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  1. ted anders the company

  2. CDLTM is a dynamic three-part leadership formula designed to create and sustain “self winding” entrepreneurial business teams!

  3. Table of Contents 1. Introduction to Customer Driven LeadershipTM 2. Presentation: Sample Materials 1 3.Imaging Technology Services: Sample Materials 2 4. Customized Training Courses and Consultation Services 5. Service References 6. Consultant Biographies

  4. Customer Driven LeadershipTM The Ted Anders Company, INC. We help you create within your company an entrepreneurial ethic characterized by: • an unrelenting and innovative focus on the customer’s “careabouts” • powerful, positive, valuable RESULTS!

  5. Customer Driven LeadershipTM The Ted Anders Company, INC. • We teach you how to focus and fine tune the “mission critical”, value propositions that will set you apart from your competition in a manner which….

  6. 1. Reduces or eliminates bureaucracies, negative internal politics and slow response in a matter of months. 2. Instills measurable self-winding, team based entrepreneurial business activity throughout your organization. 3. Creates a revolutionary incentive plan that rewards planned risk taking, assures ownership at every level, and releases creative freedom to fulfill the organizations promises to its customers.

  7. The Three-Part Formula • 1. Internal and External Customer Driven Performance Assessment of All Teams and Leaders Throughout the Organization. • 2. Customer Driven Monthly Incentives Tied To Performance Scores. • 3. Powerful Entrepreneurial Business Teams Focused On Process and Relationship Improvement.

  8. The CDLTM Formula Causes Three Freedoms to Arise • 1. Freedom from fear of subjective and manipulative performance evaluation. • 2. Freedom to create and innovate. • 3. Freedom to take action (within four basic boundaries).

  9. How Will You Know the Formula is Working for You? • 1. Increased internal customer satisfaction scores (tracked monthly) followed by: • 2. Increased external customer satisfaction scores with both of these factors leading to: • 3. Increased Revenue and decreased cost of doing business.

  10. Customer Driven Leadership™ (CDL) developed by Dr. Ted Anders Applied by Tim Hohmann Company Captain and Founder of

  11. Customer Driven Leadership • A culture of self-winding teams which consistently delivers your promise to customers in a manner that accomplishes your vision

  12. Imagine a business laser... • In a company where energy is focused on customers and profit drivers where everyone understands: • The vision • How to win • How to make decisions • How to make profit

  13. Can 50 percent of all your employees clearly explain … …the vision of where you, the CEO, are taking the company? • What does your company look like in 15 years? • What markets will you be in? • What types of products and services will you offer? • What are you known for by the market? • What position do you own in the minds of the customers? • What is your relative size?

  14. Can 50 percent of all your employees clearly explain … …the promise that your company makes to win customers? • Why should customers buy from you? • What do you offer that is unique? • What do you offer that others cannot? • What is your competitive advantage? • Can your employees explain in two sentences why customers would consider your company?

  15. Can 50 percent of all your employees clearly explain … …the core values on which decisions should be made? • What rules do all employees use to: • Treat customers? • Treat other employees? • Design policies and procedures? • Formulate business deals? • Make purchasing decisions?

  16. Can 50 percent of all your employees clearly explain … …how your company makes profit? • Are the elements of how your company makes a profit a secret? • Does each employee understand their impact on profitability?

  17. Imagine the consequences when … • The majority of your employees… • Don’t know where the company is heading • Don’t know how the company wins customers • Don’t understand the core values that should be used to make decisions • Don’t know how they can contribute to profit • Is it any wonder why 8 out of 10 companies go out of business in their first 10 years….

  18. Does your company operate like white light... • White light • All colors: Many wavelengths • Varying intensity: Spotty • Multitude of directions: Difficult to maintain focus • Are all your employees and departments on the same sheet of music and on the same note?

  19. . . . or does your company operate like laser light? • Laser • Singular color, one wavelength: Coherent • Singular intensity: Uniformity • Singular direction: Inherently focused

  20. What is more powerful? A) 100 watt light bulb B) 1,000,000 candle-power marine spot light C) .005 watt laser pointer

  21. How to build a business laser with Customer Driven LeadershipTM • Step One: Business boundaries • Define the boundaries of your business so that your employees will be inherently focused while having the freedom to execute their assignments. (We call this the sandbox) • Boundaries must be... • Easy to communicate • Uniting (people must be able to get behind them) • Measurable

  22. Vision Boundaries: Vision • Where are you going? • What does it look like in 15 years? • What markets? • What will you offer? • You’ll be known for...? • What position in the mind of the customer will you own? • What’s your size?

