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Employee Wellness Program

Employee Wellness Program. HFHS Wellness Programs. Wellness Program offerings include: $150 Wellness Incentive HAP’s iStrive Lifestyle Management Programs and Succeed Health Risk Assessment Wellness screenings (as part of mandatory screens) Walk for Better Health

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Employee Wellness Program

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  1. Employee Wellness Program

  2. HFHS Wellness Programs Wellness Program offerings include: • $150 Wellness Incentive • HAP’siStrive Lifestyle Management Programs and Succeed Health Risk Assessment • Wellness screenings (as part of mandatory screens) • Walk for Better Health • Tobacco Treatment Services • Flu shots • Monthly presentations • Weight Watchers At-Work® Between July 2007 and January 30, 2009, 2,538 employees and their family members joined Weight Watchers and together have lost 19,977 pounds! • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) • Diabetes in Active Care (in partnership with Diabetes Care Center) • Stress and Pain Free Living Program (in partnership with Center for Integrative Wellness)

  3. www.henryfordconnect.com/wellness • Sign up to be a Wellness Ambassador!

  4. Earn the 2009 $150 Wellness Incentive! Participate by August 31, 2009. Complete the online HAP iStrive Succeed Health Risk Assessment AND Submit the 2009 Wellness Incentive Participation Form Visit www.henryfordconnect.com/wellness.

  5. Living a Headache-free Life Made Easy!! Dr. Bob Levine, Ph.D., C.Ht., Director Center for Integrative Wellness, and Integrative Wellness Research Henry Ford Health System Southfield, MI 48033 (248) 342-7555 bob@drboblevine.com HFHS Lunch & Learns, Spring/Summer 2009

  6. Headache Occurrence • How many of you have EVER experienced a headache? • How many of you have NEVER experienced a headache? • Who is not sure if you ever had one? • Our team in the Center for Integrative Wellness has treated and resolved headaches for many hundreds of patients

  7. Center for Integrative Wellness • Formed in 2008; administrative offices in Southfield • Distinct from the Center for Integrative Medicine in Novi (offering individual patient care) • Offers award-winning group wellness programs for chronic pain and stress alleviation and elimination (No individual care provided)

  8. Center for Integrative WellnessAward-winning Group Wellness Programs • Chrysler “We’ve Got Your Back” (96 participants) • ELIMINATION of chronic back pain in 55% of reporting participants (compared to 5% with PT) • significant reductions in disability, stress, and depression symptoms, with improved sleep • HFHS Focus on People & Quality Expo 2007; Detroit Crain’s Healthcare Heroes 2008 • Chrysler and HFHS “Pain Free in 2008” (175 participants) • 35% ELIMINATION of all chronic pain conditions including headaches • significant reductions in disability, stress, and depression symptoms, with improved sleep • HFHS Quality Expo 2008

  9. Center for Integrative WellnessRecent Group Program Offerings • Chrysler “StressLess” (completed in 1st quarter 2009) • HFHS “Stress and Pain Free Living” (current offering in 2009)

  10. Center for Integrative WellnessSummary of Group Wellness Programs • Starting in 2007 to present: • Conducted 12 group programs (Chrysler and HFHS) • Treated over 700 people with 2,100 pain conditions (~3 each) • Average elimination of all chronic pain conditions: ~50% • EVERY group has demonstrated significant (p<.01): • Pain reduction (>80%) • Pain ELIMINATION (~50%) • Reduction/ELIMINATION of pain medication • Reduction in disability • Reduction in stress • Reduction in depression symptoms • Improved sleep

  11. Center for Integrative WellnessHeadache Results in Group Wellness Programs

  12. Anonymous Group Participant Feedback “Just wanted to let you know that I realized one day that I'd not had a migraine headache in several weeks and that the pain in my knees has gone also. This is so great, I cannot believe it. I've also lost 21 pounds. I am in a weight management program, but I strongly believe that listening to the CDs and focusing on reducing my stress, has certainly played a pivotal role my ability to be true to my weight loss efforts. I have not been experiencing any binge eating, or cheating. My attitude is very positive, it has amazed my husband, who is being motivated to change his eating habits towards healthier eating by what he is seeing in me.”

  13. Headaches in the U.S. Population • 45 million Americans suffer from chronic, recurring headaches • 28 million suffer from migraines • About 20% of children and adolescents also have significant headaches

  14. Headache Diagnoses • Migraine • Cervicogenic • Tension • Cluster • Hormone • Mixed headache syndrome • Sinus • Chronic progressive • Pre-orgasmic (NO-HIGH) • How many of you know your headache diagnosis? • How many of you think you are stuck with it?

  15. The Future Image/View Regarding Headaches • Your future image: your view of your future • How many of you think you are probably stuck with having headaches in the future? • How many of you will continue to wonder at times when the next headache is coming? • If yes, your future image or view is NOT: • “I am headache free from now on and forever… and I love it!” • Your future image or view is something like: • “I will have headaches and it’s just a matter of when….. and I won’t like it when it happens!”

  16. Experience the Benefits • Who is experiencing a headache? Characterize….. • Guided relaxation for new awareness (language-based mind-body connection technique) • I guide • You relax • You gain new awareness of the right type • You intervene with your headache • Your headache disappears • Who had a headache disappear?

  17. Experience the Benefits • Somatic education for new awareness (non-language based mind-body connection technique) • Head rotation • Head forward, backward • Head tilt, shoulder raise, head and shoulder together • Jaw series • Shoulder circles

  18. Q & A

  19. Thanks for being here today. Here’s to your headache-free future!

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