t want to be software companies • They need hosted auction technology that they can brand and integrate into their web sites • This is a proven way to make money: • Ad placement Web services integrated into other web sites is a major source of Google’s revenue • Seed technology is relatively easy to build or OEM • Case in Point: • “To improve customer service and employee productivity WineBid.com needed to replace its outdated IT infrastructure…..”

  4. BEAUTY PLUS • ABOUT US • We provide massage therapy, manicure/pedicure, make-up sessions and other beauty treatments in the comfort of your home. Appointments are available 7 days a week! • MARKET OPPORTUNITIES • Excellent proposition for today’s busy professional. • Requires relatively little capital with promise of good returns. • Abundant and cheap labor supply • Already a thriving business in various parts of the world e.g. Europe, South East Asia, Caribbean etc

  5. MobileID Large Players (Visa, MC, Banks) • Background & problem • Secure entry/authentication devices • Solution – SecureID on a CellPhone • Convergence, Convenience, Technology ready • Target customers • Campuses, corporate offices • Market size • > 50 million customers • Revenue model • Monthly access feeper registered device • Subscribers pay small monthly fee /surcharge Credit Debit Secure Entry Memberships Personal ID Events • Build • ID app for phone • Access Server TargetedMarketing Other

  6. Coaching for Coaches Young athletes spend a significant part of their life on the field of play. Much of what they learn from sports and coaches impact the way they participate and lead teams over the rest of their lives. This creates a serious responsibility for coaches (many times fathers and mothers of players) to exude and instill values of leadership, teamwork, fair play, hard work and dedication. Coaching for Coaches is an online application that provides two important offerings: 1) Advice and articles on a broad range of coaching related topics including: leadership, running efficient practices, coaching through adversity & success as well as many other topics. 2) Playbooks and strategies for success on game day “The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” -- Vince Lombardi “Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.” -- Lou Holtz “Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.” --Jerry West “Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability.” --John Wooden Garrett Hall

  7. One point sign-up for deals available across multiple retailers or wholesalers Sign-up for what you are looking for (need): items, coverage area and target dates You would have two options: Get all deal alerts (as per your need) via email or cell, irrespective of whether you are in the coverage area Get deal alerts on your cell phone (as per your need) when you are in a coverage area With each deal alert you get a deal code that you provide at the time of making a purchase Deal Alerts Customer Deal Alerts Retailer 1 Wholesaler 1 Wholesaler 2 Retailer 2 Retailer n Wholesaler n Deal Alerts revenue based on sales referenced through alerts Deals matched to need Deal Alerts

  8. Retractable Car Cover • Ease of use promotes frequent use • Protects most abused surface area • Compact storage • Too dirty? Replace the cartridge • Lower cost higher function alternative Sam Mercer

  9. __The eBay of Waste__________ • Initial concepts: • Actual Implementation might involve auction site, brokerage service, advertising platform, barter network or combination • B-2-B “sellers” specify max disposal price or min selling price • Why this project? • Addressable market: $billions; no truly dominant player • WEMBA is a competitive advantage: we succeed by figuring out how to save your companies money • Save-the-world factor

  10. Fill My iPod for ME! Value Proposition Difficult and Time Consuming to Program Business Model Small charge for service Discount on bulk iTunes purchase Target Market iPod owners that are “busy” (school/work – both?) Next Steps Build Questionnaire Perform Market Research Negotiate discounted rates w/music providers Kirk Brown

  11. JEKL Golf Training System: Concept Slide Background: Swing path for irons is DOWN and THROUGH the ball (creates divot) Problem: Existing golf mats offer little “give” – encourage negative swing habits, and increase potential for injury Solution: Using rollers, create a golf mat which replicates feeling of turf Target Customer: Driving ranges, golf clubs, and personal use in private homes Potential Market Size: Approx. 16MM golfers in US alone & over 250k driving range stalls Price Point: Expected retail price $650 per unit, with 40% contribution margin Investment and Break-Even: Assuming $100,000, break-even only 385 units Brian Murphy Wharton School OPIM 651

