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Swept Up and Away A Choose Your Own Adventure Story PowerPoint Presentation
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Swept Up and Away A Choose Your Own Adventure Story

Swept Up and Away A Choose Your Own Adventure Story

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Swept Up and Away A Choose Your Own Adventure Story

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  1. Swept Up and AwayA Choose Your Own Adventure Story By: Alyssa Clark, Emily Jensen, Anisa Mughal, Summer Clapham

  2. Once upon a time there were two twins named Chase and Cassie Parker. One day Mr. and Mrs. Parker decided to take their family to Santa Cruise Beach, for a vacation. 1

  3. The twins were so excited they ran to their rooms to start packing. Chase took Cassie’s swimsuit and hid it in the bathtub (silly place to hide a swimsuit). When Cassie went to pack her toothbrush, she saw her swimsuit and yelled at Chase to stop teasing her. Their parents gave them a consequence of having to sit by each other for the 50 mile drive to the beach. 2

  4. I have to go to the bathroom! It was a long drive. It seemed (to Cassie) Chase had to go to the bathroom every five minutes. It drove her crazy! 3

  5. They finally arrived at Santa Cruise Beach. It was a warm sandy beach. The water’s were clean with beautiful shades of baby blue and light green. There were caves that Chase was so excited to explore! There was tons of shells and driftwood. There was a beautiful shady, tall, green, palm tree. 4

  6. Cassie and Chase raced to get their swimsuits on. Of course Cassie won. Cassie always won everything. Chase hated loosing, so he decided he was going to race Cassie to a cave to explore. “Cassie,” Chase yelled “I’ll beat you to that cave over there.” 5

  7. “No you won’t!” Cassie replied. “On your mark, get set, GO!” called Chase. They ran as fast as they could. Chase was winning, only two more feet to go. “Cassie, I won!! I beat you for once!!!” He turned around to see Cassie’s humiliated face. But, Cassie was GONE! 6

  8. If you were Chase would you: Go look for Cassie, OR Leave her to her death and go play on your gameboy? 7

  9. You go looking for Cassie. You’re wondering what happened to her. Is she dead? Why did she just disappear? Is she OK? Is she playing hide-and-go-seek? This is the first time you are worried about your sister. After eating lunch, you decide to start looking again. After awhile you get hot and decide to go swimming. 8

  10. After swimming for a couple of minutes, you see a shining glass ball. It looks wonderful. It seems to be pulling you towards it. You: Go for the glass ball. Or sit in the water and wait. 9

  11. You go for the glass ball. Something about is wonderful. All of a sudden a whirlpool comes and sweeps you away from the water. You wake up and find yourself in a lush green land, with moss and beautiful trees. Then, you see someone riding on a horse. It is a beautiful girl, with long and golden hair.

  12. “Human child,” the girl said, “there is another human child and she says her name is Cassie.” You just look up. You heard nothing that she said. She is just sooooo beautiful. “Come, I will take you .” You heard that.

  13. You…… Go with the girl, OR, Go pick roses for the girl. 12

  14. 13 You decide to go with the girl. Her hair is so silky. As you get to a stop, you see Cassie staring at you, and she is angry. “Why did you leave me to rot?!!! Instead of falling in love with a princess, you could’ve rescued me!!!”

  15. 14 The princess could right away see something was going to happen. So she invited them to come to her home (which was a castle). “So, is she your sister?” “Yes,” replied Chase (you) glumly. After a wonderful meal, you decide to go walking in the garden.

  16. 15 As you are walking, the princess says, “ You need to get back home. I have a glass ball that will take you home. Keep the glass ball that you find when you are back home. When you want to visit me, think of me and you will be here.” So you get swept up and away through time, and through anything that you have ever gone.

  17. 16 After one second, you find yourself and Cassie swimming just 10 feet from shore. You quickly grab the glass ball and swim to shore. Cassie is already there because she always beats you, but you don’t care. Someday, you will go back to that land and find that girl again. Someday, someday, someday!!!!!! THE END

  18. 17 You decide to go and pick roses for the girl. There are some red ones and black ones. You decide to pick both. After picking a couple of red ones, you get pricked, but you don’t fall asleep. Then, you pick a couple of black ones. But their petals burn, and you get pricked by one black thorn and fall down. The world goes dark.

