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The Importance of Physical Education PowerPoint Presentation
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The Importance of Physical Education

The Importance of Physical Education

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The Importance of Physical Education

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  1. By: Frank Rubino More about the author: Audience: People against physical education The Importance of Physical Education

  2. 6 Reasons Why?? • Promotes Good Health • Teaches Health and Fitness • Helps Blood Circulation through the body • Helps Self Esteem • Develops Teamwork, Cooperation • Helps propel you to a physical and healthy lifestyle

  3. Promotes Good Health • Cardio and Stretching • Teaching stretching will help promote stretching before all exercises and prevent injury. • Cardio exercises will be taught and done in class almost everyday therefore helping students maintain fitness and promote cardio outside of physical education classes • Teaching both Cardio and Stretching will combine to improve a person’s flexibility and muscle strength.

  4. Promotes Good Health (Cont…) • Weight Training • Promoting weight training in gym class will not only help the athletes of the school but will also provide a time where a student who might want to focus on school work more, time to get in a lift and release some stress • Stress is a major issue hovering over teenagers nowadays. From schoolwork to work to the future many decisions lie ahead of them and giving them a way to escape from that stress will always be a benefit.

  5. Promotes Good Health (Cont…) • Nutrition and Health • Physical Education classes also help improve the nutrition and health of any student by providing information on healthy diets and or daily workouts. • By putting students through a daily workout at least 3 times a week physical education teachers are already giving students a great source of exercise but by promoting and giving students that great feeling it could propel them to exercise more than 3 times a week and outside of physical education classes as well.

  6. Teaches Health and Fitness • Helps Develop Motor Skills • Sports such as basketball baseball or even a game of catch all help improve hand eye coordination. • Teaching proper form to skip, run, jog, cut, and spin can help any student daily to avoid collisions in crowded spaces and maintain balance, stability and good center of gravity.

  7. Teaches Health and Fitness • Helps develop Lower, Core and Upper Body Strength • Jogs around the school, times miles, both of these are great ways to help develop lower body strength and teach a student ways to improve strength in the lower body. • Sit-ups, Crunches, 6 inches, are mini activities physical education teachers can put there students through to give them a basis of how to improve core strength. • Push-ups, jumping jacks, pull ups, are all also activities shown in physical education classes to help promote a student to work on there upper body which can help them prevent injury from carrying all of there heavy books to class.

  8. Helps Blood Circulation Through the Body • How???? • By exercising and using excessive amounts of oxygen through either fitness programs and or weight training and student is going to develop a good cardiovascular system which helps blood circulate through the body. This providing blood to the brain and other parts of the body that it might not if we didn’t have physical education classes throughout the day.

  9. Helps Blood Circulation Through the Body (Cont…) • Why is this important?? • If blood doesn’t circulate throughout the body and especially to the brain, brain cells and other functions of the body will be less awake and ready to go therefore slowing down processes that would be faster. By blood not circulating through the brain especially puts children in a disadvantage when it comes to them taking a test or even answering questions in class.

  10. Helps Self Esteem • Basic Activities • Physical Education classes are taught to keep exercises and programs basic so that everyone in the class will be able to perform them and learn them correctly. This helps every student gain self confidence because they are able to do exactly what the other students are able to do. • Physical Education classes also give more advanced students in certain sports chances to help other students learn activities by demonstrating certain aspects of the activity which will help promote their self esteem.

  11. Helping Self Esteem (Cont…) • Cycling Activities • Physical Education classes often cycle through activities every couple of weeks this giving students that might not enjoy or be good at certain sports a chance to excel in another sport and gain a greater self esteem • By helping self esteem be improved not only are physical educators helping students in their class excel but in all of their classes and outside life as well.

  12. Develops Teamwork and Cooperation • Teamwork • By promoting teamwork in most activities it promotes a student to become more interactive with other students. • By becoming more interactive it can help a student in class become less shy and more involved and also become a very outgoing and confident person as well. • Teamwork is also used everyday in class, work, and even relationships if you cannot communicate and talk to others and demonstrate a sense of teamwork its very hard to excel in this world.

  13. Develops Teamwork and Cooperation (Cont…) • Teamwork (Cont…) • Excelling as a team also has its benefits when you can say that everyone had a part in this coming together or without any one of us this couldn’t happen it gives a sense of unity and one and that feeling cant be overcome. • Teamwork is definitely something that gets overlooked when students are put through physical education classes but is one of the most important aspects taught.

  14. Develops Teamwork and Cooperation(Cont…) • Cooperation • Communication is used in everyday life from texting, emailing, talking on the phone to answering questions in class and this is another main theme exercised in physical education classes • Communication is used in every sport from whistles blowing to plays being called to congratulating teammates communication is used throughout every sport.

  15. Develops Teamwork and Cooperation(Cont…) • Cooperation (Cont…) • Without cooperation being taught in physical education classes we might be without that trait in society today with all of the new technology. • Cooperation is another very important aspect of physical education and cant be overlooked it is important in everyday life and is used everyday and needs to be taught.

  16. Helps Propel You to a Physical and Healthy Lifestyle • How???? • Physical education is taught to give students a basic understanding of how they can improve their health, physical appearance, and everyday motor skills. • By promoting weight training, cardio exercises, stretching it helps a student gain a basic understanding of certain exercises that can promote a more fit and lean body.

  17. Helps Propel You to a Physical and Healthy Lifestyle • How??? (Cont…) • Physical Education also can give students a basic understanding of weight programs and eating habits that can promote weight loss or weight gain. • This will give students a basic understanding of certain programs and meals that can help them improve their self esteem and overall physical appearance.

  18. Conclusion • Without physical education in students everyday life, they could be without everyday needs such as communication, the sense of teamwork, and the idea of cooperation with others. • Without these essentials it can make a persons life very stressful and independent.

  19. Conclusion (Cont…) • Physical Education will help… • Self esteem • Physical appearance • Motor skills • Blood Circulation • Living a Healthy lifestyle

  20. Physical Education will make your weaknesses your strengths, will provide you uniqueness among everyone else, and most of all show you how to achieve greatness through practice and hard work.