entertainment from 25 feet n.
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Entertainment from 25 Feet

Entertainment from 25 Feet

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Entertainment from 25 Feet

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  1. 2nd Digital Entertainment Conference, 11th Nov, 2008, ITC Grand Central, Mumbai Jai Maroo Entertainment from 25 Feet 2nd Digital Entertainment Conference

  2. Web & Mobile channels : Content Owners Approach ? Movies On Demand : How & When in India Innovative Customized Offering OnDemand Services : Bollywood’s Perception Key Points 2nd Digital Entertainment Conference

  3. Today even the traditional Content Houses have come of age to accept web & mobile channels as revenue streams & modes of promotion. Revenue Stream Should not affect other revenue streams Platforms should accept it as a cost centre Content is not created or acquired for free Transparent & Timely reports should be provided Definitely enhances visibility & penetration Promotional Tool Better allocation of marketing budgets Offers more targeted marketing options More integrated interactive solution Rational cost levels allow for prolonged campaigns Web & Mobile channels : Content Owners Approach ? 2nd Digital Entertainment Conference

  4. HOW Yes it is available through a few web portals, but is the bandwidth good enough to provide a quality viewing experience to the consumer & not to forget the screen size. MOD on IPTV : A few have started & some are on the verge of rolling out. But can we wait more, maybe yes before making an alternate choice . MOD on Digital Cable : Now that’s really interesting since the Analog cable players have a ready mass to offer interactive services by taking their networks to the next level. PPV over DTH : Would we really qualify this as a true Movie On Demand ? WHEN Superior QualityTrue MOD over Broadband, IPTV & Digital Cable in India is not more than 6 months away. Movies On Demand : How & When in India 2nd Digital Entertainment Conference

  5. Typically every movie is exploited on a min. of 4 platforms during its life cycle. Consumer have multiple options to catch up on a movie missed in the theaters on other platforms Maybe its not Movies that I really want to watch on an On Demand Platform How about something like this: Innovative Customized Offering 2nd Digital Entertainment Conference

  6. Bollywood’s reaction to a fully realised OnDemand Film Universe Significant increase in revenues Much awaited distribution solution & blow to piracy Shrinking of release windows across platforms Better accountability & reporting Streamlining/consolidation in value chain Encouragement for aspiring talent to innovate Will allow the industry to go beyond stereo type films by allowing each type of content to find it’s audience OnDemand Services : Bollywood’s Perception 2nd Digital Entertainment Conference

  7. Thank You Jai Maroo Shemaroo Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Shemaroo House, Plot No. 18, Marol Co-operative Industrial Estate, Off Andheri – Kurla Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400059. Phone (91-22) 4031 9911 Fax(91-22) 2851 9770 Website: 2nd Digital Entertainment Conference