modern u s history world war i test review n.
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Modern U.S. History World War I Test Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Modern U.S. History World War I Test Review

Modern U.S. History World War I Test Review

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Modern U.S. History World War I Test Review

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  1. Modern U.S. HistoryWorld War ITest Review

  2. What was the immediate cause of World War I (event that started it off)? • Assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand (heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary)

  3. What were the four long-term causes of World War I? • Imperialism • Nationalism • Militarism • Alliances

  4. What is the name of the alliance that included Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire? • Central Powers

  5. What is the name of the alliance that included Great Britain, France, and Russia? • Allied Powers (also called the Triple Entente)

  6. Name 3 new weapons used during World War I. • Machine gun • Poison gas • Tank • Airplane • Submarine

  7. What was the Lusitania, and how did it help get the U.S. to enter WWI? • A British passenger ship that was sunk by a German U-boat submarine, which had 128 U.S. citizens aboard, which angered the U.S.

  8. What was the Zimmerman Note, and how did it help get the U.S. to enter WWI? • It was a message sent by the German government to Mexico asking that they join the war against the U.S., and in return they would receive the territories lost to the U.S. in the Mexican War

  9. Which one of the major Allied nations was defeated by Germany and had to sign a separate peace to withdraw from the war? • Russia

  10. What is trench warfare? • The name for the kind of fighting in World War I where opposing armies dug in to defend against enemy attacks, and fought in miserable conditions

  11. What is the convoy system? • The use of a heavy guard of destroyers to escort merchant ships across the Atlantic Ocean to help supply our allies in World War I

  12. What did the Selective Service do? • It set up a draft of soldiers between the ages of 21 and 30 for potential service in the war.

  13. What are libertybonds? • Low interest loans by civilians to the government to be repaid in a number of years, which helped pay for the cost of the war

  14. What is propaganda? • Opinions expressed for the purpose of influencing the actions of others

  15. Name the four countries represented at the postwar peace conference held in Versailles, France. • Great Britain • France • Italy • The United States

  16. Who was the author of the Fourteen Points peace plan? • U.S. President Woodrow Wilson

  17. What was the 14th point of the Fourteen Points peace plan? • Creation of a League of Nations

  18. What were three ways that the Allies punished Germany in the Treaty of Versailles? • Had to pay reparations (money to the winners of the war) • Lost land to France • Lost colonies • Limits were set on the size of their military • Had to accept “war guilt” or blame for the start of the war

  19. What long-range problem was created by the Treaty of Versailles? • Resentment in Germany over how World War I ended, which helped lead to World War II

  20. Why did the U.S. not join the League of Nations? • Republican Senators were upset about not being included in the peace talks after the war, and worried that membership would pull the US into wars that didn’t benefit US interests.

  21. Good Luck!WWI Victory Parade in Chicago