  12. Pratik Roychoudhury GROCERIES TO GO • Value Proposition: Delivery Speed, Quality Produce, Price • Target Market: Busy Moms, Busy Dads, Senior Citizens • Popular Menu Options/Combo Deals/Basket Choices • Transaction Speed (3 stops: Order – Pay - Collect) • Can be expanded to an Online Pre-order/Delivery System • Franchise Opportunity – Future Expansions …not any more

  13. Proposition: Home Energy Consultants will evaluate… • - Consumption (gas, electric, water) - Efficiency (lighting, appliances, HVAC) • - Losses (insulation, leaks, drafts) - Recycling opportunities (hot water, etc) • - Production opportunities (Solar Energy) - Carbon Footprint • End result: Comprehensive Residential Energy Plan • Reduced environmental impact • Utility reductions • Lower costs Home Energy Consultants Possible Revenue models: - Energy Consultation fees - Product sales commissions - Share of utility cost savings - Carbon Offset Market fees - Franchise Opportunities!

  14. Tired of … Poor performance Unreliable referrals Late arrivals Multiple opinions before starting HML is a website that provides recommendations and ratings based on user input for home maintenance businesses: Rates service in areas of quality, flexibility, efficiency, pricing Provides customer references Comments from previous customers Provides company bio for convenience Search capabilities by State and City Home Maintenance Locator (HML) … “Never been easier to locate the best” Need to find the best … • Plumber • Electrician • Painter • House Keeper • Drywall • You name it HML has a recommendation

  15. “I Know This Guy” – Personal Concierge Network Revenue Generation Models Services Provided • Subscription fees • Cost Plus on sliding scale • Lead Time • Scarcity • Local Demand • One-time experiences Target Customers • Restaurant reservations • Sporting / Entertainment Events • Tee times • Local attractions • Think Second City in Chicago • Heavy Travelers • Administrative Assistants • First-time city-goers • Gift-givers Unlock local knowledge about what to do, what to see, and what to eat I know this guy….and now you do too! Ken Pope

  16. Internet TV Search Website Internet TV is taking off at the moment • But what TV websites are there? You want to download a movie • But which website has it? Your kids are watching video’s on the web • But how do you know which websites to block? The Internet TV search website searches and classifies Internet video streams. Subsequently the user can search for downloadable Movies or videos and Live video streams.

  17. iWish.com Company/Product Concept: How many times have you stumbled through a mall searching for another mediocre gift? Have you faked an enthusiastic smile and “thank you” for yet another snow globe? Why should brides and expecting mothers reap all the benefits of gift registries? iWish.com is an everyday registry that tracks your “wish list” including links to stores, product pictures, prices, etc; so you give what they want, and you get what you want. iWish.com also emails reminders and gift suggestions before you miss your anniversary...again Consumers: All PC users, all ages; initially focus on people currently using US-based bridal or baby registries. Marketing should be aimed at men who are less accustomed to gift registries and therefore would be more willing to be loyal to iWish.com Collaborators: Department stores, wholesalers, OEMS (Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Best Buy, Sony, etc.) Competitors: www.myregistry.com is a cool site with a similar concept. They focus more on wedding and baby shower registries however. Others include www.findgift.com, www.mygiftlist.com as well as retailers like Target and Crate and Barrel. Placement and Promotion: On-line website; link to collaborators’ sites, web advertising, print ads with catalogs. There are a number of gift registries in existence, but other than those focused on weddings and babies they have little-to-no public visibility. Marketing would be a key component in differentiating iWish.com through brand awareness and positive association. Price/ Revenue sources: Free site for users. Sponsored by stores, retailers, etc. Revenue from advertisements and “commissions” from referrals for purchases. Start-Up Requirements: Low capital, short time to market. Start-up costs comprise designing and launching website – estimated $5-10K. On-going costs include web hosting fees, Google fees, maintenance fees… burn rate = $500 - 1,000/mo. Submitted by Brian Parsons

