9 rules for animated explainer n.
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Top Rules for Animated Explainer Videos PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Rules for Animated Explainer Videos

Top Rules for Animated Explainer Videos

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Top Rules for Animated Explainer Videos

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  1. 9 Rules for Animated Explainer

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  3. In the epoch of digital marketing, an animated explainer videos is one of the most engaging tools. Animated explainer videos is a short, engaging video that uses appealing animated visuals to explain your business idea. Focusing on the essential features of a product or the services and solutions offered by a company in a simple and compelling way, an effective explainer video acts as the perfect marketing tool and is being used frequently today.

  4. Top Rules for Animated Explainer Videos Even though the explainer video is appealing, it is tough to get them right. Therefore, it is suggested to get the help of a professional explainer video company. They just use the right techniques that not only make your video attention worthy but also assist in boosting the sales of the product or services. Below are some rules that need to be followed to make a good animated explainer videos:

  5. Followed These Rules to Make a Good Animated Explainer Videos

  6. 1. Script An unimpeachable script is the foundation of an explainer video. It is suggested to get a professional to write the script as it will also provide an outsider’s perspective on the company or the product which will help viewers to understand it in a simpler manner. Most professional production houses in Delhiwill make you fill out a creative brief first. It helps you in better explaining the company/product to the writer.

  7. 2. Duration In the contemporary period where everyone is rushing and busy, it is tough to grab someone’s attention so the shorter the message is, the easier to remember it is. Make the message concise and dig into the important details directly.

  8. 3. Voice Over Video and audio go hand in hand. Even if the audio quality is good but the voice doesn’t have the polished tone and fluency, it will ruin the video. A fluent voice with appropriate inflection or ending can create a great impact. Investing in a professional voice over artist is highly suggested.

  9. 4. Research A proper research should be done regarding the product or service that needs to be marketed. Because this research will help the film production house in incorporating important facts and elements in the video.

  10. Keep it uncomplicated You need to keep it simple, to keep it short. To keep an explainer video short but effective you need to focus on four key areas- Problem: address the problem the viewers are having. Solution: explain how your product will solve the problem. Function: describe the key functions of your product and how it works. Action: at the end of your video, tell the viewers what needs to be done next. For example: buying the product.

  11. 6. Audience It is important to perceive the target audience or else the video might lose its impact. Like if the product is specifically for men, then targeting women exclusively for it would not have a great impact. Everyone loves to be entertained. So while keeping the target audience in mind, do make sure to add an element of surprise or humour to the video. Use proper visuals to illustrate the story and hire a professional voice-over actor that will work wonders. Also use music that will evoke emotions in the video to create a deeper impact on the audience.

  12. 7. Planning People normally plan a lot about the content of the video, target viewers, budget but planning for the launch is equally crucial. You need to find a proper option to host your video. Exploit your social media channels to share your video and have a proper marketing plan for it.

  13. 8. Testing Before releasing the video, it is mandatory to test the video. The video and audio must be tested separately. Only after the confirmation that everything looks fine and sounds good, the video should be released.

  14. 9. Placement Place the video on the wrong page and probably it will never have any views. So it is important to place the video on the “Homepage” so that it catches the viewer’s attention as soon as the website is opened. The video should be placed in a manner that it integrates immaculately with the brand and content of the page.

  15. Conclusion If you are planning to join the animated explainer video club, I hope the above mentioned rules will help you to proceed in the right direction. Explainer videos not only save your time and money but also help you connect with the audience more efficiently, delivering quantifiable results.

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