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InHolland Without Animation

InHolland lecture April 2010 by A. McWhirter

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InHolland Without Animation

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Presentation Transcript

  1. What Brought me to China

  2. This Guy Taiwan 2002 to 2005

  3. This Guy Chongqing 2007 to 2008

  4. This Guy Chongqing 2008 to Present

  5. Our Clients We provide service to various multi-national enterprises all over China in order to make the relocation in China fast and efficient. Nearly every foreign company in China relies on a large amount of foreign staff. For that reason, high quality relocation service is particularly helpful for them to start their role in the new team as fast as possible.

  6. Hot Properties

  7. How to

  8. Events

  9. Health

  10. www.redtulipgroup.com www

  11. Guanxi

  12. Chengdu Presents • Corporate and Networking Events in Chengdu • www.chengdupresents.com Connect CQ • An Association of International Entrepreneurs • www.connectcq.org

  13. Three Years Five Companies 2 Networking Organizations

  14. Chongqing – Look Back WWII – Wartime Capital

  15. Chongqing – Look Back WWII – Wartime Capital

  16. It does not matter if the cat is black or white; As long as it catches the mouse

  17. Chongqing – Look Back 1980s China Opening Up

  18. Chongqing – Look Back 1997 Centrally Governed Municipality

  19. Chongqing – Look Up - 2010

  20. Chongqing Look Forward • Central Business • District – Jiefangbei • Financial District • HSBC • CitiBank • Standard Chartered • Consulates • Canadian • British • Danish • Hungarian • Japanese • Head Offices • BASF • La Farge

  21. Chongqing Look Forward Central Business District - Jiangbei

  22. Chongqing Look Forward Central Business District – Nan’an

  23. Chongqing Look Forward • New North Zone • Established 2002 • Auto Park • Pollution Control • Export Trade • Ford • Volvo • Mazda • Iveco • Briggs and Stratton

  24. Chongqing Look Forward Two Rivers Economic Zone

  25. Chongqing Look Forward • High Tech Zone • IBM • HP • University Town • - 150,000 Students

  26. Chongqing Look Forward • Bonded Free Area • First in Inland China • 8.37 square kilometers • 2015 Completion • - Water/Air/Rail

  27. Life as an Expat in China

  28. Life as an Expat – Daily Life It is the same… In theory

  29. Business in China

  30. Life as an Expat – Business

  31. Life as an Expat – Business

  32. Life as an Expat – Business Confucianism – Harmonious Relationships Face/Mianzi – Reputation – Respect – Honor Loss of face through actions Given to others through compliments and respect Developed through age and wisdom Personal compliments to a third party

  33. Life as an Expat – Business Meeting and Greeting Body Actions The Business Card Exchange Building Relationships Keep business relationships formal Establish an intermediary

  34. Life as an Expat – Business Drinking – Yes, it is part of the business culture Learn how to drink properly

  35. Life as an Expat – Business Gift Giving Etiquette Not taboo Don’t give money Give something of beauty or worth Give in front of witnesses Hierarchy 1) The link between respect, responsibility and authority to status and gender

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