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The Metric System

The Metric System. “We are making miles and miles of progress toward the metric system” Gerald Ford. To begin at the beginning…. Thomas Jefferson was intrigued by the metric system and strongly advocated the use of decimal-based measures But he only got half of what he wanted.

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The Metric System

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  1. The Metric System The Metric System “We are making miles and miles of progress toward the metric system”Gerald Ford

  2. To begin at thebeginning…..

  3. Thomas Jefferson was intrigued by the metric system and strongly advocated the use of decimal-based measuresBut he only got half of whathe wanted...

  4. METRIC MONEY That is, money based on the decimal system

  5. BUT we insist on keeping the archaicinch-poundmeasurement system based on...

  6. fractions of an inch...12 inches to a foot….3 feet to a yard…. 5.5 yards to a rod...320 rods to a mile... 43,560 sq ft to an acre...

  7. 16 ounces to a pound...12 ounces to a pound...(troy)4 quarts to a gallon...3 teaspoons to a tablespoon…

  8. While the U.S. continues usinginch-poundmeasures,almost all the other countries has adopted theMETRIC SYSTEMExceptions: Liberia and Myanmar

  9. Now the metric systemis all around us:

  10. We buy cola in liters...We by film in millimeters...We run 10 km races...(in fact, all U.S. track andfield events are in metric units)We swim in 25 meter pools...We watch metric Olympics...

  11. The entire U.S.automobile industry is metric...All pharmaceuticals are metric...as is the entire health care industry

  12. Also metric:The liquor industryMost farm machinery and heavy equipmentThe machine tool industryMost electronicsAllmedicine and science

  13. The Metric System SI Base Units of Measurement • Mass • the gram; g • 1 gram ≈ 1/28 ounce • Length • the meter; m • 1 meter ≈ 1.094 yard • Volume • the liter; l • defined as 1000 cubic centimeters • 1 liter ≈ 1.057 quart

  14. The Metric System giga-, G x10+9, or billions mega-, M x10+6, or millions kilo-, k x10+3, or thousands centi-, c x10-2, or hundredths milli-, m x10-3, or thousandths micro-, µ x10-6, or millionths nano-, n x10-9, or billionths pico-, p x10-12, or trillionths Metric Prefixes

  15. The Metric System Converting Between Metric Units Using Unit Factor Analysis • Multiply the unit to be converted by a conversion factor that relates the given unit of measure to the desired unit of measure. • You essentially are multiplying by one since the value above the fraction line is equal to the value below the fraction line. • Place the value with the GIVEN unit of measure BELOW the line, and an equivalent value for the DESIRED unit of measure ABOVE the line. Then you can cancel out the given units above and below the line, leaving only the desired units.

  16. The Metric System 1 kilometer ~5/8 mile 1 meter 1.09 yard= 1 centimeter ~4/10 inch 1 mile ~1.6 km 1 yard ~0.91 m 1 foot ~30.5 cm 1 inch 2.54 cm or ~25 mm Thinking in Metric Units of Length Some students won’t know which edge of the ruler to use.

  17. The Metric System 1 liter ~1.06 quart 1 milliliter 1 cubic cm (1cc) ~"a thimble full" Examples 1 teaspoon ≈ 5ml 12 oz. soda ≈ 360 ml 2-liter bottle of soda 1 gallon ~3.8 l 1 quart ~0.95 l 1 fluid ounce ~30 ml Thinking in Metric Units of Volume 2 liters ~1/2 gal.

  18. The Metric System 1 kilogram 2.2 pounds 1 gram ~"a thimble full" of water Examples 70 kg human = 154 lbs. 1 ml of water weighs ~1 g 1 pound 454 g 1 ounce ~28 g Thinking in Metric Units of Mass

  19. The Metric System Estimate • The length of: • your bare foot • your height • The volume of: • a coffee cup • a water bottle • The mass of: • you • a dog • your pen

  20. The Metric System Celsius: The Metric Temperature Scale • Also called the centigrade scale. • Definitions • 0° Celsius = 32° Fahrenheit = water freezes • 100° Celsius = 212° Fahrenheit = water boils • Therefore, 1°C = 1.8° F • Conversions • °Celsius = 5/9 x (°Fahrenheit - 32°) • °Fahrenheit = (9/5 x ° Celsius) + 32° 100C 212F 0C 32F What is 120° F in C?

  21. The Metric System Thinking in Celsius • -10° Celsius = frigid (14° F) • 0° Celsius = cold (32° F) • 10° Celsius = cool (50° F) • 20° Celsius = comfortably warm (68° F) • 30° Celsius = hot (86° F) • 40° Celsius = very hot (104° F) • 49°Celsius= Phoenix Hot (120°F) • What would you wear outside in temperatures of -10°C, 0°C, 10°C, 20°C, 30°C?

  22. In science classes, be fully metric.

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