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Novell GroupWise Email PowerPoint Presentation
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Novell GroupWise Email

Novell GroupWise Email

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Novell GroupWise Email

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  1. NovellGroupWise Email

  2. How to Open Your Email • Double-click on your desktop Getting Acquainted with the Main GroupWise Window • Your main work area in GroupWise is called the Main Window. From the Main Window of GroupWise, you can read your messages, schedule appointments, view your Calendar, change the mode of GroupWise you’re running in, open folders, open documents, and much more.

  3. Logon

  4. Password • Type in your USER ID. This usually is your first and middle initial along with the first six letters of your last name. i.e. RAScott • When you are prompted for a password, type your password in the Password box. Click OK. • If you do not know your password, contact your Business Analyst.

  5. Logon

  6. Your mailbox will show as follows with old & new messages

  7. Unread Items in Your Mailbox • All unopened items in your Mailbox are bolded to help you easily identify which items and documents you have not yet read. The icon appearing next to an item also indicates if it is unopened. • Double click on the line (message) that you want to open • Click on the X in the upper right hand corner to close the message

  8. Sending Mail Messages

  9. Sending Mail Messages • In the To box, type a username, then press Enter. Repeat for additional users. If necessary, type usernames in the CC and BC boxes. or • To select usernames from a list, click Address on the toolbar, double-click each user, then click OK.

  10. Type a subject. • Type your message. Include any attachments. • Click Send.

  11. Deleting Messages • In the Main Window, select one or more items, then press the Delete key. • Deleted items are moved to your Trash and remain there until the Trash is emptied.

  12. To close Email – Click on X in top right corner