  18. LANDSCAPE DESIGNS National homebuilders tend to build new construction using floorplan ‘templates’ Ccmmon physical structure, change facades, colors, material for variety After purchase, Buyers seek out landscaping providers locally Landscape Designs will create a library of template designs (gardens, patios, decks) for all national homebuilder floorplans Partner with National Homebuilders / Revenue Sharing arrangement Negotiate bundled pricing with landscaping subcontractors locally Everybody wins! Increased revenue for builders, landscaping subcontractors Consumers avoid the hassle of finding/negotiating with a landscaper Consumers are also able to finance the cost of landscaping ($200/month tax deductible, instead of $30,000 cash after purchase) Deepak Sharma

  19. Med Card • Life Saver • Consistency • Ease of Use • Efficient • Environment Friendly (Paper Less) • Safe • Feasible Raman Kapil

  20. myFlock – Location-Based, Relevant Rating System “The wisdom of the crowd meets the power of the flock” • The Idea • Offer advice/tell a story in a unique, exciting way (the map) • Find relevant content from trusted sources or experts • E.G. Amazon Ratings, Zagats, RottenTomatoes • My Profile • Initial “Flock”: demographics, lifestyle, interests, hobbies • Evolving “Flock”: surveys, locations rated, user-feedback • E.g. ebay feedback ; amazon top reviewer ; smatchy questions • “Flock”: Clusters of members with like profile • “Shepherd”: Members with expertise in a specific area • How it works: “annotate your world” • Add/Rate Locations – beyond restaurants, movies and books! • Find Locations with high “Flock” rankings • Read reviews from experienced “Shepherds” • Create Flock GPS filters (e.g. Flock POIs within 1 mi.) • Achieve “Shepherd” status based quantity/quality of reviews • Business model • Web 2.0, user driven content • Targeted advertising to different “flocks” • Location sensitive promotions with revenue sharing • Opportunity/Threat: Google “My Maps” and “Orkut” • Key differentiators: • Superior profiling and clustering algorithm for assigning flocks • Location-focused experience for discovering hidden gems Rating Scale Shepherd Low High Flock Relevant Reviews Submitted by: Michael Kesselman

  21. MyHealthJournalA $2 Trillion Market will become Consumer Centric • Provide access toselected data to • Reduce Treatment Risk • Improve Treatment • Speed up diagnosis • Identify drugs faster • Reduce Cost • Reduce Insurance Risk • Record Medical History • Treatment / Diagnosis • Allergies • Tests, X-Rays, CT, MRI, Lab • Drugs used, prescribed • Reports • Lifestyle data Own Manage What – Who - When Lifestyle HealthInsurance • Access to Capital and Financials: • Access to Investors in the Health Care Industry • Value Creation: • Cost Savings (Reduction of diagnosis cost through reuse of data) • Risk reduction in diagnosis, treatment and insurance process • Revenue Potential: • Monthly Fee paid by Payor (Health Insurance, Employer) • Monthly Fee paid by Subscriber • Transaction Fee paid by User (Provider, Pharmacy, etc.)

  22. NeverStuckCar Navigation with Real-Time Traffic Info Mobile Phone vs. GPS Unit? XM NavTraffic Total Traffic Network MSN Direct via FM Cell Phone Triangulation Shervin Limbert

  23. e-TEXT BEFORE IF YOU EVER….. ….wanted to travel lightly. EMBA could mean an estimated total of 1550* lbs of reading material carried in 100 trips; luggage of 1ft x 1ft x 0.5ft each trip ….arrived in Philadelphia without your book ….wished you had brought a text from a previous course ….fell behind on reading because of business trip extensions and delayed/missed flights e-TEXT– a convenient backup Online e-books for Textbooks • 200K EMBA students per year in the USA • Hundreds of millions of students worldwide • Pick a package, subscribe and log in to a secure website for access to textbooks. Permission to be provided by publisher. E.g. Read Print and MIT *3 textbooks plus 1 binder with bulkpacks weighing approx 15.5 lbs AFTER Deika Morrison

