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Maths for Life

Maths for Life. Tristan Barnett Adjunct Research Fellow School of Mathematics and Statistics University of South Australia. US Open final. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNMSMq9VxV8. US Open final. US Open final. (40-40, 0-0). (30-40, 0-0). 38.6%-22.8%=15.8%. (0-0, 0-1).

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Maths for Life

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  1. Maths for Life Tristan Barnett Adjunct Research Fellow School of Mathematics and Statistics University of South Australia

  2. US Open final http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNMSMq9VxV8

  3. US Open final

  4. US Open final (40-40, 0-0) (30-40, 0-0) 38.6%-22.8%=15.8% (0-0, 0-1)

  5. US Open final ‘Importance’ = P(win match | win next point) – P(win match | lose next point) P(Williams wins match at 30-40, 0-0, 0-1 | wins next point) = 38.6% P(Williams wins match at 30-40, 0-0, 0-1 | loses next point) = 22.8% ‘Importance’ at 30-40, 0-0, 0-1 = 38.6%-22.8%=15.8% Therefore William’s outburst cost her 15.8% percentage points in the chances of winning the match

  6. Degrees 1995-1999 Bachelor of Science Mathematics major, Statistics/OR sub-major Macquarie University 2001 Graduate Diploma in Operations Research Operations Research University of Technology Sydney 2002-2006 Doctor of Philosophy Tennis statistics Swinburne University of Technology

  7. Appointments 2007-2008 Adjunct Research Fellow Faculty of Life and Social Sciences Swinburne University of Technology 2009-2010 Adjunct Lecturer Faculty of Business and Law Victoria University of Technology 2011-2013 Adjunct Research Fellow School of Mathematics and Statistics University of South Australia

  8. Rankings ATP Official Rankings WTA Official Rankings

  9. Rankings source: topuniversities.com/university-rankings

  10. Strategic Games Strategic Games uses mathematics to solve real-world problems in sport, gambling and conflicts. Managing director Dr Tristan Barnett (aka "The Baron") has successfully solved real-world problems based on his own personal experiences. This includes a situation on recovering money from a work agreement dispute, where "The Baron" found a remarkable connection between how much to bet in video poker and whether it is beneficial to file a lawsuit given there are risks involved if unsuccessful in court. strategicgames.com.au

  11. Who is “The Baron”? The Baron is Dr Tristan Barnett, a mathematician with a PhD in sports statistics who has made a career out of predicting sporting outcomes. This includes setting prices prior and during a match in progress for international bookmakers Ladbrokes and Centrebet. He is most recognized for his tennis predictions with appearances on SEN sports radio, 3RRR 'Run Like You Stole Something' sports segment and several articles in the Australian Financial Review. He is also a consultant for Tennis Australia in performance analysis.

  12. Opportunities in sport Entertainment Ladbrokes Centrebet Cadability (Aristocrat) Performance Tennis Australia Western Bulldogs VIS Regulations AFL Cricket Australia ITF / ATP

  13. Tasks at Cadability Ratings Player Team Fantasy games Predictions Tournament Pre-match Live Publicity Commentary Blog Media

  14. Australian Open – 5h match El Aynaoui versusRoddick ISF4.XLS strategicgames.com.au/abcradio.mp3

  15. Wimbledon – 11h match

  16. Wimbledon – 11h match Reaching 6-6 from outset - 75.2% Reaching 68-68 from outset - 3.5% Reaching 68-68 from 6-6 - 4.7% www.strategicgames.com.au

  17. Rugby World Cup sportsflash.com.au

  18. Poker Machines 2009 - Presentation at the National Association for Gambling Studies http://www.nags.org.au 2010 - Gaming Law Review and Economics, 14(8) http://www.liebertonline.com/glre 2010 - Media Coverage strategicgames.com.au/pokies.mp3 Numerous ABC radio interviews Numerous gambling websites Wyndham Weekly - Pokies approval draws flak Wyndham Weekly - Pokies ‘at odds with gamblers’ Maribyrnong Weekly - Prophet on losses Maribyrnong Leader - Odds Display call The Age - What are the odds? Melbourne Weekly - My Voice

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