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Quick Reference Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guide

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Quick Reference Guide

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  1. ACCESSING PREVIOUS BOOKINGS • Click Trips • Click Select to the right of the booking you want to view, change or cancel • ARRANGING TRAVEL FOR OTHERS • For Travel Arrangers • To set-up, click My Travelers in Profile • Click Add a Traveler, enter the traveler’s name and click Search • Click Add and you will then see their name in My Travelers • To arrange travel for others, select the traveler’s name from the Arranging Travel for menu on the Home page • To update a traveler’s profile click Edit Account next to their name in My Travelers Quick Reference Guide • USING TRIP TEMPLATES • Trip Templates can be created to quickly re-book repeat trips including air/hotel/car options • To create a Trip Template, from the Review and Modify Trip, Traveler Information, Billing Information or Reservation Complete pages, give your template a name and click Save Template in the Trip templates area at top right • To use a Trip Template, select Templates on the site navigation bar, enter your new dates and click Price Itinerary • ACCESSING SITE • SEGOnline is Sony’s online booking site for booking business travel. To access SEGOnline, direct your Web browser to • In the User ID field, enter your Global ID • In the Password field, enter your password • Click Log In located in the bottom right-hand corner • Update Profile before making a reservation to set your travel and arranger preferences • For Travelers • To assign an arranger, click My Arrangers in Profile • Complete the Travel Arranger Permissions section to allow/deny changes to your account, or arranger self designation • Click Add a Travel Arranger, enter the arranger’s first and last name, and Search • Click Add when the corresponding arranger name appears • GETTING ASSISTANCE • Online • Click Help at top right on any page • Access the Tutorial under Travel Tools on the Home page • Other Travel Assistance • Email SEG Travel’s online help desk at • Call the online help desk at 201-476-8030

  2. BOOKING TRIPS • Sony preferred providers indicated by: • From the Home page: • Select the appropriate options from the Find Me the Best Trip! area • Select Trip Details • Enter your travel destination, date and time information and search type • Click Begin Search • CONFIRMING BOOKINGS • Review your itinerary on the Review and Modify Trip page, select the modify or remove links if changes are needed • Click on the Select/Modify Seats button to change your seat assignments • In the Add to Your Trip section, you have the option to add a Car and/or Hotel reservation • Click Continue with Reservation • If your reservation was not compliant with Sony travel policy, fill out the Policy Compliance page – this information will be provided to your supervisor via email • Confirm that the information on the Traveler Information page is correct • Verify the information on the Billing Information page • Click Purchase Trip • An e-mail confirmation is sent and the Reservation Complete page is displayed • Hotel • Sony preferred properties may be viewed by selecting the Negotiated Properties option. • You may Select one of these properties or if necessary, you may also search for hotels in proximity to an Address or City or Near an Airport • When you do, click on Show company locations and other points of interest to search by Sony office locations • Sort results by sort options listed • Company preferred hotels will be indicated with a single star and displayed first • Select desired hotel to view available rates • Choose the room rate using the Select buttons • Air • If you elected to display results by Schedule select your individual flight options using the Select button • If you elected to display results by Price, choose your itinerary using the Select button • Sort options using the column headers • If displaying results by Schedule, choose from alternate flights on the Itinerary, Price and Alternatives page if presented after making your initial selection • If your selected itinerary is not compliant with company travel policy, a message will be displayed and you must complete the Out of Policy page • Choose a seat and click Reserve Seat Selection for each flight option when prompted • Rental Car • Reserve At an Airport, or At a City Location • Non-airport rentals must be returned to the same location and require you to specify the desired rental car vendor • Verify car Pick-up and Drop-off dates and times, specify car size, transmission type and if desired select up to three special equipment options • Click Search Now or you can click Express Booking to automatically select Sony’s most preferred car rental company • Sort options using the column headers • To reserve a car, click the applicable price TRAVEL ARRANGER HINT You can duplicate a trip for another traveler on your list at the bottom of the Reservation Complete page after you’ve completed the booking for the first traveler!