  23. Boundaries: Promise • What do you do that is: • Unique? • A competitive advantage? • Simplify it in two sentences or less • Federal Express • When you absolutely, positively has to be there overnight • Little Caesars • Pizza, Pizza • • The largest bookstore on the planet Vision Promise

  24. Boundaries: Core Values • What are the core values that your company will always base decisions on? • Examples: • Fanatic attention to serving customers, associates • Fanatic attention to efficiency • Moral-compass-based decisions Vision Promise Core Values

  25. Boundaries: Profit How does your company make profit? • Profit = (hit rate x presence - cost of doing business) • Value chain analysis • Individual, personalized profit plans Vision Profit Promise Core Values

  26. The Sandbox Vision Freedom to execute Promise Profit Core Values

  27. How to build a business laser: Step two • Step two: Develop an organization chart with a service-oriented purpose to keep the laser focused! • The Purpose of the organizational chart:“To deliver the promise to the customer in a manner that can accomplish the vision while following core values and achieving profit goals.” • In essence, the organizational chart should support your value chain

  28. organizational chart Product Availability(Purchase) LeadGeneration(Marketing) OrderFulfillment(Sales) RapidShipment(Logistics) SWAT Team Captain Team Captain Team Captain Team Captain Team Captain CompanyCaptain • MIS and Building Services included

  29. Building a business laserStep 3: Creating the control system • Control system basics

  30. Control loop: Set points • Determine Key customer careabouts (these are the process outputs which demonstrate internal and external customer service) • Determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)(these are the by-products of excellent processes operating within the business boundaries) • Vision KPI (possible examples) • Sales, Margin, Headcount • Promise • The most practical products, at almost-free prices, delivered by 11 a.m.

  31. Control loop: Set points cont’d • Have each team (organization) breakdown how they contribute to the KPIs • Devise report cards to show how teams are affecting the KPI’s Process Variable through service to other teams and paying customers • Reward performance to eliminate the error term

  32. Control loop:Team set points • Have each team breaks down how they contribute to the KPIs through CDLTM SERVICE: • Order fulfillment • Responsiveness (helps hit rate and lowers cost of business in our profit equation) • Pick up the phone quickly • Fast processing of faxed orders • Competent answers (hit rate/cost of business/promise…practical) • Courteous and helpful (hit rate, core values)

  33. Control loop: Process variableversus the set point • Devise report cards that report on how well the teams affect KPIs through SERVICE

  34. Sales report card(A partial example)

  35. Accounting report card(A partial example)

  36. Logistics report card(A partial example)

  37. Close the control loop • Reward performance to get behavior to achieve the desired results • Tie part of everyone’s compensation to their report card • 10% of salary is tied to performance • 2% of salary is tied to community careabouts

  38. Vision Customers Team members Team captain Co. captain 10% of salary Promise Profit 10% of salary 10% of salary Core Values

  39. Customer Driven Leadership • Allow the teams to measure how well their leaders are supporting them … so that they can better support the customer

  40. Vision Customers Team members Team captain Co. captain Promise Profit Core Values 10% of salary 10% of salary 10% of salary

  41. Benefits of CDL • Incredible efficiencies

  42. Benefits of CDL • Eliminates politics and adult daycare since you’re managing a process, not people

  43. Benefits of CDL • Self-winding teams develop team members and supercharges attitudes

  44. Benefits of CDL • Self-winding teams get better results with both internal and external customers

  45. Benefits of CDL • It creates a culture where those associates that fit in grow tremendously and love serving the company vision and promise (and those that don’t fit in are automatically purged by the system)

  46. Benefits of CDL • Oh yes… accomplishment of Vision

  47. Conclusion • It’s a ton of work, but it beats the alternative of accidental success • It’s easy to fail since it requires a ton of commitment • You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great!

  48. Additional material • Books • Vision:Built to Lastby James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras • Customer Driven LeadershipTM,, The World’s Entrepreneurial Management Tool Kit, By Dr. Ted Anders • Promise:Bottoms Up Marketingby Al Ries and Jack Trout • Core Values:Bibleinspired by God • Managing a Process Instead of People:E-mythrevisitedby Michael E. Gerber

  49. Imaging Technology ServicesSample Materials 2