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Digital Cameras PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras

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Digital Cameras

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  1. Digital Cameras • District Choices • SLR vs. Fixed Lens • Photo editing with Gimp

  2. Nikon Digital SLR D50 & D40 Canon PowerShot A460 Cameras of Choice for the District Kodak EasyShare C330

  3. SLR means "Single Lens Reflex" This means that when you look through the viewfinder of the camera, you are looking through the same lens through which light will pass to the sensor.With an SLR, if the lens cap is on everything is dark. If your hand is covering half of the lens you see it. The biggest advantage of SLRs besides seeing exactly the same image that will expose the sensor is that SLRs have interchangeable lenses. You can remove lenses and replace them with wide-angle lenses for landscape shots and telephoto for sports or wildlife. They are great for action shots. Click on the camera for a great review of both kinds of cameras Fixed Lens = “Point and Click" With a fixed lens, there's a separate lens you're looking through, so you might actually have then lens cap on, or a finger over the lens and not realize it until you see the picture. These cameras are great for stills but not as good for action shots.

  4. The cameras our district has chosen use SD (Secure Digital) Memory Cards for storage. These are the same cards that go into many Palm products or Treo phones. They come in various sizes and prices. Better Cameras mean LargerFiles You want to take high resolution pictures but for web pages, e-mails, desktop publishing, and multimedia presentations you will need to resize your photos.

  5. Resizing Photos with PowerPoint Insert a large sized photo from the Insert Menu

  6. Change the compression to 96 dpi Change the size and save to the computer.

  7. Insert the smaller photo from the Insert Menu The original was 1,378 KB Recompressing reduced the photo to 1,097 KB Resizing and saving to the computer lowered the size to 163 KB You will use far less memory in your project.

  8. Here are a few free online photo editors

  9. Shutterfly Studio lets you do some basic fixes such as color, brightness, cropping, straightening

  10. You can do a few effects like graphic poster in a variety of colors

  11. Using the Sepia Tone effect you can colorize your photos with many different colors

  12. Picassa2 from Google also offers some special effects that will add variety to your work

  13. You can make picture piles, contact sheets, picture gridsand multiple exposures

  14. Snipshot is a very basic photo editor but it is online and you do not need to download anything

  15. You may bring in your pictures directly from your computer and make some basic edits

  16. Cropping the photo is a common action relating to photographs

  17. Snipshot also lets you resize your photos which is important for many creative projects

  18. Gimp is an open source download that is about as powerful as Photoshop Elements but… it’s FREE!! Gimp is part of our district’s computer image. Gimp Download Page

  19. Here is just a screenshot of some of the many powerful (and free!) tools you will find in Gimp

  20. Have a great time with your camera!