the importance of education n.
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Importance of Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Importance of Education

Importance of Education

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Importance of Education

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  1. The Importance of Education OVERVIEW Education is so much important because it gives us the knowledge of the world around us. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life.

  2. Today's Discussion IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION • Process of learning and knowing • Continues through our life • An educated person has the ability to change the world • Assured of making the right moves • Existence of human being is worthless without education • Events happening around us educate us in daily life

  3. Significance of education in our life • Makes better citizens • Making us a responsible citizens • An educated person is a better citizen • Education open our mind and expand our horizon • Its enable us to understand our duties as a citizens • Its leads to more concern about the environment • Educated people are healthier people

  4. A Career makes our identity, it also describe our identity, frame, area of interest, caliber and future. All of this happens only when a person is educated. Education gives him/her the knowledge of their field so that they can pursue the carrier of their interest. People who are not educated they are getting the labor jobs which are not good for the country future. Literacy brightens the future of any country and it helps to conqueror his goals and achievements. CAREER

  5. To know, if you are right you should might as well know WHAT IS RIGHT? This can happens if a person is educated, or it already experienced the condition that is come once again. To select the right step towards any action you should must know that the output must be also in your favor for that education helps you a lot to make decision easier and smarter. Education can aware anyone to makes the decision right or wrong. SENSE OF RIGHT AND WRONG

  6. Education makes you knowledgeable, it makes you stand tall in a discussion and participate enthusiastically with no shame of going dumb. Knowledge makes you aware, decision-maker, updated, focused. A person with half knowledge is going to be dumb if that person goes deep inside a particular topic, so always keep updated and always get full knowledge of anything. Knowledge can open your different port such as, focus, memory, attention, creativity, flexibilty. KNOWLEDGEABLE

  7. JOB INTERVIEWS HEALTHIER Where education can help You Education increases the job opportunities and carrier choices. To makes his/her interest into a job that a person think about it. Education promotes healthier life choices. As educated person is able to find a job according to his choice. ENVIRONMENT Education leads to more concern about the environment. What steps to done to make the environment healthy all can understand by educated person. THE USEFULNESS OF BEING EDUATED PEACE Education provides a foundation for peace building. Educated person makes environment peaceful and healthy.

  8. SOCIETY Society is a cluster of different people, and different people with different cultures, behavior, and different living styles and an educated person is able to deal with those one, education helps to deal these situation to handle the knowledge of any system as well as our right and duties which is only taught to us as different mediums of education. This helps us become a member of the society we live in and development required in the society.

  9. “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” HTTPS://EDUMINATTI.COM/