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Stop the Violence: A Guide to Cultural Understanding

Stop the Violence: A Guide to Cultural Understanding. STOP. 2 nd Quarter Project World History Advanced. Socrates once said…. “Ignorance leads to evil.”. Confucius once said…. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”.

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Stop the Violence: A Guide to Cultural Understanding

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  1. Stop the Violence: A Guide to Cultural Understanding STOP 2nd Quarter Project World History Advanced

  2. Socrates once said… “Ignorance leads to evil.”

  3. Confucius once said… “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

  4. However, since 9/11 one religion has been disrespected by thousands of Americans who are ignorant to a very old and peaceful religion.

  5. People who practice the Islamic faith have been discriminated against because of a few radical extremists who carried out the terrorist attack on that day.

  6. You have recently been hired by the local chapter of the “Center for Islamic Studies” to develop a PowerPoint to teach non-Muslim high school students about this religion.

  7. Before beginning your research and presentation, It is important to realize the mission of the Center for Islamic studies: - To educate non-Muslims about the beliefs, traditions, and history of the Islamic faith. (This may be difficult because of some pre-concieved notions of many Americans since 9/11)

  8. While developing your PowerPoint slideshow it is important to consider the following four points: • The history of Islam • Islamic beliefs • Cultural advances and achievements • The spread of Islam

  9. The Presentation will be given by the center’s spokesperson in a couple of weeks, so the deadline below has to be met. • A-Day Students Monday, 11/4. • B Day Students Tuesday, 11/5.

  10. Some other reminders: • You will only turn in your storyboard AND a print out of your PowerPoint presentation. • You will complete this activity on your own. • A scoring guide for this 500 point project is available on the following green slides.

  11. Specific Grading Criteria 60 45 30 15 0 Presentation organized clearly and correctly; identified name, and is broken down into four major chapters. History of Islam chapter includes: Founder, birthplace, what he did to spread Islam, holy cities, holy book, name of God, where Islam began, and where Islamic people worship. Islamic beliefs chapter includes: Five pillars, dietary restrictions, beliefs about marriage, role of women, explanation of jihad, and view of slavery. Cultural advances chapter includes: family structure, types of art, role of architecture, How Arabs view others' ideas, types of books, medical advances, and mathematical advances. Scoring Guide for 2nd Quarter Project:

  12. General Grading Criteria 20 15 10 5 0 Followed directions (on time, as assigned). Correct mechanics (spelling, punctuation, capitalization). Sentences and word choice are correct. Spread of Islam chapter describes where Islam expanded to, Arab policy toward conquered people, and end of expansion. Organized (logical and clear) and easy to follow. Complete (included all details). Work neatly done. Used care in producing products.

  13. Productivity Skills 10 0 Completes tasks on time and to expectations. (Can be deducted multiple times) Uses an effective problem-solving method. "Goes Beyond" Criteria 60 45 30 15 0 Creativity, extra effort, depth, higher thinking, understanding (Specify)

  14. Time to get started!

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