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Grade 3 – Room 63 PowerPoint Presentation
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Grade 3 – Room 63

Grade 3 – Room 63

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Grade 3 – Room 63

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  1. Grade 3 – Room 63 Teacher Mr. Michael McKenna 215-441-6093 X11229

  2. Michael McKenna I have been teaching in Centennial School District for 11 Years. I have a Masters Degree in Education, and am Certified in Elementary Ed. My undergraduate degree is in General Business. I am working on my Anti- Bullying certification

  3. Prior to becoming a teacher I worked in a facilities department of a mental health agency that helped physically and mentally challenged children and adults. Before that, I was in the Navy for 7 years. I think these two experiences give me a unique perspective as a teacher working with children. 

  4. I have three children, twin 10 year old girls, Rachael and Katelyn, and a 12 year old son Michael. Like your children, they play sports, instruments, sing, dance etc. And like your children, mine never ever get into any trouble; . On a serious note then, I know how busy your lives can be. I will be considerate of your time with respect to homework. We will have 2-3 at home projects this year and you will have at least 4 weeks notice of the expected completion date.

  5. The two major assignments to be done at home this year are as follows: 1- During social studies, some time around January, your child will make a 3 dimensional map of their room. 2- At the end of the year we will do a rain forest writing project in school. Your child will create a 3-dimensional rain forest animal that will complement the writing piece we are doing is school. The project also makes for a great display during open house. We may do one book report, details to follow; but it will not be a traditional book report and should be a lot of fun for the kids.

  6. Homework • Needs to be recorded daily in assignment books • Student’s responsibility, they will be given time during snack, at 10:20, to write homework in their books, and it will remain on the board all day. • Must be done neatly and on time, I will allow 2 misses per month. • Show best effort, neatness is important • Please indicate struggle in student’s assignment book or e-mail me • Parents are asked to initial assignment book daily

  7. CSD –25 Book Minimum Standard • Reading every day is critical for your child’s success through-out their school age years. • One of the best ways to improve your child’s reading scores is to have them read. • Children should read independently for at least 15-20 min each night. If you have time try and read with your child as well. • Your children love when you read to them!!

  8. Home – School Communication Wednesday Express Please sign & return all tests and other action information within a day or two of receiving them. Thanks in advance for this, with 27 children it really helps save time. 215-441-6093 X11229

  9. EVERYDAY MATH Basic Operations Weekly Time Tests Time, Money PSSA Preparation Estimation Geometry Measurement Probability / Graphs Algebra Fractions / Decimals Multiple Step Problem Solving HOME LINKS On – Line Components Curriculum

  10. Rigby Literacy by Design Focus on teaching comprehension strategies Whole Group Instruction Small Group Instruction (Guided Reading) Independent Practice (Reading Workshop) Spelling - Focus on teaching word study and spelling strategies Daily homework assignments Writing – Focus on the writing process Typically a large area of growth in grade 3 Reading and Language Arts

  11. Curriculum Science • Foss – Hands On Inquiry • Lots of Experiments • Life Science • Butterflies / Chicks • Beetles / Crayfish • Plants • Water Social Studies • Map Skills • Lenni Lenape Indians • Local History • Local Government • Pennsylvania • South America • Rainforest • The United States Communities and Neighbors

  12. SPECIALS • SPECIALS • DAY 1 - Guidance/Health • DAY 2 – Gym- wear your gym shoes! • DAY 3 – Music • DAY 4 – Art • DAY 5 – Library • DAY 6 – Computer Lab

  13. Classroom Management Classroom Rules The kids will learn very quickly not to talk when someone else is talking, and to be respectful. I have always felt this sums it all up very nicely!


  15. OTHER • Birthday Treats – Neat and Simple • Water Bottles with safety caps permitted • Healthy snacks / lunches encouraged. • Remember to send notes to excuse student absences!!!