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AngularJS & Git Workshop

AngularJS & Git Workshop. Made by: Nikola Novakovic. About me. Software Engineer Fav lang: Ruby, Javascript Fav frameworks: Anguar, RoR Twitter: @novica93 Email: nikola.novakovic9@gmail.com. Agenda. Day 1 Intro to Angular ( basic concepts and stuff)

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AngularJS & Git Workshop

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  1. AngularJS & Git Workshop Made by: Nikola Novakovic

  2. About me Software Engineer Fav lang: Ruby, Javascript Fav frameworks: Anguar, RoR Twitter: @novica93 Email: nikola.novakovic9@gmail.com

  3. Agenda Day 1 Intro to Angular ( basic concepts and stuff) Coding simple “Hello World” examples in Angular Git Basics Deploying app we made previously to Bitbucket Day 2 Explaining more concepts of Angular Explaining those concepts in code Git more advanced commands and a possible workflow Day 3 Hack day ( winner gets a prize :) )

  4. Intro To Angular

  5. AngularJS is a client side mv* framework for rich client side apps. What the crud is Angular?

  6. Why Angular ? Because reasons. Because everybody else is using it. No. Because cool kids are using it.

  7. Ok so now for real. *Forces engineer to actually be engineers. And forces designers to be designers. * Desktop like apps * No refresh * No JQuery ( yayy! ) *Separation of backend and frontend * Scalable to a great degree * All Angular awesome features ( data-binding etc)

  8. Even better. Why NOT Angular? When you make a website(not a web app) for a local bakery. But that sucks anyways :) Some fully featured legacy web apps with MVC frameworks ( RoR - Basecamp ) Some web apps in MVC frameworks that don’t require a lot of forms, user interaction, dom stuff etc. i.e. E-learning platform

  9. What I expect you to know to use Angular? * OOP programming and OOP principles * Some knowledge of an fully featured MVC framework REALLY good to have: * Intermediate knowledge of JS ( closures, hoisting, prototype inheritance)

  10. Angular Awesome Features * Modular architecture * Two way data binding * Controllers and logic separation into services * Directives * Community

  11. Let’s code something finally :)code on: https://github.com/novarac23/workshop-angular-vts

  12. Really brief intro to Git

  13. Developed by great Linus. Father of Linux.

  14. Why use it ? * You can always pull back to a previous version * Your product can be scalable and easily maintained * All of the team members can work on the app at the same time and develop features/bug fixes And much more

  15. What I expect you to know to use Git ? * Basic Linux knowledge * Basic command prompt knowledge

  16. Github is NOT Git!

  17. Whats a repo ?

  18. Basic commands * git init * git add filename * git commit -m “Message” * git pull * git push name_of_repo name_of_branch

  19. git phases

  20. Branches and stuff

  21. Lets push this sh*t to remote repo.

  22. Q&A

  23. Day 1 END :)

  24. Angular Building Blocks

  25. ****in cli `yo angular` for sample app****Providers*Scope*Controllers*Views*Directives*Services

  26. Explaining each one and giving coding samples for each one.

  27. Rebase, tools , workflows. Lets push this to our repo.

  28. Lets put these together and build a beer app( if there is time :) )

  29. Q&A

  30. End of day 2 :)

  31. Hack day!!!!

  32. Build a movie review app. User of the app has to be able to : * CRUD with Movies * List depending on a movie category * User needs to be able to search through list of movies * About page of a web app

  33. Whats the prize you ask ? :)

  34. A COOKIE!

  35. Consulting with me ( btw I charge for consulting in a real world) for an hour with a winning team. :)

  36. Good Luck And Hack Away!!!!!!!

  37. Q&A

  38. Thanks :)

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