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Get Ready For The Biggest Jackpot Ever PowerPoint Presentation
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Get Ready For The Biggest Jackpot Ever

Get Ready For The Biggest Jackpot Ever

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Get Ready For The Biggest Jackpot Ever

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  1. “Get Ready For The Biggest Jackpot Ever!”

  2. Are you ready for the biggest jackpot ever? We, at, want to make sure that every players are ahead of the game and more than prepare to handle vast lotto win. If you are ready for an immense amount of jackpot you should take our online registration in just a few mouse click away. We are aiming that one of our loyal online player will be in for a treat, thus we are giving away not just money but also millions of fun to our online players. But before that, we have few reminders for you -- our soon millionaire. These are some tips on what you should NOT do once you take home a big jackpot.

  3. Do drugs For sure you have heard about this. There are tons of heart-wrenching stories worldwide about a jackpot winner that went and got addicted to marijuana, ecstasy and other form of drugs. One example is about this mother of four kids that won a jackpot. When a police officer came round to arrest her roommate for some violations, they’ve found some marijuana and drug paraphernalia inside her house where her children also lives in. That mother was arrested for her drug possession. This is just one of numerous sad stories of winners that end up losing.

  4. Telling it to anyone • Perhaps once you receive a notice that you’ve won a million, you will going to shout the news on top of your building and scream that you’ve won. Unfortunately, this is a no-no and a bad idea. You can trust your family about this but then don’t you ever try to say it to ‘just’ anyone for it might lead you to disaster and danger for both you and also your loved once. Remember that con men are just out there searching for their next victims. Chances also that familiar and anonymous people will come out and beg for your financial help. Letting people know that you’re a winner is good but the risks here is your protection and security so as our advice, telling it to everyone isn’t necessary. We pretty much understand this situation that’s why here in, we are allowing you to claim your prizes in anonymous identity but of course we have still standards for this.

  5. Forget about your debts • This is a serious situation. Many winners tend to forget their debts and now sobering with spending their millions. They’re unconscious with their bills and don’t bother think about their debts that are increasing. Winners must pay debts first before going a long way. Simply sort out your debts, buy less and make sure not to have debts ever again. This is also an example where winners can lead their selves in losing. Learn.