  19. 18 You wake up in a bed. The red roses are right by your bed. The black ones are gone. The princess sits right next to you looking worried. “Were thou trying to impress me? “ “Why, I was just trying to give you flowers.” “ Well, thou art brave to do such a thing. I see now you had no evil intent upon thy doing, but since you got pricked by the black rose, you must work for the evil witch now.”

  20. 19 You are so devastated. You wanted to stay here forever. But, the witch had other plans for you. Instead of making you her servant, she decided that she would kill you. Since you got pricked by the red ones first, you wouldn’t die. Normally the black roses wouldn’t kill you, but your will not to work for the witch was really strong, so they would kill you. The witch couldn’t afford having stubborn workers.

  21. 20 After a couple of minutes, the world starts going blurry. You think that you should never have come to the beach. You think that you never should have raced with Cassie. Now she’ll be here forever. Your last words are, “Take care of Cassie.” And you fall into a deep sleep. The red roses prevented you from dying. But now, you’ll never see the light of day again. THE END

  22. Everything is dark. You can’t get air. You are floating around in the dark water. It is very cold and you feel very hungry! You see something very dark swirling around in the water. It’s coming towards you! It sucks you UP!

  23. Write as you almost pass out, you feel warm sand under you. The sun is shining, and there are beautiful palm trees that are a tropical green color. There is a little hut over by the palm trees. This place is definitely not Santa Cruise beach!

  24. GIRLS ANNUAL MEETING All of a sudden the lights turn on in the hut, and someone jumps out from the door and music starts to play! You see a sigh that says: ANNUAL GIRLS MEETING

  25. All of a sudden, a humungous fairy appears and says: “ Now the annual girls meeting is officially over! I will send you all home. I will send you, Cassie, to Santa Cruise Beach!”

  26. Through the years, Cassie forgot about the girls annual meeting, but you always remembered the girls, the fairy and the beach, and you always will. THE END!

  27. 21 You decide to go to collect seashells. You walk over to a huge pile of seashells. You start to look through the pile you see a huge seashell at the bottom of the pile. You go to pick it up but another shell is in the way. You move that one, but in the process you cut your finger. You run to your mom to get a band aid. Click to continue

  28. You decide to go play on your gameboy. You never liked your sister so you are happy she is gone. Plus what could be better than winning the race. Although you would have liked to see her humiliated face. Next…

  29. 42 You go get your gameboy from the beach house. When you get to level 42 your battery falls out and rolls away. You see a great sun tanning spot and you also see a great big pile of seashells that you could collect.

  30. You could… Go to that great sun tanning spot Or Go collect seashells

  31. By the time you get back the seashells are almost all washed a way, by the water. Only a few are left. One of them is that big one you saw. You pick it up with your sore finger, and out rolls a battery. You realize that it is YOUR battery. You go back and put it in your gameboy.

  32. Now that you have the battery should you… Go continue to play on your game boy or Go swim in the water.

  33. Your parents go looking for her. No one can find her. You act worried about her. Deep down inside you are a little worried about her. Your parents did everything they could to find her. But they could not find her. Click to Continue

  34. You decide to go play on your game boy. Later your parents ask where Cassie is? You say she was last exploring over by those caves, and you haven’t seen her since then. Click to Continue

  35. You decide to go swim in the water. As you are swimming you think of Cassie. You wonder what she is doing. Is she scared? Hurt? Wet? Worst of all did she forget you? Your thinking when all of a sudden you are swept under water by a current. Click to Continue

  36. They try to ask wear Cassie is. You tell them you don’t know. You can’t remember anything right now. Click to Continue

  37. After a few days you decide that she must be dead. You go on with your life with only the memory of Cassie. Click to Continue

  38. Later you tell your parents what you knew about how she disappeared. You tell them, but you are all still confused. So you forget about Chase’s story of what happened and continue your life. Click to Continue

  39. You will never know what happened to Cassie or why she disappeared. A few years later some one is on the news about how they disappeared at Santa Cruise Beach. You wonder if they are with Cassie, where ever she is. Click to Continue