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Parent Transition Project Hounslow

Parent Transition Project Hounslow

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Parent Transition Project Hounslow

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  1. Parent Transition Project Hounslow Informationfor Borough Steering Group Georgie Edmonds Project Officer Extended Schools Central team 020 8583 3462

  2. DCSF Initiative • The Family & Parenting Institute and 4children have been commissioned by the DCSF to roll out the “Starting school” programme across the country in liaison with local authorities . • Hounslow is planning to use a multi-agency approach working in partnership with schools involving BEST, PCT, SEN section, Advisers, EW Service, Metropolitan Police, ESCO & Central officers.

  3. Strategy group for the Parent transition Project A local working party has been set up to take this initiative forward and ensure that this programme complements current provision. • Working party members • Val Blackwell (General Adviser, transition) • Heather Sullivan (Head teacher Alexandra Juniors, Chair of transition Monitoring Group) • Jean Innes (Team Leader Hounslow BEST) • Stephanie Collis (Community Officer, Berkeley Primary) • Maeve Begley (ESCO Feltham & Hanworth) • Georgie Edmonds (Project Officer Extended Schools central team) • Andy Prindiville (Deputy Head teacher Gunnersbury Catholic School)

  4. Facilitators Fifteen facilitators have been trained to support the roll out of this initiative. • Apinder Sidhu (Central Hounslow) • Sue Hoad (Chiswick & Brentford) • Pat Kirkwood (Feltham & Bedfont) • Maeve Begley (Feltham & Hanworth) • Debbie Squires (Isleworth) • Junior Taylor (Heston & Cranford) • Joann Bird (Feltham BEST) • Stephanie Clancy (Hounslow BEST) • Ella Taylor (EW Service) • Natalie McKeever (Marlborough Primary) • PC Andrew Minshaw (Met Police) • PC Angela Rusby (Met Police) • Kathy Watters (SEN Central team) • Stephanie Collis (Berkeley Primary) • Georgie Edmonds (Extended Schools Central team)

  5. Aims of the project • To offer one off support sessions for parents with children at transition age (KS2-KS3) • The content of the sessions is to focus on the needs/concerns of the parents • Parents will feel better equipped for transition time • Hounslow’s Transition offer will be more consistent across the borough • Parent sessions will take place during the Summer Term 08 • To research a borough wide pilot for Early Years transition to school

  6. Background • All schools are offering some form of transition information,but this offer is varied. • EWO & BEST regularly meet with targeted families and survey their needs. Schools benefiting from BEST already receive thorough programmes aimed to engage and inform parents at key transition times • Transition sessions that occur at present are geared around information schools need parents/children to know and most have a more formal approach

  7. How is this initiative different? • It is aimed specifically at what the parents identify as their needs (not their children's or the schools’) • This is the first transition project with a multi-agency approach at its outset that will be rolled out across the borough. • All parents will receive a support pack to accompany the transition session held at their school

  8. Action plan Timeline • All facilitator training completed by Autumn term 07 • Planning of delivery & content of sessions Spring term 08 • Meeting with Year seven representatives Spring 08 • Roll out of one off sessions Summer Term 08 • The strategy group meets every term • Facilitators will meet to plan in the Spring term 08 and after sessions have been delivered to evaluate in the Summer term • Early years transition pilot cluster tbc

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