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Firefighters! Vocabulary and Amazing Words

Firefighters! Vocabulary and Amazing Words. Second Grade Reading. station building roar masks quickly. tightly burning fireproof hydrant outriggers. Vocabulary Words. station. A building or place used for a special reason. building. Something that has been built. roar.

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Firefighters! Vocabulary and Amazing Words

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  1. Firefighters!Vocabulary and Amazing Words Second Grade Reading

  2. station building roar masks quickly tightly burning fireproof hydrant outriggers Vocabulary Words

  3. station • A building or place used for a special reason

  4. building • Something that has been built.

  5. roar • A loud, deep sound.

  6. masks • Coverings that hide or protect your face.

  7. quickly • In a short time.

  8. tightly • When something is tied firmly.

  9. burning • To be on fire.

  10. fireproof • Almost impossible to burn.

  11. hydrant • A large water pipe that sticks up out the ground.

  12. outriggers • A framework that sticks out from the side of a light boat, canoe, or other vehicle to keep it from turning over.

  13. community responsible teamwork operation instrument caretaker lug supplies Amazing Words

  14. community • The people who live around you and your community.

  15. responsible • Taking charge of something that others are counting on.

  16. teamwork • When a group of people put a lot of effort into doing something together.

  17. operation • When a doctor or vet opens the body to fix something.

  18. instrument • Any tool used by a doctor and vets to help them examine a patient, to help them fix and injury, or to repair a part of the body.

  19. caretaker • A person, like a custodian or janitor, who makes sure that everything on the inside and out side of a building is clean and in working order.

  20. lug • To carry or pull something that is very heavy or clumsy.

  21. supplies • The things you need to do a particular job or activity, such as cleaning supplies.

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