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Animated Explainer Video

Animated Explainer Video

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Animated Explainer Video

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  1. Animated Explainer Video

  2. Animation – A Powerful Visual Tool…. The animation was always a very powerful tool to make a place in the heart of watcher. People always loved to watch animations and be touched by its emotional appeal. That is the reason communicators and marketers also started including animation into their strategy so much so that today’s content marketing is incomplete without it. Contenteams with their over the decade experience of creating animation is offering a wide range of animation services:

  3. If you need to explain a complex product, service, process or a scenario- you are in the right place. The best cost effective way of creating an explainer video is to use 2d animation. Here are some common types of 2D animated explainer videos created by us: 2D Character Animation: We illustrate characters as per your story- funny or realistic; business personality or common man. We add ethnic features to the character to fit into the story. We animate these illustrations and send your message across your audience. Motion Graphic: Motion graphic is a nice and inexpensive way to create explainer videos. We use shapes, charts, and small graphics to create great explainers for you. We use your product images to mix it with the elements.

  4. Whiteboard animation: We create whiteboards for a character story or process explanation. We illustrate and animate in whiteboard style so we offer 100 % custom character or other graphics and animation. We create whiteboard videos in pure black/white and with colors as well. Kinetic typography: When you have a lot of important text to display, we have our best of typography animation in place. We sometimes use graphic icons with kinetic typography to make it more attractive.

  5. Personal Video: We have created animated party invitation, surprise or gift videos. We can illustrate characters from photographs to look like your desired characters and animate them to make the story. 3D animation: We model the subjects and then animate as per requirement. We have created 3D animated videos for explaining medical processes, creating character animation and product demonstration. We have created rhymes videos, commercials, and TV spots by using our 3D expertise.

  6. Animated Promo or Commercials: We have created best characters and environments to create commercial scenes with products or exhibiting services. These shorter animated videos converted audience to more clients and increased brand values. We help our clients to have a video for their Facebook or other social media advertisements or posting on their websites. We have created a number of animated spots as well.

  7. Animated Video: We have talented illustrators to create illustrations as per your script and animate them to make it live. We provide end to end services in animation making start from developing a script on your concept and complete it by adding a voice over of your desired accent. We offer 100% custom video creation for you. We create 3D animated videos as well. We model and animate to create the video. We have created product modeling and animation, Character videos and promo videos. Training Video: We create training videos with or without a presenter. If you need presenter we can provide the US based on screen presenters to talk and explain your product with screen shots (in case of online products) and other elements. For a physical product, we can use a 3d model or footage of actual product mixing with motion graphic and voice to explain the use of it. Promo Video: We have created commercials to run as Facebook or social media advertisements and for TV spots as well. We shoot, edit and produce videos. We work with a lot of flexible options to suit clients’ budget and interest.

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