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  1. Teamwork The Role of the Fourth Official

  2. General Mechanics • Performs any other duties which the referee requests • Primary point of contact between the referee team and all persons other than the teams • Performs duties under and with the authority of the referee • Resolves directly as many matters as possible • Calls on the referee only as a last resort

  3. Commonsense

  4. General Mechanics • Maintains composure and professional appearance at all times • Avoids being distracted from responsibilities • Acts early to resolve a situation • Involves the coach and other team officials as much and as early as possible in problems within the technical area

  5. Administration

  6. Prior To The Game – Arrival At The Field • Checks game balls, substitution board (if available) and substitution tickets • Reviews with coaches matters related to substitution, warm-up area and injury procedures • Fully prepared to serve as referee or assistant referee in accordance with competition authority requirements • Inspects player equipment, uniforms, player passes and team rosters • Bring to referee’s attention any issues requiring resolution

  7. Prior to the Game – Pre-game Conference • Reviews procedures and mechanics • Discusses items not covered in the Procedures Guide • Shares and discusses game-related information • Performs final check of bench and technical areas • Maintains eye contact with referee as necessary

  8. Kick-Off • At the 4th official’s table or designated area with eyes on the field

  9. General Positioning – During Play • Remains at table unless performing a specific duty elsewhere • Remains standing throughout the match • Maintains proper records

  10. General Duties – During Play • Notifies the referee as quickly as possible if a player or substitute has: • Been incorrectly cautioned or sent off • Not been sent off, having received a second caution • Committed violent conduct out of the view of the referee and assistant referees • Is aware of the position and movement of substitutes, coaches and other team personnel

  11. The Technical Area

  12. Monitors Bench and Technical Areas • Keeps benches and technical areas in view • Alerts referee/AR to unauthorized persons in area • Notes instances where a team official moves off the bench to give tactical instructions but does not return • Is prepared to alert coach of improper behavior by team officials or substitutes on the bench

  13. Monitors Bench and Technical Areas • Does not allow water containers to be thrown on the field • Ensures ball handlers follow referee instructions • Monitors substitutes who are warming up and ensures that they do not interfere with the opposing team or the work of the assistant referee

  14. Equipment/Bleeding Problems

  15. Equipment Problems, Bleeding or Blood on the Uniform • Monitors players sent off for illegal equipment, bleeding or blood on the uniform • Does not permit a player to return to the field until procedures have been followed • Ensures that corrective measures are taken

  16. Equipment Problems, Bleeding or Blood on the Uniform • If authorized, inspects corrections • Follows communication and re-entry procedures outlined by the referee

  17. Injuries

  18. Injuries • Prevents people in team area from entering field • Monitors behavior in team area to assist with match control • Manages return of injured player to field

  19. Goal • Records time and circumstances of goals • Prevents non-players from entering field • Moves celebrating players away from bench area

  20. Confrontations

  21. Fouls and Misconduct • Prevents team officials and substitutes from entering field • Identifies any persons who do enter the field

  22. Penalty Kick • Records pertinent details of the event • Prevents team officials and substitutes from entering field • Identifies any persons who do enter the field

  23. Misconduct – Player Sent Off or Team Official Ordered Off • Records pertinent information • Ensures that the player or team official exits the field entirely and follows competition authority requirements

  24. Misconduct – Play Not Stopped Immediately • Monitors players to whose misconduct the referee has applied advantage • Assists the referee in dealing with the misconduct at the next stoppage • Records information for cards issued

  25. Substitutions

  26. Substitutions • Confirms substitute • Stands at halfway line with substitute slightly behind him and on bench side • Keeps the substitutes on their respective bench sides • Performs substitution procedures for each team separately

  27. Substitutions • Displays appropriate numbers • Requires substitute to hold pass until entry permitted • Makes sure substitute does not enter the field early • Takes pass before allowing new player to enter • Records the time and players entering/leaving

  28. Timing • Assists referee in keeping track of time • Ensures that any answer regarding time remaining is clearly understood to be unofficial

  29. Halftime Break • If possible, meet at pre-agreed location • Exit field together • Gathers equipment before joining referee team • Unless otherwise instructed, secures game ball and replacement balls

  30. Halftime Conference Focuses on: • Significant match events • Specific player behaviors and team strategies • Adjustments needed for the second half • Confirmation of details regarding goals and cards • 4thofficial checks teams before the end of the halftime break to determine if any substitutes are to be recorded prior to the start of the second half.

  31. End of Game • Secures all equipment and other items brought to the field • Secures game and replacement balls • Moves to join referee team without undue delay

  32. Match Debrief • Confer regarding: • Reportable events • Accuracy of all reportable facts • Timely preparation and submission of all necessary reports

  33. Match Debrief • 4th official participates as a member of the referee team in all post-game reviews, discussions and assessments • Significant events not observed by others • Assist referee in confirming, correcting or extending matters in the game report