  24. Certified Internet Memory No paper trail of a transaction Internet content is ephemeral C.I.M. is a service recording websites and web transactions on behalf of website owners or website users. The recording is made in such a way that it could be admissible in a court of law. Identified use: Internet seller organizing a price matching campaign, a celebrity wanting to freeze the appearance of a picture on People Magazine website, a buyer over the Internet wanting to record the parameters of a transaction (warranty for example). Olivier Baetz – WEMBA 32 – May 2007

  25. travelvanity.com“You don’t have to smell like potpourri on the road” • Widest product selection – use what you prefer, not what the hotel chooses for you • Ship to your home, travel destination, or send as a gift • Bypass inconvenient air travel regulations • Conscious of waste? Choose from growing selection of single-use shampoo cachets, soap “leaves” or toothpaste “buds” Concept: John Mone Inspiration: The Inn at Penn

  26. BizPlanEdge.com • Modeled on the successful EssayEdge.com and ResumeEdge.com services • Harvard and other Ivy League grads edit essays and resumes • Wharton MBA grads review, critique and edit business plans for new ventures • Standardized, relatively low, tiered fees • One or more review iterations • Confidentiality guaranteed, secure website • Option to make finalized plans available for an authorized review to affiliated angel investors and VCs • If venture gets funded, we get a small equity cut • Confidentiality not guaranteed (such investors do not sign NDAs)

  27. 15 Million PDAs in Use Yi “Jenny” Warburton Advertising Programs - Business Solutions - About Google Make Google Your Homepage! ©2007 Google Get a Google-enhanced search box

  28. Peer 2 Peer Gaming Value Proposition • Industry • Huge and growing market ($40B/year) • Model for online casinos is set and old-fashioned • Customer • Remove 10% fee on winnings • Provide safe environment for transactions • No software to install • Increase enjoyment of sporting events • Company • Multiple revenue streams available • Subscriptions • Advertising • Only direct competitor has left market (BetBug.com)

  29. PARK – ON – THE – STREET • MOTIVATION • Monthly parking can be as high as $450 • Alternate is free parking on the street • Need to find specific parking for each day • IT’S A PAIN!! • Because the car needs to be moved at-least 3 times during the week • Can take anywhere from 5 – 75 mins to find parking • Doing “laps” is not fun • SOLUTION • Outsource your pain • Instead of tipping your doorman pay us • “Free” < Cost < $450 • No need to make dinner plans only on nights the car needs to be moved Become a member Leave car location on website / voice mail Part time Driver shows up and temporarily locates car on other side of road for 1.5 hours Temporarily parked cars when unlocked are not ticketed Moves car back into location Leave car location on website / voice mail Other value adds could include car wash, refueling, inspection renewal NILESH BUBNA

  30. Personal Shopper • For Men Who Hate Shopping for Clothes • Single On-line Source • Name Brand Retailers • Adaptive Personal Profile • Presents Specific “Best Fit” Options to Meet a Specific Need • Direct Delivery • Revenue Stream: • Commissions • Tiered Member Fees Steve Scott

  31. Pet Exchnge.com ABOUT US: We connect our users with other pet owners that are willing to take care of your pet NEED ADDRESSED: Busy pet owners that make immediate travel plans and no one to take care of their pet in such short notice HOW IT WORKS: You can buy/sell tokens from us as a way to schedule on-the-spot agreements. Collect tokens when you take care of someone’s pet and pay tokens when someone takes care of your pet MARKET: According to the American Pet Association there are 140M pets (cats and dogs only) in the USA or close to 100M pet owners COMPETITIVE ADV: Online user profiles, which include ratings and peer reviews IMPLEMENTATION: As simple as a matching/dating service website

  32. Small physician offices have massive record keeping needs • We offer online management of individual physician office records Physician Information Record Management • Charts • Notes • Lab results • Insurance info • Virtual Data Room • Standardized forms • Fast Access • Automatically backed up Albert Fleury Optimize Office Performance Through Better Access to Records

  33. CLIO: Investor Research Mgmt SoftwareKevin Harper

  34. RocketPay USB • Durable Global Technology • Low Installation Cost • Holds Basic Personal Data • Transaction Limit of $100 • Time/Manpower Savings Just Plug, PIN and Go! Jon Fedders

