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Room Decorating Ideas

Room Decorating Ideas

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Room Decorating Ideas

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  1. Room Decorating Ideas Cheap and Creative Decorations to Bring Your Space to Life

  2. Postcard murals • Postcards are cheap, colorful, and fun. Collect postcards from places you've been and places your friends have been and turn them into unique posters. If you're crafty, create a postcard mobile.

  3. Throw pillows • There's no better way to add a quick splash of color and comfort to your drab room. You can spend a fortune on designer throw pillows, but don't. Cheap ones are available just about anywhere. A big comfortable reading pillow will come in handy as well.

  4. Window decorations • You probably don't have much of a view, so why not brighten up the window? Affix some simple suction cup decorations, and if you're crafty, make your own.

  5. Plants • Living things make a room feel much more like home, and since pets are a very bad idea, why not get a plant? Unless you have a green thumb, it's probably a good idea to stick with low-maintenance varieties.

  6. Lamps • Fluorescent residence hall lights are bad for the soul and not good for your eyes either. Lamp light will make your room feel much more like a home.

  7. Bookends • One thing you're definitely going to need is books, right? So why not add some color to the room with cool bookends? Awesome bookends can be purchased at bookstores like Barnes and Noble, or buy some cheap ones and decorate them yourself.

  8. Maps • Wall maps are colorful, cheap, and and scholarly in kind of a hip way. Globes are a nice touch as well.

  9. Sports memorabilia • If you're a fan, decorate your walls with pennants and such. Expensive memorabilia should be kept in your room at home.

  10. Source: • • Submitted by Sterling Crowe, Resident Don, Nipissing University