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The Addiction Research Laboratory

The Addiction Research Laboratory. at Florida State University Directed by Alan R. Lang, Ph.D. The R. Robert von Brüning Professor of Psychology. Just as there are reasons to indulge…. …there are also reasons to avoid indulgence. Avoidance. Avoidance. Ambiv a lence. Ambiv a lence.

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The Addiction Research Laboratory

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  1. The Addiction Research Laboratory at Florida State University Directed byAlan R. Lang, Ph.D. The R. Robert von Brüning Professor of Psychology

  2. Just as there are reasons to indulge… …there are also reasons to avoid indulgence.

  3. Avoidance Avoidance Ambivalence Ambivalence Indifference Indifference Approach Approach Hence, a Two-Dimensional Evaluative Decision Space DECISION Inclination to Indulge LO HI HI NOT Indulge Inclination to Not Indulge LO Indulge

  4. We explore the various facets of this multi- dimensional decision space through analysis of: • Antecedents of indulgence (e.g., stressors, cues, expectancies, motives, etc.) • Consequences of indulgence (i.e., changes in cognition, affect, and behavior) • Moderators/mediators of the antecedents and consequences of indulgence (e.g., impaired cognitive functioning, personality dispositions, family history of abuse/dependence, etc.) →Mostly we study alcohol, but we are interested in other addictive, appetitive, and habitual behaviors as well...

  5. Addictive, Appetitive, and Habitual Behaviors

  6. Of particular interest is cognitive mediation of alcohol’s effects on emotion and on so-called “dysregulated” behavior (e.g., fear, under-controlled expression of sex, aggression, and prejudice, as well as of the indulgent behavior itself) COGNITION We have investigated this model from a variety of perspectives and at various levels of analysis, represented in current students’ work

  7. Projects of Current Students • Rita Christensen –how do the intensity and nature of reactivity to drug cues change in former addicts who have established long-term abstinence? • Keith Donohue – how does alcohol affect visual search and reaction time in simple versus complex cognitive tasks? • Rob Schlauch –how does drinking affect expression of racial bias? • Matt Waesche – what is the role of the emotional valence of competing stimuli in moderating fear responses in intoxicated subjects • Chris Blagg – under what conditions might alcohol placebos actually improve performance relative to no-alcohol controls? • Lab Project – meta-analysis of the role of varied manipulation procedures in the effectiveness of alcohol placebos

  8. Much of This Work Utilizes Psycho-physiological and Behavioral Indices of EmotionandCognition • Startle, heart rate, skin conductance, EMG • Event-related potentials and other EEG measures • Eye-tracking technology

  9. Current Positions of Lang Lab Ph.D.s(Academic/Research) • Debra Murphy Senior Research Scientist (Psychiatry) UCLA Medical School • Michael Kidorf Tenured Associate Professor (Psychiatry) Johns Hopkins University Medical School • John Curtin Tenured Associate Professor (Psychology) University of Wisconsin – Madison • Edelyn Verona Tenured Associate Professor (Psychology) University of Illinois – Champaign/Urbana • Werner Stritzke Tenured Associate Professor (Psychology) University of Western Australia • Beth Michalec Instructor and Clinical Supervisor University of North Florida

  10. Current Positions of Lang Lab Ph.D.s(Administrative/Applied) • Todd Casbon Research & Evaluation Psychologist Liberty Mutual HMO • Paul Barnes Senior Administrator, Lincoln-National HMO • William Meadows Chief of Forensic Psychology, Northeast Florida State Hospital • Karla Stormo Senior Psychologist, Park Nicollet Clinic • MaryJo Breiner Senior Forensic Psychologist Wakulla State Correctional Institution • Maureen Reardon Forensic Psychologist Butner Federal Correctional Institution • Spencer Gelernter Private Clinical and Consulting Practice - Atlanta

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