  35. Set for LifeThe Educational Consultants Mission Statement: To help parents realize their highest educational aspirations for their children • Business Idea: Set for Life is a for-profit educational consultant established to help parents successfully navigate the highly competitive private school application process and to gain admission to private nursery and primary schools in New York City. • What is the need? Parents are overwhelmed with the process and time required to achieve admission for their children into New York City’s private schools. Competition is fierce, spots are scarce, and tuition high, but if successful, the child can be set for life. • What is the market potential? More than 4,000 nursery school aged children and 6,000 kindergarteners enter New York’s private schools each year, but even more apply. Growth in other metro areas (Washington DC, Chicago, Boston) and prep schools • What services will we provide? • Professional educators experienced in navigating the private school admissions process • Interview and application preparation and practice • Child testing • Assessing best school fit for child and family • Relationships with New York City’s private schools • Getting Started? 2-3 experienced educational professionals, office space and supplies

  36. Photovoltaic solar cell technology has improved, while production volumes have increased. As a result, costs are dropping. • At the same time, nearly all homeowners have noticed significant increases in their utility bills • We are nearing the point where home solar power has a short term financial payback – on top of the already compelling environmental benefits • Adding solar power to your home today is possible – but it is complex,and costly • Our company will: • Identify low cost solar cell producers, and collaborate to produce easy to install, scalable panel systems • Develop or license a plug in system to: • Route needed solar energy to the home • Route & sell excess energy back to the power company • Create geography-driven configuration menus to aid homeowners in system size and design appropriate for their locale and power needs • Leverage available tax credits internally for development, and externally for marketing Making Solar Power More Accessible for Homeowners Presented by Josh Korsower

  37. Sports TimeShare • Bring access to world class sporting events to avid fans • Various packages aggregate fan purchasing power for seats • Sport • Geographic • Championship Level • Users can trade tickets amongst themselves through an auction/barter system

  38. Product • Replicas of Historic American Flags • Museum, heirloom quality using authentic materials, colors and patterns • Mounted and framed as art, similar to original collector’s flags • Special large scale designs for commercial/institutional settings • Distribution • Specialty Gift Shops/Department Stores/Mail Order • National Civil War Museum • Smithsonian • Bergdorf Goodman • Nieman Marcus Catalogue • Interior Designers/Architects Stars & Stripes

  39. StatsMonkey.com(Domain Name Available) • The Idea: In the world of the Blogosphere, MySpace and other social information sites, we will create a simple mechanism for people to post event statistics from anywhere and track them online. People can set up profiles for specific events of interest and send info via the web, text messages, email, then use StatsMonkey to aggregate, analyze, graph and syndicate info to personal sites. • The Value: With well over 100 million bloggers and MySpace users, StatsMonkey has a large target customer base. Initial revenues come from targeted advertising based on user profiles and interests. As usage volume increases, preferred revenue-generating relationships can be pursued by other destination sites like Yahoo, etc. • The Buzz: Like other social networking sites, StatsMonkey has the potential for viral adoption by combining ubiquitous access, simplicity and low barriers for use with entertainment and functional value. • The Project: • Easy to Implement • Low capital requirements • Broad applicability Golf Scores Training Statistics Baby Feedings Expenses Medicine Doses Social Activity Presented by Christopher Casgar

  40. Texting Service – Real Time Traffic Information to Mobile Commuters • Value Creation: Traffic information today is pulled by consumers via radio or television mediums. Integrate real-time traffic source data and push relevant information to mobile users along requested routes • Small membership fees • Share of texting revenue via partnerships • Expansion: Building on initial traffic offering can expand to other services currently provided in pull format (Google) but focused on targeted push of real-time information • Unique Corporate Capabilities: • Direct Marketing expertise for customer acquisition (no aggressive marketing in current push space) • Real-time data aggregation / development of key data partnerships Accident on I-95 South at Exit 12 – Overturned Truck - Expect 35 minute delay Jared Young

