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The Interior Gallery | Room Decorating Ideas PowerPoint Presentation
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The Interior Gallery | Room Decorating Ideas

The Interior Gallery | Room Decorating Ideas

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The Interior Gallery | Room Decorating Ideas

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  1. Inspiring Living Room Decorating Ideas

  2. Display a Great Collection on a Dining Room Table In the living room of an Atlanta house by designer Beth Webb, an elm plank table from Clubcu, which often doubles as a dining table, dramatically displays a collection of Chinese porcelains. "The pieces don't have to match, but they do have to play together well," Webb says.

  3. Hang an Interior Curtain In the kitchen of the same Atlanta house, a linen curtain runs on a track spanning the room and can be pulled "to conceal the mess of preparation," Webb says. Steel-and-glass casements frame views of the pool and garden. KWC Gastro faucet.

  4. Mix and Match Your Bedding We call this 'the sailor room,' because we went all out with the nautical theme," designer Ken Folk says of a bedroom in his Massachusetts vacation house. "The mix-and-match nature of the patterns and faded batik prints make it feel like it's a collection of old textiles brought back from a journey at sea.

  5. Paint an Inexpensive Piece of Furniture White This Kansas City house's dining room, a former loggia, is "light, bright, and airy," homeowner and designer Zima Loy says. "I accomplished that with lots of white paint." She bought a beat-up old $60 table at an estate sale and gave it a fresh new look by the painting the base high-gloss white.

  6. Cover a Wall with Plates Loy discovered Hacker ware on eBay — "there's tons of it, and it's so cheap!" — and started collecting it for the dining room. Covering the whole wall with plates has the same effect as "one big piece of art."

  7. Reupholster Furniture with Old Curtains Everything in this room has a story Designer podgy bone says of the her Hamptons cottages living room. the Easy chair is covered in my old dining room curtains, a designers guild fabric they no longer make

  8. Give The Room A Cheery Accent Color A bright Yellow throw and fresh flowers to flip an otherwise tame blue and white color scheme on this head

  9. Mix-and-Match Chairs Swap out your formal chairs (in this case, bright blue and green ones) for a few rustic metal ones. Designer Ramsay Gourd did this to create a more casual atmosphere in the dining room.

  10. Paint Only Half the Wall Half of the wall means half of the time, right? Here, gray creeps up to the middle, while the rest remains white, creating a subtle, yet super stylish statement.

  11. Add Pops of Color to Open Shelves Designer Kelie Grosso opted for open shelving in this kitchen, which allows for fast and easy decor changes. Blue accents stand out against a neutral palette and makes us wonder just how dramatic (and stunning) more even brightly-colored dinnerware would look.

  12. Turn Your Floors Blue Can you imagine how simple (read: boring) this bathroom looked before it had a bright blue floor? The quick change by designer Kari McCabe allows the tub to take center stage and makes us want to soak in there all day long.

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