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INTERVIEW by Abd. Razak Said

INTERVIEW by Abd. Razak Said. Diploma in Stenography (ITM – MALAYSIA) B. Sc. Workforce Education & Development (SIUC – USA) M. Sc. Human Resource Development (UPM – MALAYSIA). KEY FACTORS TO BE EVALUATED DURING INTERVIEW. Appearance Voice and Language Usage Knowledge and skills

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INTERVIEW by Abd. Razak Said

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  1. INTERVIEWbyAbd. Razak Said • Diploma in Stenography (ITM – MALAYSIA) • B. Sc. Workforce Education & Development (SIUC – USA) • M. Sc. Human Resource Development (UPM – MALAYSIA)

  2. KEY FACTORS TO BE EVALUATED DURING INTERVIEW • Appearance • Voice and Language Usage • Knowledge and skills • Effectiveness in working with others • Self-confidence • Flexibility • Job interest

  3. NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION DURING INTERVIEW • Body Language - Gesture - Posture - Facial expressions - Eye contact - Touch

  4. NON-VERBAL (CONTINUED) • Paralanguage - Quality of voice – range, rate of speaking, pitch, volume, pauses, and intrusions • Proxemics - How people structure their territory and space.

  5. NON-VERBAL (CONTINUED) • Time - Arriving late can be interpreted as: Undependable, unreliable, unorganized, may also tell the person waiting as not important, etc.

  6. INTERVIEW TIPS • Be On Time – When you are late for an interview, even with a good excuse, you immediately place yourself at the bottom of the heap. • Know Where You Are Going – Find out the address of the company, and the route of your destination.

  7. INTERVIEW TIPS (CONT’D) • Get Food And Rest – It is difficult to perform well if you are tired and hungry. Make every effort to be rested and fed before the interview. • Dress Properly – What is important to remember is that you will be judged by your appearance.

  8. Uniform for Men Dark (Preferably Navy blue) – 2 piece business suit. Save Gray for the 2nd Interview. White, long-sleeved. Dark, striped tie. Dark blue is the best. A contrasting color (like red) is acceptable. Black dress shoes. As for the rest, your hair should be clean, neat, and conservatively cut. NO “WET LOOK”. INTERVIEW TIPS (CONT’D)

  9. UNIFORM FOR WOMEN A conservative suit in a high-quality, dark colored fabric is best. Shoes should be simple, heels not too high, and real leather. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum Handbag should not be too large. Your look should be conservative but current. INTERVIEW TIPS (CONT’D)

  10. INTERVIEW TIPS (CONT’D) • Don’t wear much makeup. • Don’t wear heavy perfume • Avoid bright nail polish colors. • Hair should be clean, shiny, and neatly and conservatively styled.

  11. INTERVIEW TIPS (CONT’D) • Carry an attache case – For both men and women a quality attache case is a necessity. Dark brown and burgundy are the most popular colors. However, black is ok. • Arrive alone • Don’t arrive early – only fools rush in.

  12. INTERVIEW TIPS (CONT’D) • Review Your Notes • Acclimate to Your Environment – Find the restroom and “rest”. Check yourself out in the mirror, freshen up, and practice your best smile. • Don’t wear sunglasses – Take dark glasses off as soon as you walk indoors, place them in your attache case.

  13. INTERVIEW TIPS (CONT’D) • Greet the interviewer with a smile and a firm handshake. • Remain standing until you are asked to have a seat. • Use good posture when standing or sitting. • Listen attentively • Answer questions honestly and clearly.

  14. INTERVIEW TIPS (CONT’D) • Exhibit a positive attitude • Ask questions about the company and its products. • Keep good eye contact with the interviewer.

  15. INTERVIEW “DON’TS” • Don’t smoke • Don’t chew gum • Don’t interrupt • Don’t object to discriminatory questions – The interview is no place to take a stand. Don’t even mention that a question is illegal. • Don’t look at your watch

  16. INTERVIEW “DON’TS” (CONT’D) • Don’t read any documents on the interviewer’s desk. • Bring a friend or relative to the interview. • Display nervousness by tapping a pencil on the desk, twirling your hair, or any other annoying habit. • Slouch in your chair.

  17. INTERVIEW “DON’TS” (CONT’D) • Answer questions with “yeah,” “nope,” or “uh-huh.” • Criticize past employers or your teachers. • Ask questions only about the company’s benefit package. • Stand at the door after interview is over and continue to talk.


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