  41. The Dental Franchise Description Franchise Components Franchise will enable dentists to open dental offices quickly based on a proven trademark and formula of doing business • Marketing • Patient Acquisition • Patient Profitability Analysis • Human Resources • Staffing • Payroll services • Benefits Management • IT Systems • Internet/Phone/Fax Support • Software – Dental and others • Optimized Scheduling • Supply/Lab Management Financial Model • Margins: • 20-25% • Total Revenue: • Y1 - $100K; Y2 - $200K Market Size Opportunity Indicators • Women make up 40-45% of graduating class • Average age of dentists owning a practice is rising Value Proposition • Speed time to open a new practice • Hassle-free dentistry • Business knowledge is not needed

  42. Transform your idea/invention to a patent – www.inventions&patents.com • Opportunity • Costly to perform detailed patent/paper search and to provide a through review on an invention, particularly by large US law firms • US patent law does not allow to modify the body of the text once patent is submitted • An incomplete reference search can lead to a rejection of the patent application • Foreign inventors also need help in editing the patent text • Business Model • Develop a web-based application for submitting the patent applications • Develop relationship with small-size law firms and individual patent agents/lawyers in US as well as outside the US • Generate revenue: service fee and advertisement • Focus on the customer service • Business will prefer not to submit the patent application for the client • Competition • www.InventHelp.com • Refer patent attorneys to its clients • www.PatentHelp.com • Help in writing and submitting the patent application • Some offshore IP services’ firms are already working with US companies and/or US law firms Name: Amit Singhal

  43. Triptigator:Because time is money and both are yours Ron LaSalvia Danger: Information Overload lax.com What airport? Mapquest.com Rental Car? Where to eat? mtanet.com restrow.com Purchase ticket Flight itinerary Automatic check in Miles credit Ground transportation Hotel reservation Complete visit intinerary Dining/entertainment reservations Friends to visit Completely integrated in planner Flexible/adaptive personal profiles Zagats.com Google.com Hertz.com What time? Avis.com What company? Thrifty.com What to do? tmaster.com Travelocity What cost? Expedia.com Directions? Who to visit? Orbitz.com Mapquest.com What airline? Southwest.com Travel time? Farecast.com Buy now/wait? What to wear? Weather.com traffic.com hotels.com Where to stay? Traffic? What’s happening? hotwire.com latimes.com hilton.com A simplified, integrated solution Time and Money Wasted

  44. good cause RedHotPokerCo. John Arnold • No, I don’t play…but consider this: • Internet poker = Multi-billion $ market • Very fragmented • Knucklehead makes a killing; prop players • ‘big brother’ effect + irrational market = there’s an arbitrage opportunity • So, why not a company that: • Does some math… • Controls risk…pools risky assets (players) to lower the beta • Structures incentives for maximum shareholder benefit • Creates economies of scale, gains competitive advantage • Finds ‘studs(ettes)’ who excel but lack the risk tolerance or capital to pursue their dream job • Is legal • Benefits society: 100% goes to a good cause

  45. WHEMBA.comOnline Service Professional RatingHow I came up with the idea:My wife has gone through 4 cleaning women in 3 years. I paid someone to stain my deck, they did a left after only doing half of it!I need someone to paint my house and there are 1000 listing in the phone book but how do I know which one is the best?Business ModelSimiliar model to Zagat. Online publication of service professionals and their ratings.Potential Obstacle:How do we ensure we capture and maintain accurate, honest and reliable rating?Revenue StreamRevenues will be generated from advertising intially and when the brand is established suscription fees can be assessed.

  46. AIRPLANE DATING For all those traveling professionals out there… this service is for YOU! • Services include: • Personal profile and photo sharing • Seat placement with prospective matches • Dinner/drink/event planning for mutual destinations • Online chat, email & pre-board interfacing • Benefits include: • Convenience • Networking with others who travel • Building relationships with those who lead similar lifestyles • No pressure! Both parties must agree to meet! Bringing new meaning to “flying the friendly skies” www.airdate.com

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