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animated explainer videos

animated explainer videos

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animated explainer videos

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  1. Making a Web Site Web design is one of the most lucrative businesses out there. The web creator must first always have the customers' specific needs in mind. General questions on what type of website is needed such as whether the customer has an existing web design in mind or they need a completely new custom made site. The site layout is of up most importance and one must always know whether they will have a template which has new graphics to be added to the web design or one that is custom made. Due to the many developments and new features are being developed everyday a flash player is necessary feature on today's web sites. The customer may want to either have a flash menu, a short flash animation clip or may be a tiny flash banner that sweeps across the web pages. These must all be known in advance before the design process begins as they ultimately add to the overall cost of entire project. Most people will never want to be bogged down by details on how to add content on to a web site especially if they do not have an IT background. For this reason it is very important to establish what the customer will want, will they

  2. employ some one to put content on the website or will they put it up themselves. For this reason the web design should include features such as a content manager or page which can supply pages which can process electronic media. Web sites are supposed to be interactive features and for this reason the web design must have public features to enable interaction incorporated in it. Click here web design new york A proper design must include a member ship registration template as well as a discussion forum. All these are essential in the process of knowing the people who visit your site and in what ways you can improve upon the web design if there was ever a need for a change. A contact from will come in handy when it comes to keeping in touch with your customers or fans depending on the web sites purpose. A website search engine is a must for any one who wishes to have a successful web site in this century. RSS (Really simple syndication) news feeds might sound like a bit of a luxury but it will be a good idea especially if you want your customers to only stay on your site and not move to others as they browse on the internet. The web design must also put up a file up load feature as one may want to up load photos or documents in to the web site. If it is a business oriented web site, then web design must have some e-commerce features such as a shopping cart as well as a database shopping cart with a credit card processing feature will not at all look out of place in your web design. The database shopping cart will eventually help you keep track of what your consumers buy the most and who buys it the most. Admiration features are always hidden far away from the view of every one else and it is important that they are not easily cracked in to. A traffic statistics report will always show the number of people who visit your web site in a day as well as an off the shelf content manager which will help you restrict certain actions from visitors of the web site. A good web design must incorporate all of these features if it is to make any head way in this competitive business environment. ……………………………..